Welcome to the November Seaboarder!
~ Past, Present, and Future~
  • How USY Has Shaped Me by Julian Gruber
  • USY Through Thick and Thin by Jordana Sweeney
  • Mikhail Goldenberg’s Guide: How to Have a Successful Convention
  • My Future in USY by Rebecca Ginsburg
  • מילים עם סיבורד
  • Ask A Staff: Living in the Moment by Greg Feitel
  • Torah Aura 2.0 by Ben Topol
  • Behind the Scenes of Seaboard USY
  • Upcoming Events
  • Chapter Spotlight
How USY Has Shaped Me
By: Julian Gruber
Class of 2019
When I was in ninth grade, my sister forced me to join this youth group called USY. At my first convention, I did not know anyone, except for her and some of her friends. I didn’t try to make friends, because I had no interest in attending that event anyways. That summer, I decided to go on USY On Wheels: Pacific Northwest, a USY Summer program. I got to travel all across the West Coast, and go on an Alaskan Cruise. On that trip, I learned why people and now myself love USY so much.
Sophomore year was still tough for me socially because I was still shy, but I managed to make many great friends. I was chapter Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice President, attended every regional event, and ran for Regional Communications Vice President. Even though I lost, my name still got out there and I made so many amazing friends because of it. That summer I went on USY Israel Pilgrimage / Poland Seminar, a life changing trip to Poland and Israel.
One of my highlights in USY was during junior year, because developed so many strong friendships. I was Chapter President, chaired Fall Convention, nominated to be an AIPAC delegate and eventually ran for Regional Membership and Kadima Vice President. Even though I’m not holding any leadership positions this year, I’m still just as valued in Seaboard. Seaboard USY is an important part of my identity, and I don't know where I would be today if I never joined.
Want to know more about USY on Wheels, Pacific Northwest and USY Israel Pilgrimage and Poland Seminar? Reach out to Julian or talk to Sasha about how you can have your own life changing summer experience with USY .
מילים עם סיבו ר ד
Phrase: Kiphotz Li (קפוץ לי)
Literal Meaning: Jump to me!
Slang Meaning: It’s not going to happen, no way!” 
Example: “that’s impossible, kiphotz li!”

USY Through Thick and Thin
By: Jordana Sweeney
Class of 2020, CuBsEy Chapter Exec & Alumni Chair
After attending my first convention as a 6th grader, I knew that Seaboard USY was a community I wanted to be a part of. It is a kind, supportive environment that I was welcomed into and held a uniqueness that I had never imagined I could be a part of. This past year when I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, labral tears, and hip impingement, the support I received at my first convention was confirmed. My USY family has supported me throughout everything, from injections to scans to convincing me to go on DREAM USY. DREAM USY is a trip in the Dominican Republic where I was immersed in Dominican culture, volunteering with kids living in different communities and visiting beautiful beaches and landmarks. I was originally apprehensive about going on DREAM USY, fearful that my hip pain would interfere with activities; however, the endless support and encouragement of my USY family convinced me to sign up, and it truly was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Never let fear stop you from doing something, because it might just be the experience that changes your life.
Want to know more about DREAM USY: An Adventure in the Dominican Republic? Reach out to Jordana or talk to Sasha about how you can have your own life changing summer experience with USY .
November COMMtest!
Ask A Staff
How do you live in the moment at convention?
By: Greg Feitel
Seaboard Regional Staff Member
I staff USY conventions for the teens. As a staff member, I feel that the most important part of being at a Convention or a Kallah, is to be there; to be with the USYers, to experience the programs as they do, to share meals, and prayers, and be a positive member of the Seaboard USY community. The best moments are those when everyone is singing, dancing, praying, or joking with one another, such that the staff and the teens become indistinguishable from one another for a brief moment. When we can all take a step back and let our inner selves loose, and know that we are accepted amongst friends and family regardless of whether we are staff or participant. I have always debriefed the days' end with the bunks I’m in by telling them how proud they should be of themselves, for committing to run a program, stepping out of their comfort zones, or saying something nice to a stranger. It is the making of that community that keeps me coming back.
Chapter Spotlight
B'nai Shalom of Olney &
Congregation Beth Emeth / Congregation Sha'are Shalom
Join BSO tomorrow night (Saturday, November 10th) for Pizza and Laser Tag! We will meet at Sami Weston's house after Shabbat at 7:15, and enjoy hanging out with friends and pizza! We will then head to Shadowland where we will be playing laser tag. Pickup will be at 9:45 at Shadowland in Gaithersburg. Check out our instagram at @BSO.USYYY for more info!
Congregations Share Shalom and Beth Emeth are so excited to join together and host IDF Day on Sunday, November 11th! We’ve worked together to plan an afternoon that will include simulated IDF basic training activities, Israeli snacks and much more! The event is open to all Jewish 6th-12th graders! We would love to see all of our Seaboard friends at this fun afternoon. RSVP today here !
Mikhail Goldenberg’s Survival Guide:
How to Have a Successful Convention
By: Mikhail Goldenberg
Class of 2021, CuBsEy Board Mem/Kad
  These handy little items/tips are sure to better your convention experience:
Cough Drops: Throughout convention, you’re gonna be running around filled with ruach (spirit), potentially yelling, definitely talking, and you'll inevitably lose your voice. These life-savers will help you regain your voice so you can tell your friends back at home about all the fun you had.
Lanyard(s): If you know me, then you'd know that without one of these I would lose my name tag 24/7! If you're forgetful this is a must have.
Storage on Your Cell Phone: Make sure to have LOTS of storage on your phone so you can take some fabulous pics with your best friends and later remember the memories (only before and after Shabbat, of course).
Speaker / Israeli Music: During free time, or at the bonfire, these are essential to be able to listen to some good bops and jam out with your friends.
Sleep: Even though it's super tempting to stay up all night with your friends, BE SURE to get lots of sleep so you are rested for the activities the next day.
Jungle Speed: This is my ALL TIME favorite game to play with my friends at chofesh (free time) . Although the game may get heated, it will always be a blast to play and it's a fun/simple game to teach people!
TO Money: Bring tzedakah (charity) money to donate the Tikkun Olam fund. You can get some pretty cool stuff, while doing something good for the world and who doesn't want that!
Introduce Yourself to a New Person: USY is the perfect opportunity to meet new people and to form close bonds. All it takes is an introduction to make a friend for life.
Ruach (spirit / energy) : At any USY event, this is the most important factor by far. Doesn’t matter where or what time it is, you always have to be ready to get pumped up and sing your heart out.
I hope these tips and tricks help you live in the moment at convention!
Make your summer #myUSYSummer!
For more than 55 years USY Summer Experience has provided life-changing summer travel opportunities...

Our trip destinations include North America, Israel, Europe, and beyond, opening participants eyes to new places, experiences, and different cultures all over the globe.

Now it's your turn, see where it takes you!
My Future in USY
By: Rebecca Ginsburg
Class of 2022, BSO Chapter Rel/Ed
In three years, I want to be an impactful USYer, someone who makes people want to participate in USY & Kadima and who spreads positivity and fun throughout the region. The people that inspire me most to be a leader in USY are my amazing chapter board members, Etai Admi, Maya Bellas, Ezra Bayewitz, Zoe Bayewitz, and Samantha Weston. Without these people, I would not be able to come out of my shell and be myself in USY. For me, the pressure was being “Little Ginsburg” or “Jacob Ginsburg’s Little Sister,” but these people have truly shown me how amazing USY is when you are yourself and when you can make others realize how amazing that is. Being myself means to make others feel welcome, and part of a family. That family is definitely Seaboard USY for me. When the time comes for me to graduate and leave USY, I want to be remembered as someone that everyone knew for being outgoing and welcoming to others. I want to be known as someone who inspired other people to want to come back to the Seaboard community as much as possible!
Torah Aura 2.0!
Video by Ben Topol
Class of 2020, BEBUSY Chapter Co-President & AJ Heschel Chair
In this weeks Torah parasha, Toldot, Isaac and Rebecca prayed for a child, eventually having twins named Esau and Jacob. Rebecca and Jacob tricked Isaac into giving Jacob, the second born, their family birthright. Jacob eventually had to run away from his twin brother. Watch this months Torah Aura by Ben Topol to learn more about this parasha!
Behind the Scenes of Seaboard USY
By: Talia Armoza Regional Social Action / Tikun Olam Vice President
and Gabe Kanter-Goodell Regional Religion / Education Vice President
There is so much going on behind the scenes for SA/TO right now! I am working to organize the amazing hair donations to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and to Locks of Love as well as a new organization, called Children with Hair Loss. Along with that, I am putting together the super exciting Seaboard Sailor Showcase, so prepare to see the Class of 2019’s amazing talents by bringing a lot of Tikun Olam (tzedakah) money! Additionally, after Fall Convention there will be a lot of other exciting projects from me and the SATO Regional General Board so make sure to keep an eye out for those!
Interested in participating in Seaboard USY's 15th Annual Hair Donation at USY Fall Convention? Reach out to Talia or Sasha for more information!
Hiya, Seaboard! In the Rel/Ed realm of things, we are getting ready for our Study With A Buddy (SWAB) program! If you’ve ever wanted to lead a service or teach a service then this program is for you!!!! If you want to participate, click here  to apply! If you haven't already seen, we are also doing a weekly Parsha meme, Torah Teaser! If you have any ideas for different memes, captions, or summaries, email me at  reled@seaboardusy.org ! Finally, USY Fall Convention is just around the corner, so if there are any ruach or sloach songs that you want to sing, make sure to put them into the google form  here . See y'all soon!
Upcoming Events

  • 9th - 12th grades
  • November 16th - 18th at Capital Retreat Center in Waynesboro, PA
  • Limited spaces are still available! Contact Sasha for more information.
  • Grades 6-12
  • Sundays in January - March 2018
  • Frost Middle School, Rockville, MD
  • Registration now open at regpacks.com/Seaboard1819!
  • December 20th - 23rd in Charleston, SC
  • Register at the same time as IC registration!
  • Contact Sasha for more information, and pricing options!

  • December 23rd - 27th in Orlando, FL
  • Join over 750 USYers from all across North America for a 5 day long convention in Sunny Orlando
  • For more information, or to register, head to usy.org/IC!

Sub-Regional Kadima Events
  • 6th-8th grades
  • Saturday, January 5th
  • Multiple events held across the region, more information tba!
  • Registration coming soon!

Sub-Regional USY Events
  • 9th-12th
  • Saturday, January 12th
  • Multiple events help across the region, more information tba!
  • Registration coming soon!
Want your chapter's events to spotlighted in the Seaboarder? We want to highlight it! Contact our Seaboarder editors for more information on how your chapter's events can get shout outs here!