Monday, June 20, 2022
Extra carnations, one more time!
This past Mother's Day, we found ourselves with quite a few undistributed carnations, so we offered them as a thank-you gift to our faithful volunteers and donors. We have some leftover carnations once again, Father's Day carnations, this time.

The excess is due to a slight over-estimate of the number that would be needed for the Father's Day fundraiser, but also because we unexpectedly received an extra six dozen carnations from our supplier.

If you are a volunteer and/or financial supporter of People for Life, we invite you to stop in at "headquarters" at 1625 W. 26th St., Erie and pick out some carnations to take home with our compliments. If you have not been able to be an active contributor in recent years, a small donation will get you a great bargain on some really beautiful, premium quality carnations. We are usually open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. or later, but please call first, to make sure someone will be here.

As a volunteer-based organization, we very much appreciate, as well as depend, on our many capable and talented volunteers.

As an issues-advocacy organization that is taking a unequivocal stand on a number of controversial human life issues, we very much appreciate, and are heavily-dependent on, donations from individual concerned citizens. (We also receive much-needed help from several local small businesses in the form of advertiser/sponsor donations for the annual Pro-Life Breakfast and Life Run 5K/10K). Government funding in any shape or form is, perhaps quite obviously, out of the question. As an independent, autonomous corporation, we do not receive subsidies from any other pro-life organizations nor are we funded as project of any religious or political organization.
Constitutional Amendment Update
The last of three votes on the amendment to the Pennsylvania constitution that will invalidate any "discovery" of a right to abortion in that document is still pending in the state Senate. The measure will then go to the state House of Representatives.

Please continue to communicate with your state senator and state representative on the this extremely crucial matter.

Educational Outreach Booths
We have completed the first two of this year's outdoor pro-life booths, which were presented at the Lake City Fire Company Carnival this past Thursday through Saturday and at Corry Fest, June 11-12.

We are happy to report that, despite all of the rancor across the nation over the pending Supreme Court decision, our interactions with the public have been pleasant and positive, as usual.

We have a great team of Pro-Life Booth ambassadors in place. We are looking forward to a very fruitful outreach season. It might get a little more intense, once the Supreme Court has spoken, but with a dash of patience and good will, we will rise to the occasion.

The following pictures are from the Lake City Fire Company Carnival. The last picture is of Paisley, one of our volunteers (not just another visitor). You might remember Paisley from the Pro-Life Breakfast, this past January, where she led the Pledge of Allegiance.
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