Dear Prayer Partner,

I hope that you are having a lovely summer.

This month in our Extra Insight email we update you on the work going on here in Northern Ireland, our Bible-a-Month project in Uruguay and we some amazing statistics on Bible distribution during the pandemic.

Thank you for joining us in prayer.
Northern Ireland

Later on this month, we look forward to hosting Nora Matern from the Austrian Bible Society. Nora will be with us for a month to learn about our Bible Society and to experience life in Northern Ireland.

We also look forward to joining with other mission agencies and groups at Bangor Worldwide missionary convention between 22nd and 26th August in the Global Village which is open each evening in the Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church Halls. We are delighted that we are also able to deliver a seminar on Friday 26th August at 2.30pm focusing on our Daring to Hope Resource.

Bibles for Babies continues each Thursday as volunteers gather to pack and prepare Bibles for little ones who are about to turn 1.  
Pray for the work in NI:

  • Pray for Nora as she visits with us, pray for safety as she travels and for a positive experience in Northern Ireland.

  • Pray for our team as we participate at Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention. Pray for the event, for all the speakers and for those who will attend.

  • Give thanks for the many homes receiving a Bible as part of our Bibles for Babies project.
Draw My Own Bible - Uruguay
For many years, the Bible Society of Uruguay has been running the Draw My Own Bible project, which helps at-risk children to connect with the Bible through art and Sunday school lessons. This project helps children to process their experiences and learn that they are valued by their Heavenly Father.

The Bible Society of Uruguay also helps to support Sunday School teachers who implement this programme. They provide the materials necessary, as well as training on how to deal with the difficult experiences the children in their Sunday School classes may have had.

At the end of July, we were privileged to have a Zoom call with our colleagues from the Bible Society of Uruguay, made even more special as Suyai, our new staff member, translated our conversations from Spanish and English. This meant that we could have an in-depth conversation about this project.
Our colleagues shared with us that this project had been a great blessing to many young people, as well as their families, as they brought Scripture materials home from the project. They found that many parents actually began to attend Sunday School lessons with their children to hear more about what was being taught. Once these parents had heard the gospel they began to speak to the Christians about Jesus, and started to attend church regularly with their family. We were show encouraged to hear that this project was not only impacting the children who attended it, but also their parents and guardians. As you prayerfully support this project, we hope that this is an encouragement to you too.

The Bible Society of Uruguay has decided to bring this project to a close, instead changing how they reach these at-risk children with the gospel. Next year we are excited to be supporting the “Breakfast with Jesus” programme in Uruguay, which will provide at risk children enrolled in the programme with a nutritious breakfast as well as Scripture portions and Bible lessons. Keep an eye out on our social media and our future extra insight emails to hear how this project impacts these young lives!
Pray for this project:

  • Pray for the vulnerable children living in extreme poverty and who cannot see a way out of that environment. Pray that the Bible Society of Uruguay would be able to support them with spiritual and physical nourishment as they bring the hope of Jesus to the children’s lives through their various programmes.

  • Pray for Sunday school teachers who are helping to show the love of God to these young people. Pray that they would be a good witness and point people towards Christ.

  • Pray for the “Breakfast with Jesus” programme as the Bible Society of Uruguay develops this project. Pray that it would reach even more young people with the gospel.
This project is our Bible-a-Month project for August. By becoming a Bible-a-Month partner you will help to provide Scripture to people all over the world every month. You will receive a free calendar with information about this and 11 other Bible Society projects. Commit to giving just £5 each month and you will ensure that the Word of God is shared across the world. Sign up here.
This month we received some figures for Bible distribution in 2020 and 2021, we were so encouraged by them and wanted to share them with you!

In 2021, worldwide Bible distribution topped 32.6 million, showing the extraordinary commitment of Bible Societies to provide the hope of God’s Word in the midst of a global pandemic.

Despite every challenge, Bible Societies persevered to meet the huge demand for Scripture. The latest United Bible Societies (UBS) Scripture distribution figures reveal that five out of seven regions provided more full Bibles in 2021 compared to 2020.

When the pandemic hit, restrictions meant that Bible ministry in around 90 nations was at risk. But supporters around the world responded generously, enabling Bible Societies to keep their doors open and continue providing Scripture to people in need. Many found new and creative ways to carry out their ministry.

The Bible Society of Brazil was the largest Bible distributors, with 5.9 million Bibles. This is followed by the USA (2.7 million Bibles), Nigeria (2.3 million Bibles), India (2.2 million Bibles) and the Philippines (1.7 million Bibles).
One of the remarkable stories of growing Bible provision has emerged in Oceania. Despite the region enduring some of the most severe lockdowns in the world, Bible distribution in Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia and Papua New Guinea increased by more than a third during the pandemic, coinciding with increasing collaboration in the region.

In some of the world’s most dangerous places to be a Christian, Scripture distribution has also increased. In Iraq, where less than 1% of the population is Christian and where believers face great pressure, the distribution of Bibles has more than doubled during the pandemic years. What’s more, in 2021, more than 100,000 Scripture items were distributed – eight times more than was provided in 2020.

"God is performing miracles among people and the Church is growing.” The director of the Bible Society in Iraq said. “God is performing miracles among people, and the Church is growing. Last year there were many baptisms in southern Iraq, and we know of a lot of home churches. Persecution is still bad - but people are accepting Jesus as their saviour.”

He added, “We turn up in refugee camps with packages of food and aid, and there will be a pile of Bibles by the side. We don’t hand Bibles out, but people always take them. They take all the Bibles we can bring. More Bibles are needed, the demand is huge all over Iraq.”

Please join us in praising God for the work He has carried out in these countries, and that He used this time to do more than we could imagine.
Pray for Global Bible Distribution:

  • Praise God for the work He has been doing during the pandemic and for the thousands of Bibles that have been given out.

  • Pray for those who are waiting on Scripture. Ask that God will comfort them and send them a copy of His Word soon.

  • Pray for those who are distributing Scripture, that God would protect them and bless them in their work.
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