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Dear Prayer Partner,

Welcome to the November Extra Insight!

We pray that these stories will be an encouragement to you this month.

In our November Extra Insight we have an update on our Bible-a-Month project in China, an update from Lithuania and Uganda.

Thank you for joining us as we pray for our brothers and sisters around the world.
Northern Ireland

This month in Bible Society NI we are very excited to be hosting our 3rd Annual Supporters Event, The Gathering, live and in-person at 7:30pm on Friday 12th November in the Agape Centre, Belfast. Featuring stories from the team in Belfast, our colleagues around the world, and from our special guest Elaine Duncan (CEO Scottish Bible Society, Chair of UBS Global Council), you don’t want to miss it! To book your place click the button below:
We are also excited to share with you that our Advent Devotional, A Thrill of Hope, is now available in paperback (£4). To get your copy for yourself and your church visit our website today!
Prayer Requests from Bible Society NI:

  • Pray for the Gathering, that it will be an encouraging event for those who attend or watch online. Pray that God would keep us all safe in light of COVID-19.

  • Pray for our winter term, that God would provide for the projects we are supporting over the next few months.

  • Pray for our staff and board as we continue to plan for 2022, pray that our projects would help people to engage with the Bible and deepen their faith.
Join Us to Pray

We meet to pray each month on the last Wednesday of the month at 1pm.

Please join us this month at 1pm on the 24th November via Zoom.

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Bibles for China's Millions
The church in China is growing. Everyday hundreds of people are turning to Christ Jesus and becoming Christians. However, although the church is growing, it is incredibly hard to obtain a Bible. The China Partnership (the Bible Society in China) is able to work with the Amity Printing Company to print bibles in China, but the demand is still far outweighing the supply.

Not only is there a lack of Bibles, but it is also commonplace in China for Christians to divide their Bible up and give portions and pages to loved ones as a way of evangelism. Many Christians copy the Bible by hand so that they can give their friends and family an opportunity to read God’s Word for themselves. This grows the church further, but also leaves these Christians without access to a full Bible.

The Bible Society in China is working alongside the local church and Amity Printing Company to supply the Bible paper required to print the Scriptures for the many thousands of Christians who are still waiting for their own copy. They also provide free or affordable Bibles to those who would not be able to access Scripture due to their financial situation.

This year through the support of Bible society NI, as well as the wider united Bible societies fellowship, the China partnership hopes to distribute over 1.5 million Bibles to Christians all over China who are waiting for their own copy of the Bible.
Pray for this Project:

  • Pray for those Christians in China who have never had their own copy of the Bible. Pray that God would provide them with the Scriptures and He would comfort them while they wait for it.

  • Praise God for the Amity Printing Company. Pray for the staff who worked there, that he would bless and encourage them in their work.

  • Pray for the church as a whole in China. Pray that they would be rooted in the Bible and that they would be strong advocates for Christ.
This project is our Bible-a-Month project for November. By becoming a Bible-a-Month partner you will help to provide Scripture to people all over the world every month. You will receive a free calendar with information about this and 11 other Bible Society projects. Commit to giving just £5 each month and you will ensure that the Word of God is shared across the world. Sign up here.
We are incredibly passionate about making the Bible accessible to everyone no matter what their ability, status or language. This includes translating the Bible into Sign Language, allowing those who have a hearing impairment to access God’s Word in their heart language. For many who use Sign Language the written Bible is not accessible, as written and language are often very different.

We have been supporting the translation of the Bible into Lithuanian Sign Language for many years. This project first began by translating the parables of Jesus into Sign Language and have now moved on to translating the gospel of Luke. The Bible Society of Lithuania hope to complete the gospel of Luke in Sign Language by the end of 2021. This will be the first full book of the Bible accessible to those who are deaf.

Like any other translation, Sign Language translators work together to decide on the best actions to convey the message of the passage. Once the actions have been decided upon an actor is filmed signing the passage. This is then edited and put online so that anyone with a laptop, smartphone or tablet can access it and watch the Lithuanian Sign Language translation.

Please pray with us as they begin final work on this book and as they begin to look towards the next project, translating more of the New Testament into Sign Language.
Pray for the Lithuanian Sign Language translation:

  • Pray that through this translation those who use Lithuanian Sign Language as their heart language would engage with God’s Word and that they would come to faith in Christ.

  • Pray for the Christians who are waiting for this translation, but they would be able to rely on the written word until they are able to access the Sign Language translation.

  • Pray for the Sign Language translators who are working on this project. Pray that God would give them wisdom and stamina to finish the gospel of Luke.
A visual impairment can be very isolating for many Christians, as they cannot interact with God's Word without someone else reading it to them. This is why the Bible Society of Uganda has a project providing Braille Bibles to those with visual impairments and to blind schools throughout the country.

In a recent report from our colleagues in Uganda, they tell us that there has been a noticeable difference in the attitude of the church towards people in their congregation with a disability. Not only does access to a Braille Bible enable those with a visual impairment too interact with the Bible for themselves, it also changes the attitude of those who do not have a disability towards those who do. People who have a visual impairment are now more able to interact and participate in services. There are reports of many people using these Braille bibles to read Scripture from the front of the church, challenging many stigmas about a visually impaired person’s ability.

Those with access to a Braille Bible are also able to study Scripture for themselves. The Bible Society of Uganda has noticed an increase in the demand for these Bibles as more and more visually impaired people seek to interact with the Word of God for themselves. They have asked us to pray with them as they seek to meet this need.
Pray for this project:

  • Pray that the Bible Society of Uganda would be able to provide as many Braille Bibles to those who need them as possible.

  • Pray for those who receive these Braille Bibles or who have access to them. Pray that they would be a real blessing to them and that they would be able to deepen their relationship with God by reading the Bible.

  • Pray for the continuing advocacy for people with visual disabilities within the church and wider community. Pray that the church in Uganda would be known as an inclusive place for people of all abilities.
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