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Monday, October 25, 2010

This week's focus point -

I coached high school basketball for 6 years, and youth basketball for another 9 years on top of that. In that time, I've had what seems a gazillion offensive plays and sets that I used or at least considered using. Every one of them without exception was intended to score a basket. Each play, if executed properly, would result in a score. The key word is "execute."

I talk to mentor clients who are considering objectives and goals. They work hard on determining not only the goals, but the steps they must take to meet them. Just like a basketball play, each one of those goals and objectives are intended to "score." However, none will if the execution is poor.

Just like basketball, you won't score on every possession. However, if you become intentional about your preparation, your focus, and your execution, then you can expect to score points at a much higher frequency. Get better at execution and reap the rewards of high scoring games!

This week's quote -"Basketball is a complex dance that requires shifting from one objective to another at lightning speed. To excel, you need to act with a clear mind and be totally focused." (sounds like you can easily replace basketball with business)
- Phil Jackson, Head Coach Los Angeles Lakers

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