Dear Representative:

The 15th of July 2018, is the second anniversary of the attempted coup attempt in Turkey, when a large group of Turkish soldiers hijacked NATO military assets and bombed the Turkish Parliament, major highways, two suspension bridges that join Europe and Asia, as well as the Turkish counterparts of the FBI, CIA and Pentagon, massacring over 240 and wounding over 2000 innocent people -- men, women, elderly and children.

In the aftermath, leaders of the coup attempt and their deputies admitted they were followers of the cult leader and self declared imam, Fethullah Gulen, who lives in a heavily armed compound in rural Pennsylvania. They have admitted they were inspired by the sermons of Gulen, much like Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman who inspired terrorists who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993. While the United States convicted Abdel-Rahman of seditious conspiracy and sentenced him to life, the United States has still not extradited Gulen to Turkey to face charges for seditious conspiracy and other felony crimes.

The Turkish American National Steering Committee (TASC), which represents over a million Americans of Turkish and Turkic heritage, and the broadest diversity of Turkish Americans nationwide, expresses concern that justice has not been served quickly enough for the victims of the coup attempt.

With this letter, TASC seeks informed policy making and presents two sources regarding the failed military coup and its perpetrators. The first is, The Modern Assassin: The Gulen Cult. The second is photo album of the coup attempt from the eyes of the world media, Turkey’s 15th July, published by the Democracy 4ALL Initiative.

Gunay Evinch,Esq.,Co-Chair
Halil Mutlu,MD, Co-Chair
Murat Guzel, Treasurer
Oya Bain, Secretary

Washington Turkish House
1526 18th Suite 200 NW, Washington DC 20036
Contact: Secretary at 301 642 0685