A message from Casey Gilbert, our executive director
In the face of a global pandemic, local leaders are having to step up and make difficult decisions in their communities. Local leaders are not just those in charge of instituting rules and regulations, but those who lead by example. The call to flatten the curve by using social distancing is both real and urgent. While the United States has not declared lockdown, like  China Italy , and  France , it may only be a matter of time.

There is a lot of information swirling out there right now, so it can be hard to decide what is the best thing to do as an individual or as a business. Erring on the side of what is in the best interest of your community is the right choice. We're all in this together. Short term sacrifices will have to be made for long-term sustainability.

As a nonprofit downtown improvement district, we do not have all of the answers to the hard questions, but we'd like to share a few resources that might help. 

We are working closely with local organizations and following guidance from local, state and federal officials. Know that we care deeply about our community and are astounded by all those who are stepping up to do what is best, helping neighbors in need, and being a beacon for others. Thank you.

From day to day and hour to hour, things are changing rapidly. We'll be sure to stay in touch and alert you to any important news. If you have a question, please reach out anytime:  casey@portlandmaine.com  

Photo by Smith Galtney