These are extraordinary times for all of us. But even as we focus on protecting ourselves and our loved ones, we’re finding creative ways to stay engaged and help our clients communicate effectively with their stakeholders—which may be more important than ever.

Like most of you, we’ve moved online. Most of our work now occurs through email, Zoom meetings, VPN access to our server, conference calls and more. 

We remain busy, thanks to clients that foresee an end to the current crisis, and are planning now for its aftermath. And right now, public relations is an especially effective tool we offer organizations to communicate with staff, customers, the media and the world.
Our team Zooming along, clockwise from top left: Betty Angell, Meredith Strang Burgess and, socially distancing behind, Rachel Gildard, John Spritz, Christina Hill, Oliver Payne.
In addition to continuing projects, we’ve had the opportunity to work on new efforts related to the coronavirus. One example is for First Atlantic Healthcare , which manages 18 nursing, rehabilitation, long-term care and assisted living centers across Maine. We have quickly created and launched a campaign to help them reach out to the thousands of Mainers who have recently lost jobs, especially in the hospitality and food-service industries. 

We are using video, radio and online advertising to recruit those in need of a paycheck to work in First Atlantic facilities, which serve many of those most in need of care right now—a win-win proposition. If you know anyone looking for a replacement job during the crisis, check out these openings.
“Depending on your product or service, this can be an effective time to consolidate your reputation—or even reposition your company for the better. The key is to strike the right tone for the times (something we pride ourselves on doing well) and remain upbeat and helpful. My personal feeling is that political ads might best take a break.

"If you’d like to talk about how we can help you navigate these extraordinary times—or would just like to say ‘Hi’—please call me at (207) 775-5227.

“Be well...and we will get through this together!"
—Meredith Strang Burgess, President

PS: I find it helps right now to breathe consciously— for the safety of others, of course, but also for your own peace of mind!
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