We are honored to share the stories, details, and numbers that have resulted from the passion and dedication of our trained leaders across the world. Yet, just as a collection of images created the beautiful tapestry in the image above, it is not complete without each individual. God's never ending, unbreaking, and reckless love is given to the entire world, but it is directed uniquely at each person. Love with the same abandon and the world will change...one person at time.

2018 Sustainable Med Impact

  • 362,862 lives touched, treated and transformed
  • Over 850,000 since 2013
  • 2,971 leaders trained
  • Over 7,400 since 2013
  • 19 Countries impacted
  • Thousands* of people turning their lives over to a loving Father who cares for them now and into eternity

These numbers are not a part of a mass campaign where the care is provided anonymously. Those impacted know and are known by those who treat their swollen bellies and disfigured limbs. This is a deep and intensive process where children and families are loved and brought to health and hope. Bu t, when this is repeated across many different communities, a drop of water becomes a tidal wave sweeping across a nation.

( Note * - we do not report exact numbers on "salvation" because we believe no one but the Holy Spirit can boast about this transformation Ephesians 2:8-9)

Is Sustainable Med unique and really making an impact?
Here are just a few brief stories.
The Dalit or "Untouchable" caste still exists in India and they are often some of the most neglected, forgotten, and abused people. Yet, this is the story of what is possible through deep investment and sacrificial love by our Sustainable Med team members.
West Africa is one of the newer regions where Sustainable Med has been training and investing in the local church and leaders who are now equipped to transform their communities. This is their story.
Sustainable Med has been investing in communities in Uganda for the past five years. What has changed? Are the impacts real and will they endure? This is a story that answers these questions as well as demonstrates how God revealed local solutions through the process and prompting of this ministry in the life of Mutebi Henry. The video is not as refined as the ones above, but it is real and authentic.
Local Leaders in Africa and Asia Out-giving Those in the US
Dr. Stephen and his wife, Dr. Anitah, have been a part of Sustainable Med from the very beginning in Kenya. They have been trained in the material, overseen projects in their communities, and trained others in what they have learned. Dr. Anitah has also been the recipient of a scholarship from Sustainable Med to help pay for her medical training. They have seen first hand the benefit of this ministry in their community and their personal lives. So, they wanted to bless others and have contributed $1,000 of their own money to bless others in Africa through another Sustainable Med scholarship. This is a substantial gift from a $24K annual salary, yet their desire was to remain anonymous. They reluctantly agreed for their story to be shared as a testimony to others.
Drs. Stephen and Anitah Mwatha
But Stephen and Anitah are not alone. We continue to find that the more that is given from those in the US, the more that is contributed by the locals in Africa and Asia. $104,649 was given in seed grant funds to the 43 project sites, and this is what they contributed:
  • 62,018 volunteer hours and $28,427 in gifts and goods
  • Total value = $1,555,651 (15 times greater than what they received)
Not only is there infinite value in each person reached, but where else do you see the poor or the world matching the gift of the wealthy 15 to 1?
The video above is even more shocking in Rwanda. The people who wrote and performed this song are known as the Batwa (or Pygmy) people. They are often viewed as the most backward and uneducated people in Rwanda. Yet, they have been blessed and trained by one of our team members in Rwanda, and they wanted to give back something to help others.
Celebrating God's Goodness
We were so excited to see so many familiar and some new faces at the Sustainable Med "Saturate" event on Nov 6th at the Centennial Barn in Cincinnati. Not only were bellies filled with amazing Indian delicacies and gourmet sweets, but hearts and minds were infused with the stories of God's provision and abundance as He worked through the lives and communities of those connected with this ministry.

Those that attended responded with astounding generosity giving or pledging over $120,000. This pushed us even closer to our year end goal of $400K. We need only $124K more to get there, and we can reach this goal with your help.

We also want to take a moment to thank our many volunteers who helped make this evening possible

  • Chris & Jennifer Lutz
  • Brian & Jess Mease
  • Monir & Samya Michael
  • Erin Murray
  • Jeri Murray
  • John & Jessie O'Maley
  • Kathy Schibler
  • Kim Wittkugel
  • Carol Snyder
  • Jen Snyder
Scenes and faces from our annual event on Nov 6, 2018
Tell Your Family & Friends!
Sustainable Med has joined the Cincinnati Gives Challenge which runs from Nov 27 to Jan 2

This is a great way to spread the word about this ministry and even increase the impact of donations whenever Sustainable Med wins a daily or weekly challenge. One of the best kept  secrets of world transformation in Cincinnati should be a secret no longer. Use the website below to participate.

Expanding the Sustainable Med Family
Oliver (top) & Marc (bottom)
We are so thankful for the great work of these two incredible men of God. Oliver Okonge has been serving as the Africa Project Manager for the past 6 months and Marc Nizeyimana has been working as the Africa Office Assistant since the beginning of 2018.

Oliver is a brilliant young man who previously worked in a law office in Goma, DRC before joining Sustainable Med. Oliver is passionate about helping others with their projects and proposals and has been helpful to our many partners throughout Africa. His fluency in Kinyarwanda, French, English, and several local dialects makes him a strong asset.

Marc is an amazing staff member and brother in Christ. He has dedicated his life to his community and the preaching of the Gospel as lead pastor of a local church. But, he also serves as a key assistant to help expand God's Kingdom by doing all of the many office related tasks needed to make this ministry work in Africa.

Both work alongside Emmanuel Ndolimana, Africa Director, near Gisenyi, Rwanda.
Sam Boateng
Sustainable Med has seen an exponential growth in the ministry throughout Africa, and we have been searching diligently to find the right people to lead these efforts. We are extremely pleased to announce that we have found the perfect fit for our new role of West Africa Director in Samuel Boateng.

Sam has a Master's Degree in Theology from Wheaton College, and he has served alongside his wife, Gifty, as a lead pastor in church just outside of Accra, Ghana. Sam is extremely humble, but it takes only a brief conversation to see the incredible gifts of intelligence and deep understanding that God has given him. Many have recognized his unique skills including people like the famous pastor, Tim Keller, who flew Sam to New York to be personally trained in order to lead the City to City efforts in Ghana.

Sam has been a past participant in several of our conferences as well as serving as our Ghana Coordinator and a leader of our Center of Excellence in Ghana for the past year. He will officially join in this new capacity on March 1, 2019. We are so excited to have him become a part of our Sustainable Med family.
What can I do?
Nothing has impacted this ministry more than the faithful prayer warriors who have fallen on their knees to ask for God's guidance and provision. The impossible has happened because our Loving Father has responded with miracles or called those praying to be the hands and feet to make the improbable a reality.

The local investment is overwhelming. Just see in the video above what a community in Rwanda is willing to do to stop Ascariasis (intestinal worms) as they carry stones up a steep hill to build the foundation for toilets. What would you be willing to do to stop this disease and many others? You can be a part of the story. Donate today.
Over 200 volunteers contributed more than 40,000 volunteer hours last year. Most of those were outside the US, but we need help at home and abroad. Consider providing help with social media, administrative tasks, curriculum development, and more for as little as a couple of hours.

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