April 2015
April 2015  Edition
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"Conventional Interlocks are built with clearance and they begin to wear almost immediately. We used to spend a lot of time and money on just maintaining interlocks. Those days are over. With the tolerances held by Extreme Locks for the life of the tool, we've seen drastic reductions of wear and damage to critical areas of our tools. We have no problems with galling or wear even after cycle counts that have surpassed 4 million shots... Now we spec Extreme  Locks on all our new tools and have retro-fitted many existing tools here at the Tech Group. This is a great product."

Todd Kuhn
The Tech Group
Scottsdale, AZ

Science and Technology

The Dynamic Alignment Technology (DAT) developed by Extreme Components, LP is a revolutionary method for self-aligning locks that exhibit minimal friction and wear. The technology uses rollers instead of metal-to-metal frictional surfaces to align the tongue. The rollers are constrained in a cage so that they move in a prescribed manner, due to the kinematic relationships between the rollers.

As the tongue is inserted into the housing, the first set of rollers is extended outwards so that the tongue clears the first set of rollers.

Initial contact is made when the tongue interfaces with the second set of rollers. As a result of kinematics, the second set of rollers move with ? of the velocity of the tongue. Since all the rollers are geometrically constrained by the surrounding cage, the movement of the second set of rollers causes all the rollers to move simultaneously, including the first set of rollers.

The first set of rollers is initially positioned on a fillet near the outside edge. Since they are geometrically constrained to move with the second set of rollers, the roller effectively climbs the fillet and dynamically clamps the tongue, forcing dynamic alignment between the tongue and the housing

At this point there is mechanical contact of the tongue with both the first and second set of rollers. The first set of rollers dynamically clamps the tongue.

Since there is a significant spacing between the first set and second set of rollers, which provides a large moment arm so that the rollers can apply a torque on the tongue that forces alignment, without exhibiting an excessively large force on the rollers, which would otherwise cause mechanical wear.

When tongue is fully inserted into the housing, all three sets of rollers are in direct contact with the tongue. This creates an even large moment arm between the first and third sets of rollers, which ensures a highly precise alignment, with minimal wear. In addition, the load can be distributed over all three sets of rollers, so that the load on any one roller is not excessive.


Extreme Components, LP Configurable Tutorial Video
Extreme Components, LP Configurable Tutorial Video
Extreme Components, LP TLR87 X 150 AC  ASSY translation repeat transparent full 2
Extreme Components, LP TLR87 X 150 AC ASSY translation repeat
transparent full 2


March 2015 - With a lifetime guarantee on our locks, we are determined to solve your molding related problems.

Common Problems Solved

  • Drastically Reduce Wear to Critical Shutoffs
  • Eliminate Flash Caused by Misalignment or Wear
  • Solve All Problems in Thin Wall Molding Associated with Misalignment from
    Cavity to Cavity
  • Achieve Full Cavitation in Problem Molds
  • Does Not Wear Over Time
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