The only company in the world to offer a lifetime guarantee against wear.
May 2015
The only company in the world to offer a lifetime guarantee against wear.
May 2015  Edition

What our customers are saying about us

"It always bothered me that we spent so much time and effort to build molds to the highest standards and then rely on pins, bushings and interlocks that show signs of wear before the sampling is done for mold protection. For the last couple of years, traditional locks have been considered Obsolete around here. We're retro-fitting existing tools and specifying Extreme Interlocks on all new tools."

Rick Scroggins
Tooling Manager
The Toro Company
El Paso, TX 
When Common Sense and Science Concur

Extreme Components, LP SLRX aluminum lock

Common Sense tells us we need an improved method of alignment/ positioning for mold halves that match the advances made in mold manufacturing.


Science tells you that an Engineering Principal will perform in a prescribed manner when strictly adhering to the Laws of Physics.


Extreme Components, LP used these 2 simple facts to develop Kinetic Alignment Technology ( KIT ). For a more complete explanation of how our products improve efficiency read below.


High Speed, Tighter Tolerances, Longest Life in the industry.  It's what we do. 


Here are 3 things our products accomplish every day that is not possible with traditional alignment/positioning devices.

  1. Documented Reduction in unscheduled maintenance repairs caused by damage to delicate shut-offs and parting lines. Using KIT, this is as simple as forcing your A & B Plates to align near perfectly by Geometrically Constraining the A and B side as well as the Platen.

  2. High Speed applications become a non-issue as our products produce less friction than traditional devices of their kind by magnitudes. These locks have been tested at a 1 second cycle, under significant load, for 30 days Non-Stop, with no wear and no heat issues that could cause a malfunction. They were cool to the touch.

  3. The Longest Life of any product of its kind. In service now are locks that have carried enormous loads in molds with over 10 million cycles, and still maintain Zero Clearance between the male and female. We can go far beyond 10 million cycles.

10 Million Cycles and "Zero Wear"
No one else can make this claim.
"We were so impressed with both the performance and benefits of the Extreme Interlocks we decided in '08 to retro-fit all our existing tools and make them a standard on all new tooling.  Cycle counts of "8 Million" shots and still going with "No Wear." Mold set-up times were reduced from 2 hours to 30 minutes and a significant documented reduction in repair just because of this simple product.  It wasn't a hard decision to make."

Robert Smucker
Tooling Engineer
Alcon Corporation
Atlanta, GA
The #1 Performing Locks in the World

  1. The ONLY lock int the world to offer a "Lifetime Guarantee" against wear

  2. Ultra Precise CNC manufacturing allows for exact locating of molds every cycle.

  3. Makes thin wall molding more accurate and predictable than any other device on the market
  4. Provides maximum protection for your intricate shut-offs and parting lines


Extreme Components, LP Configurable Tutorial Video
Extreme Components, LP Configurable Tutorial Video


April 2015  - Using Science and Technology, Dynamic Alignment Technology (DAT) was created to solve common issues with injection molds.

March 2015  - With a lifetime guarantee on our locks, we are determined to solve your molding related problems.

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