Regarding the 9th Annual
Swampscott Arts & Craft Festival
Linscott Park is a waterfront park, directly across from the beach.

We have been monitoring the weather conditions in Swampscott 
and even though the Fair is held Rain or Shine ...
We cannot expect exhibitors to risk themselves or their work,
or our staff, or the public to attend an event
with excessive winds in the forecast.
Wind gusts up to 40 MPH is far more dangerous than Rain.
Virtually every weather forecast calls for the worse to be over by mid day on Saturday.
So knowing this ...

The Fair will  NOT open on Saturday.  We will delay the opening until Sunday.

There will be NO Friday Night Set Up.

Set up will now be on Saturday from 3PM until 8PM or Sunday after 7AM.
We suggest you set up Saturday. Sunday will be very tough parking with so many churches
in the area and a farmers market across the street.

I understand this is very disappointing. We have all worked very hard on this event.
But at this point it is a matter of public safety.

Also, if you choose to cancel  and not attend this event, that is up to you. 
It might just be too much work and travel for what is now a one day show.
If you choose to cancel please let me know, so I can try and rework the floor plan.
There will be no refunds for any cancellations or due to the delay of opening. 

Thank you,

Terry Mullen

Image: Gloucester Micro Burst 2015 

PS Our expenses are the same for one day as for two days. 
We have already paid for Ads, Staff, Musicians, Toilets, Dumpster, Permits, etc. 
There will be no refunds.

More details:
Caution - Sprinkler System
Be careful not to damage the park's sprinkler system.
Canopy stakes must be NO LONGER THAN 6 inches

Please check area before attempting to stake down a canopy, to avoid the sprinkler system.

Exhibitors MUST stake/weigh down your canopy and booth.


Exhibitor Parking is located at the Hadley School, behind the town hall, and along Burrill Street.
DO NOT park out front, we must leave the closest parking for our shoppers.
No Overnight parking allowed at this event.

End of Show
Absolutely no early breakdown allowed.

All exhibitors are responsible for removing their own garbage. 
Kindly leave all garbage in the dumpster located near the portable toilets.
Please make sure to clean up after the show, leaving your space as you had found it. 

Portable toilets and wash station on site. 

There is NO electricity available at this venue.

Free Coffee and snacks are available Saturday ONLY until 9am.
Snack food available for sale during the event and restaurants nearby. 

No ATM on site. The closest ATM is located about .5 miles away on Humphrey Street, in either direction. 

Will arrive Friday at 8pm and remain until 7am Saturday. Security will return at show closing on Saturday and remain until 7am Sunday.
Security is only a deterrent. 
We are not responsible for loss or damages. 
You MUST cover/enclose your booth at closing each day. 

Sales Tax
MA Sales Tax is 6.25% 
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  • Directions From Route 1 onto 114 to 107.GPS Location 17 Monument Ave, Swampscott, MA
  • Weather always changing New England weather
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