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Hosokawa Jet Mill, Model TFG-630, fluidised bed opposed mill style, complete with (2) Hosokawa Model NAZ-630 stainless steel airmill cyclones; Hosokawa Model TTSP-315 2-starge rotary tandem classifier; (2) Mikro Pulsaire baghouses, rated for 10 bar pressure rated; Lamson 50 HP & 100 HP blowers; Control & Metering gravity feed conical hopper with feeder, vibrating pulse point, feeder, electric hoist, and framework. Also includes control panel cabinets, chip blower with heat exchanger, Xchanger air-to-air heate exchanger, Ingersoll Rand 400 HP rotary screw compressor, Ingersoll Rand condensing chiller, oil/water separator, drum vacuum sealer, (2) air receiver tanks, (2) Atex explosion shut off valves, etc. 

Compound kneader/extruding lineBuss Model TCS100-16D. Includes (2) Mixaco SM600-D, 600 liter rotary mixer; Buss TCS100-16D extruder/kneader, 100 mm - 6 section heated barrel, 125 Hp drive motor; 996 Buss 36" wide chill roll with 36" x 15' stainless steel plate chill table; Netzch Condux pre-breaker/grinder; (4) Sterling barrel heaters; Vac-U-Max bulk product collection system including ac-U-Max stainless steel conical blower canister, gravity feed hopper, pneumatic valve and framework. Also includes control cabinets, Palmatic vacuum handling system, Gorbel job crane, and Dunham Busch chiller. Last used in toner operation. 

Extruders In Stock:

S742494  Extruder, APV, MP 2065, 65mm, Twin Screw, Jkt, 50 HP, Line,
S742492  Extruder, Buss, TCS100-16D, Kneader/Extruding Line
C741813 Extruder, 12 Dia, C/st, 20 HP, Vacuum, Turbo Separator,
S321650 Extruder, 12 Dia., Christian, S/st, Twin Screw, 7-1/2 HP,
S741078 Extruder, 10 Dia, Bonnot, 304 S/st, 10 HP,
Z320055 Extruder, 10 Dia., Fitzpatrick, Malaxator, S/st, 10 X 6.5'
C742320 Extruder, 6 Dia, C/st, 20 HP, Vacuum, Turbo Separator,
S321690 Extruder, 6 Dia., Fitzpatrick, Malaxator, S/st, 6 X 3.5'
S741087 Extruder, 4-1/2 Dia, Bonnot, 304 S/st, 7.5 HP,
C740516 Extruder, 3 Dia., Starkey, Mdl 851, Pugmill, Cutter
A742360 Extruder, 3-1/2 Dia., Sterling, 24:1 L/D, Plastics
Z324555 Extruder, 2-1/4 Dia., Bonnot, 2-1/4 X 78, S/st, 20 HP,
S739219 Extruder, 2.5 dia, NRM, Mdl 2-5-24.1, 40 HP, Plastics,
S739221 Extruder, Belt Puller, C/st, 1 HP, Right to Left
C323075 Extruder, Sterling, 3-1/2, 21:1 L/d, Plastic, 50 HP,

Jet Mills In Stock:

S742495 Mill, Jet, Hosokawa, Mdl TFG-630, Cyclones, Classifier,
S479994 Mill, Jet, 42, C/st, 3300 CFM, 600 HP, (2)
S479998 Mill, Jet, 36, Micronizer, Removable Liners,
C479996 Mill, Jet, 24, C/st, Fluid Energy, 1500 CFM, (2)
S732953 Mill, Jet, 24, C/st, Sturtevant, 1000 CFM, (6)

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