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Exuberance of Spring!

After an unexpected nightly cold snap last week, many of our beautiful spring plants suffered from die back, browned crinkly edges, and collapse of my beloved bleeding hearts... but not the grand dame of our gardens - this gorgeous flaming red azalea! While only partially protected from cold winds that whip around our house, she nevertheless decided to bloom in all her glory - every blossom full to bursting with color and light and life! The colors that play through her blossoms are so intense they literally dance with the sheer vibrancy of life force energy pulsing through every petal. She amazes me every year with her grand show, but never so much as this year with such a bold statement that refuses to be dimmed by cold weather or blustery winds or fear.

As our sheltering at home enters the month of May, may we all shine as brightly, take as bold a step to show our true colors, and revel in the exuberance of Spring!

Sending an abundance of light and love,
Online May Session Starts Today!
May 4 - May 30 - 4 more weeks of classes!
Following on the heels of our very successful Online Spring Session...

The new May session will operate just like the Spring Session, with a few changes. We are excited to offer some different classes with more themes to explore. We're also mixing up the levels we usually teach, just for fun!

May Week 1 Schedule
Chair Yoga - with Audra (alternates with Carla)

Moderate Plus Yoga - for the athlete in all of us - with Audra - (Moderate class with Vigorous options)

Moderate Yoga - with Carla (alternates with Audra)

Gentle Yoga - Back Care Series - with Carla

Bone Strength - with Mary
Friday Surprise Yoga! - Roll Away Tension - with Carla

New Class Series
Moderate Plus Yoga - for the athlete in all of us!
Let's explore our inner athlete. Maybe you are a runner, a cyclist, a hiker, or avid tennis player; whatever your sport, we all need yoga. This four week series focuses on building all over strength and flexibility. Each week will have a focus, and the whole body will get a mindful workout. This series is also great for all around conditioning. The class is taught at the moderate level with some vigorous options; knowledge of yoga poses necessary.
Week 1 - Sun Salutations - building strength and flexibility within the rhythm of movement and breath.

Gentle Yoga - Back Care Series - Oh, my aching back!
This is a common refrain for many of us. Join Carla to explore the causes of lower and upper back pain and how yoga can help alleviate discomfort.
Week 1 - Low Back practice - Learn how sitting causes imbalances in the pelvis and low back, creating areas of tightness and weakness. This Gentle class is a slower-paced yoga practice that can help all of us with occasional back pain. Not appropriate for those with acute back pain. 

Create Bone Strength
This whole body fitness program utilizes balance exercises, weight bearing routines, and low impact movements to help maintain and stimulate bone health in a safe way. Come strengthen your whole body and improve balance! Chair and floor options will be given for all movements.

Friday Surprise Yoga!
Join us every week for a surprise instructor and topic!
Week 1 - Roll Away Tension - Gather together all the massage balls, tennis balls and dog toys in your house to join Carla for this rolling extravaganza to release tension in the fascia (connective tissue) of your whole body from head to toe!

Tai Chi
Current Tai Chi Students - Look for a letter outlining your Tai Chi video series program that Cain has created just for you!
  • 5 Class Pass - the best way to purchase videos - $75; Senior classes $45
  • Per Class Purchase - for buying one video at a time - $16; Senior Classes $10
  • Unlimited Pass - for the 4 week session - $125
  • 10 Class Pass - use your remaining credits, then buy a 5 Class Pass
  • Yearly Unlimited Pass - you are good to go!

  • The Online May Session is now open for ordering!
  • Each week's schedule will be posted on our website on the Sunday night before the week begins.

Classes Available for Purchasing
  • Exciting new May classes
  • All 5 weeks of the Spring Session, in case you missed a class you wanted to try!
How do I register for classes?
For the answer to this and any other questions you have about our new online registration system, please: Visit the MSY website for detailed instructions, complete with multiple screenshots, in the "Registration FAQs" blog here .
yoga mats
Support your Home Practice
Tricky practicing without a block? Your dog ate your peanut?

There is a small stock of props available from the studio.
Contact us to purchase them from the Virtual MSY Marketplace.
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