A Book for Robert

During the summer of 2022, Robert came to one of our library visits for an eye exam and new glasses. Author JaNay Brown-Wood saw a social media post featuring Robert and recognized a resemblance to the main character in her then upcoming release "Too-Small Tyson."

She reached out and sent a signed copy for Robert with a note. We were happy to connect with his family and coordinate getting this special gift to him. With his glasses from Eye Thrive he read the note and book out loud and told us he couldn't wait to show his friends at school.

2022 By The Numbers

What a year! In 2022 we grew our team, moved our headquarters, launched a new website, and continued to position Eye Thrive as the trusted, quality provider of essential vision services in the region. We also:

  • conducted 13,032 vision screenings.
  • made 138 Mobile Vision Clinic visits.
  • provided 3,900 eye exams.
  • dispensed 4,576 pairs of glasses.
  • delivered 1,719 pairs of replacements.
Eye Thrive's New Website

Eye Thrive's New Website

We have launched a new website! Several years in the making, the site has a new look that better reflects our brand, our values, and our work. There are even more additions and available resources planned for the months ahead. Check it out!

Visit Eye Thrive's NEW Website

Funder Spotlight

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On behalf of our kids - thank you for your generosity.

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