Taaliyah's First Pair of Glasses

Teamwork makes the dream work at Eye Thrive! Kindergartener Taaliyah recently got her first pair of glasses on the Mobile Vision Clinic. First, Dr. Green identified her prescription through her comprehensive eye exam. Then, Brandon made the glasses on-board using the frames she picked out and fitted them to her face. Finally, Dr. Green, Brandon, and Taaliyah's pal j'Markese checked out the final look before Mary took a first glasses photo and took Taaliyah and j'Markese back to class. From eye exam to clear vision in less than an hour. Enjoy your glasses, Taaliyah!

October By The Numbers

Our hard-working team fulfills our mission of providing essential vision services for our kids, while making it a fun and comfortable experience! In October, we:

  • conducted 3,151 vision screenings.
  • provided 537 eye exams.
  • dispensed 518 pairs of glasses.
  • delivered 171 pairs of replacements.
Retinal Camera

November is Diabetes Eye Disease Awareness Month

People with diabetes are more likely to develop blinding eye diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts. Eye Thrive takes extra steps to check and report on the eye health status of our patients with diabetes.

About Diabetic Eye Disease

Funder Spotlight

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On behalf of our kids - thank you for your generosity.

Blues for Kids
Episcopal Presbyterian Health Trust
The Saigh Foundation
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