Eye Thrive is Essential

According to the American Optometric Association, up to 61% of students that receive a preliminary school vision screening identifying a possible vision impairment never receive follow up care from an eye doctor.

An estimated 6.8% of children under 18 have a diagnosed vision impairment, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The estimated number of children with an undiagnosed vision impairment is nearly 25%, says the AOA.

This school year, more than 80% of the 3,000+ kids we've seen on the Mobile Vision Clinic have needed, and received glasses. This is due in large part to our Vision Screening Program helping identify students with possible vision impairment and our team working diligently to ensure they receive the eye exams they need.

February By The Numbers

Our team had a fantastic month. Not only did we visit some of our favorite schools and meet some amazing kids, we had our busiest month of the school year (so far) providing essential vision services! In February, we:

  • conducted 2,854 vision screenings.
  • provided 579 eye exams.
  • dispensed 698 pairs of glasses.
  • delivered 201 pairs of replacements.

Save the Date: Eye Need You

During the school year, our Mobile Vision Clinic is out four days a week delivering free eye exams and glasses to kids that need them, but we still receive calls almost daily requesting Eye Thrive services to additional locations.

Our open summer visits in partnership with area libraries, community centers, and other nonprofits are a critical part of our schedule as we try to reach even more kids that need glasses.

EYE NEED YOU to save the date for April 27, when we'll be raising $100,000 to get our Mobile Vision Clinic to 25 visits this summer! Stay tuned for how to help!

Funder Spotlight

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On behalf of our kids - thank you for your generosity.

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