November 7th, 2013

Walk with a Doc Newsletter

Good morning! The weather will be getting a little brisk soon and we want to tackle this now. There are too many April and Mays filled with patients saying they are getting ready to walk, but it's been "too cold".
Not this year sister. Not on our watch.
If you are unprepared, sure - it sucks. But, we're all better than that. Let's throw on a hat, some gloves, your favorite fleece, and let's go! It sure beats walking in 97 degrees - doesn't it? These people in the picture are very small, but trust me they're smiling and they're happy. Why? Because they're outside.
Here are some great tips for our fellow northerners. 

Low T?

It seems like everyone and their brother is getting testosterone replacement. The prescribing has gotten a little carried away; and it's not without risk. From an anecdotal standpoint, I've taken seen patients on testosterone come in with an MI or stroke that have been too young for cardiovascular disease. It's been out there for some time, but this article details a study that brings it back to the forefront. We went through this with hormone replacement therapy for women over 10 years ago.

I'll Push You

One of the best things about Walk with a Doc has been the people that it has allowed us to meet. It was an honor to spend 20 minutes with a smiling Justin and Patrick after they presented in Washington last month. This is a wonderful story about 2 best friends with an incredible vision. This short video has inspired me everyday since DC - I hope you have the time to watch it.
I'll Push You: a life changing story about two best friends, 500 miles, and a wheelchair
I'll Push You: a life changing story about two best friends, 500 miles, and a wheelchair

Push yourself today - you have NO IDEA what you are able to accomplish. So much more than you think.

Look at me - a chronic B student, can't boil a pot of pasta and seven toes on my left foot and I was able to make it through med school. You can do A LOT better than that.

Go make a difference today. You owe it to yourself.


E + R = O


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