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Vol 15 Issue 7                                                               
May 4, 2015
The Need-to-Knows for Economics Undergraduates
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Ezra's Econ Student Profiles

Connor Rossner, 
Class of 2015

Montclair, NJ

Future Plans
I am pursuing a career in management consulting at Oliver Wyman, starting in January 2016. In the interim, I am working with a research center to measure and evaluate the impact of educational reforms in India.  


Campus Involvement:

Throughout my time at Cornell I have had a chance to be involved with a wide array of actives. From club swimming, to a literary magazine, to my business fraternity, to an investment club and the Student Assembly. I have learned something from all of them, and I urge students to get involved as much as possible! 


Favorite Econ Class:

My favorite class at Cornell was ECON 4690: The Chinese Economy Under Mao and Deng taught by Professor Lyons. Taking the class as a freshman, it really peaked my interest in economics as a study and as a field of influence. The historical tensions between the innovations of Chinese economists, who planned an entire economy, and natural market forces, which Hayak warns works against the central planner, was fascinating to learn about.  


Advice for other Econ Students:

It took me three years to finally begin applying my economic knowledge to real-world issues. Being able to use your economic intuition, theory and econometric techniques to research and problem solve is empowering and exciting. I would advise any economics student interested in research not to wait. Be curious. If you have a question, no matter how big or how small, start playing with the data and start talking to people. You will learn something, have interesting insights and make an impact! 


Anything else you would like folks to know: 

As a graduating senior, I am so thankful for all of the opportunities available at Cornell. I would urge students, economics majors and otherwise, to trying out anything that interests them and take full advantage of what this school has to offer. 

Yiding Ma
Class of 2016


Hometown:  Jilin, China

Future Plans:  I would like to pursue further education in graduate school in subjects that are relevant with economics and international development. With the knowledge and experience I gain from the process, I hope to have a career path that could bring my passions together. 


Campus Involvement:

Ellevate Cornell, Welcome Weekend Committee, Economics Tutoring Center


Favorite Econ Class:

Industrial Organization (I really appreciate the fact that the class helped me integrate various knowledge that I learned before and engage my brain into the process of problem solving. It is very interesting to explore the subject and see how theoretical knowledge could be applied to real life.)


Advice for other Econ Students:

Explore your interests, even though they might lie in different subjects! It is great to have such wonderful resource at Cornell University and especially in Economics major that allows people to link different fields together and bring theory into application. Finding new things to learn is never a hard thing. I really appreciate the diverse methodologies and philosophies that I absorbed from different subjects. Eventually, the greatest pleasure is to find the connection and have a brand new perspective. 


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