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Fall 2013
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Tim Lones




Tina Lones

(Owner/ Nutritionist/  

Head Trainer/ CrossFit Coach)



Kelly Warris-DeRose

(Administrative Assistant)



Gwen Noble

(Trainer/ CrossFit Coach)

Amanda Beard



Ricardo Lenhart

Ryan Cook 

Devon Langhorst 

(Smoothie Bar Coordinator)

Dr. Josh Hayes 
(Chiropractic Services) 
Maria Zenz
(Head Therapist at FAST thru Northwest Physical Therapy)  


Allie Kohl 

(Rainbow Gymnastics)


Maddie Neuman






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Team Training: building teamwork , team unity and overall team performance.

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Personalized for all ages

The only speed training systems in the region!


WOW! A lot has happen at F.A.S.T. since our last newsletter. You really are going to want to take the time to scan down through this edition of our newsletter. There are some really neat things happening for Limaland right here at F.A.S.T. that you don't want to miss out on. Things like CrossFit and now due to popular demand a general membership area, enhanced team training, Golf specific training, little rookies training, gymnastics, ballet and much more. Its has always been our goal to have the most cutting edge fitness and sports training facility and services possible. With the new additions you will find in this newsletter we trust you will say WOW, we are so fortunate to have F.A.S.T. right here in Limaland. Give us feed back (tim@fastnwo.com) on what you think so we know if we are meeting your fitness and sports enhancement needs.

Thank you for being part of our F.A.S.T. family.
Tim and Tina Lones
CrossFit Lima

The FIRST and ONLY CrossFit Box in Lima, Ohio is Now at FAST!

CrossFit Lima is a full service CrossFit Box housed within the FAST of Ohio Training Complex. CrossFit Lima offers you a first class state of the art CrossFit set up complete with certified coaches that are highly educated to accommodate for all levels of fitness. CrossFit Lima's coaches are very passionate about utilizing the CrossFit methodology including being very detailed in teaching proper techniques to maximize results in a safe way. CrossFit Lima offers both individual and group coaching to insure that we are meeting your personal goals. CrossFit itself is a mix of aerobic exercise and power lifts, constantly varied, high intensity and functional movements with the goal of improving fitness capacity while preparing for the unexpected. CrossFit is designed for scalability for the application therefore any committed person in or out of shape, young or old, CrossFit Lima will work for you.

Visit Our Website to Find out More Information on CrossFit: www.CROSSFITLIMA.com

  Membership (ADULTS ONLY)

Did you know F.A.S.T.  now offers Membership Packages for adults?

For those adults that don't want a trainer but want the benefits of what F.A.S.T. has to offer you now have the opportunity to train yourself. FAST has everything that the traditional membership gym has PLUS a lot more. Barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, bench racks, stationary equipment, functional equipment, pull up bars, rings, medicine balls, boxes, sleds, ropes, tires, treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, steppers, space to lunge and run and so much more than your regular membership gym. Come Check Out Our New Membership Gym!

Memberships are sold in Monthly Packages and have NO Contracts.
Monthly Membership Price: $32.00 plus tax
($50.00 Initiation Fee)

Tips From Tina



Why Am I NOT Losing Weight? 


Have you had that thought lately? Here are a few reasons you may be stuck at your weight and not getting those results you need: 


1. Are you consuming too many calories in your day? 
It takes an energy expenditure or 3500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat. Yes, that is a crazy number! This means you will need to burn 500 calories a day, 7 days a week to burn 1 pound of fat. 


There is a possibility that you are eating too many calories and not burning them off physically. Just to maintain you current weight, you must burn up to as many calories as you take in as food each day.


Activity has a positive effect on metabolism. When you exercise you raise your resting metabolic rate (RMR) - the number of calories expended during rest. Exercise also increases muscle mass which is also associated with increase RMR.

Try burning 500 extra calories a day. You may do this by all energy expenditure alone or partner up with calorie subtraction and exercise. Subtract 250 calories from your diet and burn 250 calories with exercise. 

2. Do you consume foods that do not "work" for you? 
Try to think of food as an employee of yours.  You want to hire (consume) foods that will take you to the next level in your business (you body).  Foods that can do this are 1 ingredient foods: fresh fruit, vegetables, grains, lean proteins.  Too many of us depend on commercial processed foods that end up being a bad employee... you know the ones that sit around and text during work or play video games on the business computer and do not have a clue how to help you and your business besides take up space (fat)!  Seriously, you are what you eat so take a good look at the type of foods we allow ourselves to consume.  Do they have a purpose in our body (rich nutrients, ect) and can they be the employee of the month for you?

3. Medications? 
Take a good look at the medications you may be using.  They are a hidden factor in weight gain.  Such as anti-depressants, drugs that treat diabetes, high blood pressure and even inflammatory disease. Usually any medication that affects the brain will affect weight gain.  Some of these drugs may stimulate your body to store fat or just make you hungrier. Check with you physician about an alternative medication or a lower dose if you suspect this might be the case of your weight gain.

4. Counting calories all too well? Sabotage may be lurking... 
Yes, it is possible for unwanted weight gain when you are strict.  The catch?  Sabotage!  Sometimes we are so good at our diet we feel we owe it to ourselves to binge!  We binge and blow all of the good intentions we had!  What to do? Don't think of it as always dieting.  It's okay to have a slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream, just don't go hog wild!  If you allow yourself a little treat every once and awhile you won't feel your cheating your tastes buds and go overboard!  

There are potentially many other factors that may contribute to why you are not losing weight. This list above are only a few possibilities. If you need help, I will be more than happy to help you!

If you have any questions on why you personally are not losing weight, give us a call and we will set you up a personalized meeting with Tina! 
Call Today! (419) 331-3278 



With our reputation on the line FAST sells 0NLY the best supplements on the market!!!

Do you find yourself ever asking these questions...
Why am I not achieving my goals?
Should I be taking supplements?
Am I taking the correct supplements?
F.A.S.T. has a personal interest in your success and we have the right supplements for you! Now is the time to Stop In to F.A.S.T. and ask Tim or Tina what supplements you should be taking to help achieve your desired goals. We sell everything from Protein to Lean Out to Pre-Workouts and much more.
Come on out and see what F.A.S.T. suggests for you!
Females who want to lose fat and improve body composition: 
UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein) - Best for losing fat while gaining muscle 
Lean Out - helps you burn stored body fat. It is the most important supplement you can take.  
Glutamine Select plus BCAA's - Helps you recover and protects your lean muscle mass. 
7-Keto Muscle Lean - Improves your metabolism for continued weight loss. 
Density - essential amino acids to build lean, toned muscles.

Build muscle while losing stored fat: 
UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein) - Best for losing fat while gaining muscle
Mass Aminos or Density - Increase muscle size and strength 
Ultra 40 - Increases lean body mass, increases energy level and for anyone who is on a restricted diet or clinically stressed. 
Glutamine Select plus BCAA's - Helps you recover and protects your lean muscle mass.
Lean Out - Helps you burn stored body fat. it is the most important supplement you can take. 

Athletes who want to gain maximum strength and maximum size:
F.A.S.T. has pure non banned creatine. Athletes be careful while creatine is a very good supplement for you to take several creatines sold in your general supplement stores are not suitable for you and may be banned for competitive athletes. (always remember just because it is sold in a public store doesn't mean it is not banned for athletes that are participating in a sport) Creatine is a normal substance produced by the body to assist in muscle gains for both strength and explosion and can be very effective for athletes age 14 and up if the creatine is a pure creatine and if it is properly taken. F.A.S.T. is highly educated in counseling you on proper use of creatine and other supplements.  
Mass Maker and Ultra Size or Mass Maker and Muscle Provider or UMP - Mass Maker is perfect for weight gain and recovery from intense trainings if your goal is to increase muscle mass and strength and yet stay relatively lean. Perfect for athletes in performance sports.
Mass Aminos - Increases muscle size and strength 
Ultra 40 - Increases lean body mass, increase energy levels and for anyone who is on a restricted diet or clinically stressed. 
These supplements are in order of priority to help you decide what you need if you prefer to do only 1 or more supplements at a time.
Always remember when you go to purchase supplements don't waste your money on low quality non pure supplements. If your going to make a commitment to adding supplements to your plan then do it right by getting quality supplements that really work for your goals.     


Golf Specific Training 

Golfers of all levels and ages, young and old, are learning the importance of strength and flexibility training to specifically improve their golf game. If you are a Golfer FAST's Golf Specific Training is right for you!


Daryl Steiner  

Bluffton, OH  

"Attention Golfers...while we are all trying to better our games by buying the newest technology in clubs and balls, this alone will not only totally allow you to maximize your game or potential. If you look at the Golf Professionals today they are involved in regular physical training; hitting that gym and working out.

I started FAST back in February 2013 to get ready for a week long golf trip with a bunch of my friends, I personally decided I was tired of getting fatigued during a round of golf, let alone to play up to 36 holes per day on a golf trip.

FAST's training is GOLF specific, so if you think that training on your own by walking on a treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes and then doing a few curls with free weights is the same, then you are badly mistaken and your results will not even compare to FAST.

FAST has helped me through a program of personal training specific to GOLF that has increased my physical endurance, flexibility and strength. FAST's designed GOLF workouts has given me better balance and flexibility during my swing and increased my strength which generates more club head speed allowing the ball to carry further with more control. But even more important, my physical endurance has increased significantly, meaning that I am less tired physically and mentally during the round, which allows you to stay focused and hopefully score better.

I am age 55 and have played to a handicap of around 10-12 for a number of years. Now after 6 months of training at FAST, my handicap is down to a 7 and trending to 6 and I have increased my driver carry distance by about 10 to 15 yards.

I would strongly recommend that if you are serious about your golf game, whether you are just learning that game or you have played for the last 40 years, FAST can help you improve your game. "

FAST does work!!



Lesi Stolly
Akron Golf
Over the years FAST has transformed me into an athlete of great strength and mentality. FAST has trained me to become a hardworking individual and has prepared me to compete as a Division 1 athlete.


CrossFit Team Training
F.A.S.T. is offering comprehensive CrossFit team training workouts for athletes of all sports. F.A.S.T. offers certified coaches that specialize in sport specific workouts that are sure to improve your team's performance. F.A.S.T. has always tried to be cutting edge with training to enhance your athlete's performance and CrossFit is the latest workout theory in the evolution of training athletes to help with maximizing performance. CrossFit is a team training workout so it also greatly builds team unity as it brings out the strengths and weakness of each individual but relies on the team to build to success. If you are a coach that already does a team workout program of your own this does not replace that program CrossFit would be an addition to that program.

We would love to work with you as a Coach to help your team through team CrossFit sport enhancement workouts. We have purposely priced our team training at an affordable rate so that your team can benefit by doing CrossFit at F.A.S.T.

  CrossFit Develops the Athlete For:                            CrossFit Develops the Team For:
    POWER - SPEED - EXPLOSION                              LEADERSHIP - TRUST - TEAMWORK

CrossFit trains the body to preform the common, uncommonly well. While preparing you to take control of the unexpected.

Team pricing is as follows: (minimum of 10 athletes to qualify for team pricing)
Option 1: 2 times a week for 8 weeks for a total of 16 workouts= $80.00 per player Option 2: 2 times a week for 6 weeks for a total of 12 workouts= $66.00 per player Option 3: 3 times a week for 6 weeks for a total of 18 workouts= $86.00 per player



Youth Development & Little Rookies Training
Beginning at age 6

Youth Development, Body Awareness, Youth Weight Management, Youth Speed Training.
Athletes as young as age 6 are benefiting dramatically from foot speed and spacial awareness body control training to give them a head start on their athletic performance.

Spring Sports

Now's time to begin to get ready don't wait till January or February.

Track - Baseball - Softball  
Jocelyn Ayers
Bath High School Standout Sprinter
Thanks to the whole team at FAST for improving my physical, mental and competitive strength with their outstanding training program and positive support.




Hannah Floyd

Wright State Softball 

F.A.S.T. has helped me so much over the course of this summer. When I went home for the summer from college, I was given a generic workout plan from Wright State Softball program. But I knew that I wouldn't be able to push myself and meet my goals if I was just lackadaisically doing workouts. I knew I needed a trainer to push me and I had heard about F.A.S.T. from some of my previous teammates. So I decided to enroll in F.A.S.T. and it completely changed my life. I have never been so motivated to workout before. From the various trainers that help you stay motivated to the wonderful facilities, I never regretted driving to my F.A.S.T. workouts. I met almost all of my goals for softball and I never thought I could gain so much muscle. I feel like a stronger athlete from when I started F.A.S.T. and a better teammate. Again Thanks F.A.S.T. for all that you have done for me!


Scheduling As you can probably imagine scheduling is a very intricate and difficult part of our program. We are dealing with so many different people and their schedules and changing schedules along with scheduling available trainers. Therefore we need some policies in place to keep things organized for all involved. Realize that every workout that is done is highly organized and planned for the type of client that we are training that particular hour. We spend numerous hours behind the scenes planning each workout and how we are going to match each client up, who the trainer will be and etc... Any given hour we may have variances of training from high end fitness training clients to college and professional athletes to special needs clients to youth development 6 and 7 year old athletes to high school volleyball to jr. high soccer players to beginning fitness clients and so on......

Because of this we have to match clients, trainers and workouts to match each individual clients needs. PLEASE remember the following policies and guidelines for scheduling:

1. If your last appointment for the week is on a Friday or Saturday please don't forget to schedule while you are in the facility. DO NOT call on Friday or Saturday if you are going to be here in the building on Friday or Saturday as this will help us better serve our clients that are in the facility as well as handle the calls of participates that are not here on those days.  
2. If you are not here on a Friday or Saturday then call in scheduling for the following week is done on Friday morning between 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and then on Saturday between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  
3. If you are unable to schedule on Friday or Saturday for some reason then please call as soon as possible on Monday morning so we call arrange our schedule properly for the week.  
4. PLEASE DO NOT email or text schedule request, schedule changes or cancellations. This as you can imagine can be very hard for us to manage. Phone request when it comes to scheduling are much easier for us to manage.
5. Do not return email or text reminders that you receive from us to change or schedule appointments as these can easily be lost in the system with the hundreds of messages that the system sends out per week. PLEASE CALL if you need to cancel or change your schedule.  
6. Remember our cancellation policy is 24 hour advanced notice for cancellations. This is necessary as the spot you are taking may be wanted by other clients and trainers schedules need to be properly organized in advance.
7. Do not assume that the schedule is the same from week to week as we always have changes like new participates starting every week, teams, trainers vacations or needed time off etc... Example: this week we may have 9 trainers available at 5 o'clock on Monday whereas next week we may only have 6 available.

THANK YOU for helping us make scheduling easier for all!
Hayes Chiropractic
Infrared Therapy for Pain Relief
           At a time when many have become disenchanted with the negative side effects and costs of prescription medicines, people are now looking for something different to address their aches and pains. Studies have now shown that infrared sauna therapy is effective for pain relief, blood pressure reduction, improved circulation, muscle healing, detoxification and even weight loss among other benefits. Even patient who experience chronic arthritic pain feel a relief from the deep penetrating heat that only an infrared sauna can provide. Positive studies that show the benefits of pain relief have been published in peer review scientific journals such as Journal of Pain Research and Management, Spine Journal, the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology.
             Infrard Sauna Therapy is much different than a conventional steam heat sauna. Instead of using convection heat, the infrared sauna uses infrared light waves to deeply penetrate and warm the body. The infrared spectrum is invisible to the eye and is the safest type of heat. In fact, its the type of heat typically used in a newborn baby's incubator. Many patients describe the experience as relaxing, rejuvenating, and very comfortable throughout the entire treatment session.

For Back Pain, Steroid Shots No More Effective Than Placebo
               A randomized trial of steroid injections for back pain has shown that they are no more effective in relieving discomfort than a placebo. I wanted to share this article with those who may be considering injections for back pain. Injections do not address the movement dysfunction that caused the pain signal to activate in the first place and many times can lead to increased tissue damage and increase likelihood of an injury that may lead to surgery. Another thing I've seen in the office is that a lot of times, the pain management doctors are doing injections in the incorrect location. Not to mention the side effects that can sometimes occur from injections which include infections and joint swelling. Think twice before you just let someone shoot you up. -Dr. Josh Hayes


Hayes Chiropractic Now Offers Massage Therapy!!
Angi Frisch is an amazing Massage Therapist and we are honored to add her to the Hayes Chiropractic Family!

Our Massage Rates:
Half Hour Massage $35.00
Hour Massage $50.00

Call us today at (419) 224-2820 to schedule!!

Madeline's Classical Ballet

Madeline's Classical Ballet Studio is now located at F.A.S.T.. The newly remodeled dance studio located in the NW end of F.A.S.T.  This is a beautiful and perfect setting for classical ballet classes. Madeline Newman is very well experienced in teaching preschoolers through adults and is now excepting new students.

Contact Madeline: classical.ballet@yahoo.com   
Rainbow Gymnastics
Well known gymnast and coach Allie Kohl is now holding gymnastic and tumbling lessons at F.A.S.T.

For More Information Contact Allie (419) 235-6738