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A Shameless Shill for Hock Tools
The Hock Tools Newsletter
#2 / 2016 
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In this issue:
Retail #2-2016, Anne Briggs Refurbishing an Old Plane
Shout-Out: Anne Briggs Bohnett's Article in Furniture & Cabinetamking Magazine
Would the Real Iron Man Please Step Forward

Subscribing to a British woodworking Magazine is easier than you might think!
Subscribing to a British Woodworking Magazine Adds to the Fun.
Retail 2-2016, Logo for Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine
Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine is a leading U.K. woodworking magazine published by the Woodworkers Institute , an imprint of GMC (the Guild of Master Craftsman) Publications.

Retail 2-2016, Derek Jones, editor, Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine

Derek Jones, Editor of Furniture & Cabinetmak
ing Magazine.
Derek J ones - who can be found on Instagram @lowfatroubo - is the editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking , and  offers us something noteworthy, especially about digital subscriptions
"although you can select 6 or twelve months in the digital subscription, what that actually means is you can have six or 13 issues in any order, backwards, forwards or just cherry pick the ones that interest you." 

Both virtual and digital forms of Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine
can be found in 
North America through Lightning Publications.

Digital versions are vailable through Pocket Mags, a European digital magazine distributor.
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Ron Hock
Let me take this opportunity to thank Anne Briggs for her article about me in Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine. Anne spent a good deal of time asking me questions and then, with editor Derek Jones, turned that interview into an article. I'd always hoped people would liken me to The Man of Steel but okay, Iron Man will have to do. Either way, I'm extremely flattered.

Did I spill any new beans for Anne? Not really, nothing shocking or new. But I gave a few opinions I normally hold close to the vest, and appreciated the chance and context to share some thoughts on craft, making tools, and sticking-to-it all these years. Thanks, Anne!

Of course, if you find you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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Ron Hock
Hock Tools
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Will the Real Iron Man Please Step Forward?
An Article in Furniture & Cabinetmaking by Anne Briggs Bohnett
Retail #2-2016, Anne Briggs Bohnett in her Shop Near Seattle, WA.
Anne Briggs Bohnett, aka Anne of All Trades, spent quite a bit of time interviewing Ron by email. They volleyed questions and answers for a couple of weeks. The results? A profile in the U.K.'s
Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine titled
Would the Real Iron Man Please Step Forward.

Retail #2-2016, Click here to Read Will the Real Iron Man Step Forward

Anne also wrote an article about restoring vintage planes, beginning with her granddad's Stanley #8. She features Hock Tools in her article, which we'll discuss and link to in the next issue of  Sharp & to the Point.
Thank you!
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