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F4LBR Bulletin - January 8th, 2017
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Team Self-Selection How-To

Step one: Register for the Bike Rally! Only registered riders can participate in self selection, so if you're not signed up yet, do that in advance. 

Step two: Check out the Teams and Team Leads,

Step three: Log in to your Bike Rally page at .  (It's a great idea to do this in advance as well, just to make sure you can remember your username and password. If you've forgotten it, contact Trevor Ouellette at PWA.) 

Step four: Choose "Team" in the left hand column, and click it. 

Step five: Search for the Team Leader you'd like by first or last name. (If you can't find them, try the other one of the pair.) 

Step six: Select, and you're done! 

Note that until Self-Selection opens at noon on the 11th of January - all the teams will show as "full." It doesn't mean there's no spots, it means you're early. Wait until the appointed hour, and see then.  You'll have until the 13th of January at 5pm to choose, and there's 12 spots available on each team. Good luck, and let us know if you have questions

On July 30, 2017, more than 400 Riders and Crew will embark on either a 6-day 600 km journey from Toronto to Montréal or a 1-day 110 km journey from Toronto to Port Hope , both in support of people living with HIV/AIDS. PWA's Friends For Life Bike Rally is the sustaining fundraiser of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. The experience of the Bike Rally promises to have a profound impact on the lives of every participant.

PWA PWA's Friends For Life Bike Rally
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation
200 Gerrard St. E, 2nd floor
Toronto ON  M5A 2E6
416-506-1400 ext. 238
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