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As long as there's a reason...there's a Ride.
We all have our own personal reasons for participating in the Friends For Life Bike Rally, but we all share one thing in common - our support for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). Here's what just a few clients of PWA are saying:
  • "Guys you are the best. You helped me to accept my HIV status, without your help I was not going to make it. I live a positive life. Thank you so much."
  • "Huge thank you for the constant support and even when I'm feeling down and out, I know I can rely on PWA's friendly staff for help connecting to any services I might need."
  • "I am proud and happy to have a place that feels like home and I thank everybody for the efforts that are put into making our lives better."
When you're struggling to pedal up that endless hill or when you don't think you can't raise one more dollar, think of these quotes and the thousands of others just like them. These are the reasons we ride!
Put the "FUN" in Fundraising
Fundraising Tip!
Ask, ask and ask yourself!
Yup, that's right - ask yourself did I make a donation to myself? Check. Did my family donate to me? Check. And have ALL my friends and contacts donated sponsored me?  Double-check.
And what happened to all those who said they were going to sponsor me and haven't yet?  It's time for the re-ask.  Life gets busy.  People forget.  A gentle nudge and reminder is all it takes. 
Remember, you're not asking for yourself. You're asking for someone who needs PWA.
Here's a perfect fundraising opportunity!
Arc'Teryzx Commuter Bike Event
339 Queen Street West, Toronto
11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Promote the Bike Rally and add to your fundraising! How easy is that?
We need two or more Participants to join us at our booth at this well attended event in their store.  We'll also have a bike available to spin and fundraise some money!
Pulling out all the stops!
Congratulations and thanks to following Bike Rally Participants who have achieved Top Fundraiser status so far:

Donald Ainslie
JoAnn Alafriz
Skot Beaumont
Jack Coop
Eli Elsasser
Dianne Hind
Stephanie Jones
Gord Lamb
Cameron McLean
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Jeff Stevenson
Rob Veinott
Kevin Vose
Robb Walker
Steve Yeates
Paul Dawson
Brent Everett James
Pat Lucas
Marc Montreuil
Trevor Ouellette
Nan Pryce
Denny Tai Quoc An
Mike Twamley

Can you be a Top Fundraiser? Riders who raise over $6,000 and Crew who raise over $1,000 will be recognized as Top Fundraisers for the 2017 Bike Rally and receive an amazing Top Fundraiser jersey or T-shirt. 
Get Bike Rally ready!
CMCC will be at Goodwood Training Ride
Sunday, July 16 at lunch break
Our friends at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) are joining us on the Sunday, July 16 training ride at the lunch break. Be sure to introduce your aching joints and sore legs to this year's CMCC team.

In the last few weeks, our CMCC friends:
  • Demonstrated proper lifting mechanics to the Rubbermaid Rustlers crew. 
  • Provided treatment at the training ride in Burlington and helped Riders deal with knee, arm, back and neck pain. 
  • AND as a team - they have already raised over $1,600!! Amazing!
If you don't have chance to see the team on a Training Ride before Departure Day, be sure to visit them at a CMCC Clinic near you.
Do you have your Bike Rally Costumes ready?
If it's the Friends For Life Bike Rally there must be costumes. Here's the low-down on the Bike Rally theme days to help you prepare your costumes:
Day 1 Official Bike Rally Jersey and Crew T-Shirt - We'll supply you one.

Day 2 Sponsor Jersey - We'll supply you one of those as well!

Day 3 Dress in Red Day - It's a Bike Rally tradition - wear a red dress or just dress in red!

Day 4 Pimp your helmet or hat! - Bedazzle your helmet or hat with feathers, glitter and sequins! The more flamboyant, the better!

Day 5 POZ Day - If you're living with HIV and are comfortable to disclose in a safe space, we have a special jersey or T-shirt just for you. For the rest of you - be prepared to give lots of hugs and ride in support!

Day 6 Official Bike Rally Jersey or T-Shirt - It's the same one you wore on Day 1!
For more information on the theme days as well as a ton of other helpful information, be sure to read the Bike Rally's 2017 Event Handbook
Bike Rally Bits and Bobs
Help us choose the 2017 Bike Rally theme song!
Is there a song that you sing to yourself that gives you that extra boost up a hill? Do you have a favourite inspiring or motivating song? Let us know!
We're putting together a play-list of high energy, motivating and inspirational songs - one of which will be this year's Bike Rally Theme song. So let us know your pick and the artist who sings it and you might hear it throughout this year's Ride.
Party Like It's 1999
It's a Pre-Bike Rally Dance Party!
Sunday, July 23
4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Stryker Sports Bar, 31 St. Joseph Street, Toronto
After your team ride, join us for the last Bike Rally Social before the ride to Montreal.  

It's 1999 all over again and Year 1 of the Bike Rally.

Dress in your favourite 1999 fashions and enjoy the music from the 90s.  Send us photos of yourself from 1999 - we'll display the older photos with more current images and see who can match our past with our current Bike Rally participants!

"In for a Fiver" tickets will be available.
Bike Rally Statistics  (July 11, 2017)
1-Day Riders: 52; 6-Day Riders: 140; Crew: 72
Raised: $583,228
On July 30, 2017, a dedicated group of Riders and Crew will embark on either a 6-day 600 km journey from Toronto to Montréal or a 1-day 110 km journey from Toronto to Port Hope, both in support of people living with HIV/AIDS. PWA's Friends For Life Bike Rally is the sustaining fundraiser of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation. The experience of the Bike Rally promises to have a profound impact on the lives of every participant.

PWA PWA's Friends For Life Bike Rally
Toronto People With AIDS Foundation
200 Gerrard St. E, 2nd floor
Toronto ON  M5A 2E6
416-506-1400 ext. 238
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