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Monday -

Lower School ERB Testing
Monday 10:00 AM Upper School Assembly in the Gym

Monday 3:00 PM Deadline to order Upper School Homecoming Dance Commemorative T-Shirts
Click HERE for order form.

Monday 4:00 PM
Upper School Faculty Meeting

Tuesday ALL DAY Middle School + Upper School Assembly Schedule (45-Minute Classes)

Tuesday ALL DAY Upper School Dress-Up Day

Tuesday 9:00 AM First Grade Field Trip to Poppell Farms

Tuesday 9:50 AM
National Honor Society Induction Ceremony in Gym 

Tuesday 6:45 PM
Golden Isles FCA + Gathering Place Fields of Faith Event at Brunswick High School

Wednesday ALL DAY Upper School Student Council Dress-Down Day

Wednesday Morning
Eighth Grade PSAT 8/9 Testing

Wednesday 10:00 AM Freshmen Class Meeting with Mrs. Nevins

Wednesday 11:00 AM Parent Association Teacher + Staff Luncheon in Gym Lobby
Thank you, First + Eleventh Grade Parents!

Wednesday 3:15 PM Lower School Faculty Meeting

Wednesday 4:00 PM Faculty + Staff Meeting in Shuman Conference Room (HOS Candidate Visit)

Thursday ALL DAY
Restricted Access to Gym (Gym Floor Resurfacing Begins)

Thursday 10:00 AM
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes at Coastal College of Georgia

Thursday Lunch Periods Lower School Smoothie Challenge

Thursday Noon 1st Quarter Report Cards Posted (unless posted Wednesday night)

Thursday Noon Brunswick Rotary Student of the Month Luncheon

Thursday 3:00 PM Benefield Hall 20th Anniversary Celebration

Thursday 5:00 PM Pizza and Salad for Middle School + Upper School Faculty in Hamilton Hall

Thursday 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Middle School + Upper School Parent-Teacher Conferences (Evening Option)

Friday ALL DAY School Not in Session for Students

Friday ALL DAY
Friday ALL DAY No Access to Gym Floor

Friday 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Faculty Lunches available in Hamilton Hall

Saturday 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM Homecoming Dance at Sea Palms
NOTE:  Doors will close at 8:30 PM

A Message from the Head of School Search Committee

The Head of School Search Committee is pleased to announce that we will have a finalist, Dr. David Portnoy, for the Head of School position visiting our campus this week.

Please click HERE to read Dr. Portnoy's biography and click  HERE to access the position profile that was created last year with input from our stakeholder community.

We are eager to host Dr. Portnoy for a campus visit so that he can learn more about our school and our community. The Search Committee also looks forward to getting feedback from everyone who has a chance to meet and hear from him as we seek to thoroughly and carefully assess each finalist and his or her ability to effectively lead our great school.

Please give Dr. Portnoy a warm Frederica welcome if you see him on campus or in the community during his three-day visit which starts on Wednesday morning.

A Message from the FA Security Council

The Frederica Academy Security Council, a cross-functional team comprised of school administrators, security personnel, security experts, and federal law enforcement agents, met on Friday. This group meets monthly to discuss campus security needs and the school's top priority:  the safety of all students, personnel, and campus visitors.

During the meeting, the group talked about the importance of all campus visitors signing in when they visit campus during the school day. Visitors must sign in with Mrs. Holt in the main Administration Building or with Mrs. Lavallee in Corn Hall between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The only exception to this policy involves weekly meetings (e.g. Lower School Morning Meeting) or special events (e.g. National Honor Society Assembly, pep rallies, etc.). The school has two armed security officers on campus during the school day. One security officer covers meetings and events which are open to campus visitors.

Parents are reminded to pick up Lower School and Middle School students who are checking out during the school day from the Front Office in the Administration Building. Middle School students should not be picked up in the Middle School pick-up area during non-dismissal times.

Lower School ERB Testing:  MONDAY-THURSDAY

Lower School will administer a paper and pencil standardized test called the ERB (officially known as the  Comprehensive Testing Program-CTP) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade students will be assessed in the areas of reading, vocabulary, and mathematics. Testing will occur the first two hours each day.

We have several objectives in administering the ERB.
  • Because it is used by many independent schools we are able to gain a comparative picture of the strength of our programs in relation to the top 20% of schools nationally and internationally which take the ERB.
  • This test also gives us a comprehensive view of each student. It is both an Achievement Test-measuring mastery of skill and knowledge acquired directly from classroom instruction in reading, math and vocabulary; as well as a Reasoning Test which gives us an understanding of a student's facility with subtle, abstract relationships expressed in words or numbers.
  • By administering the ERB in October and analyzing the results shortly thereafter we are able to guide your child and enhance our curriculum to benefit his or her experience within the same school year. Results are sent to parents, and teachers are available to discuss these results with you early in the second semester.
Please remember that a single standardized test is simply a snapshot of your child's ability at one point in time. Click HERE for more information about this assessment. The results of the ERB will be mailed to parents in mid-December.

While there is no direct preparation for these types of tests, Frederica Academy recommends the following:
  • Have your child present at school on the days of testing;
  • Encourage a relaxed evening prior to testing, along with a good night's rest, and a normal, balanced breakfast; and, finally,
  • Arrive at school on time and unhurried - which is a great start to any day!

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony:  TUESDAY

This year's Upper School National Honor Society Induction Ceremony will take place at an assembly in the Gym on Tuesday at 9:50 a.m.

Tuesday is a dress-up day for all Upper School students.

FCA Fields of Faith Event:  TUESDAY

Golden Isles FCA in partnership
with  The Gathering Place is
excited to welcome

Timothy Alexander

as its  guest speaker to
this year's Fields of Faith
event on Tuesday, October 16.

Timothy is a great encourager and has a testimony that will touch the hearts of everyone who has the privilege to hear him speak.

This free event is open to  all students in Glynn  and McIntosh counties.

Click  HERE  to check out
his website.

Click  HERE  to watch a short
video about his journey!

Eighth Grade PSAT 8/9 Testing:  WEDNESDAY

On Wednesday, October 17, all 8th graders will take the   PSAT 8/9 from the College Board.

The PSAT 8/9 tests the same skills and knowledge as the SAT, SSAT/NMSQT, and PSAT. The skills measured by the PSAT 8/9 are Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Eighth grade students should bring a calculator for the PSAT test. Testing will occur first thing in the morning. Test results for the PSAT 8/9 will be available by mid-December and will be mailed to parents.

While there is no direct preparation for these types of tests, Frederica Academy recommends the following:
  • Have your child present at school on the days of testing;
  • Encourage a relaxed evening prior to testing, along with a good night's rest, and a normal, balanced breakfast; and, finally,
  • Arrive at school on time and unhurried - which is a great start to any day!
Sixth and Seventh Grade will follow its normal rotational schedule. Eighth Grade will resume the normal rotational schedule following testing.

Coastal College Walk A Mile In Her Shoes:  THURSDAY

Upper School students interested in participating in the  Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event at the College of Coastal Georgia on Thursday should sign up on the College Counseling Center door.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® will stroll onto the College of Coastal Georgia's campus for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The event, hosted by the College of Coastal Georgia Student Health Center, is part of The International Men's March to stop rape, sex assault, and gender violence. Male participants will walk around campus in high heels or  event shoes, starting at the College's Miriam and Hugh Nunnally Health and Science building, through the academic commons areas, to the Campus Center and back. The Walk is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious problem of sexual assault and domestic violence against women. A supply of heels and event shoes will be available for participants.

See Evyn Lundy or a member of the Cultural Awareness Club for more information.

School Not in Session for Students:  FRIDAY

Click HERE for more  information  about Parent-Teacher  Conference Day

US Homecoming Dance:  SATURDAY

Upper School Homecoming Dance tickets are $20 and can be purchased from Mrs. Lavallee. The dance will take place at Sea Palms on Saturday, October 20.

Monday is the deadline to order 2018 Homecoming Dance commemorative t-shirts. Click HERE to download and print the order form.

Joe Berg Seminars Nomination Deadline:  OCTOBER 26

Each fall, public and private high schools nominate sophomores who have demonstrated an interest in enrichment as well as a strong GPA. Typically, nearly 300 students sit for either the Science or Humanities entrance exams. Once the top 50 in each track are selected, their membership extends from the middle of the sophomore year to the middle of the senior year.

Joe Berg Scholars are required to participate in at least eighteen of the twenty-four sessions from sophomore to senior year in order to be eligible for the Joe Berg Seminar certificate. Additionally, all participants must fulfill two service requirements with the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History, which hosts the seminars.

An important feature of the program is that the students volunteer to attend for intellectual purposes only. They receive no high school credit for their involvement in the program. Joe Berg Graduates have truly demonstrated a love of learning as well as considerable self-discipline to attend evening seminars through their busy senior high years. From this they have received elegant introductions to a variety of disciplines far beyond the scope of their high school curriculum.

The Sophomore Entrance Exam will be held on Saturday, November 17th.

Students interested in being nominated should email Mrs. Nevins by Friday, October 26th.

Click HERE to read more about this unique opportunity.

Poinsettia + Greenery Order Deadline:  OCTOBER 30

Please consider purchasing Poinsettias and Greenery for your home and business through our Parent Association Sale. These items truly are the most beautiful in the area. Click HERE to download an order form. We invite you to share the order form with family, friends, and neighbors.

Click HERE to order and pay online.

We recognize that not everyone is home during the holidays or has a need for these items; therefore, we are offering supporters the option to make a donation to the Poinsettia Sale or to purchase items that will be donated to the local nursing homes and Hospice of the Golden Isles. Donated items will include a Christmas card drawn by our students and will be delivered by Upper School Service Council members and Student Ambassadors. 

Please contact Kristen Moore should you have any questions at 912-996-0930 or via email at Thank you for your support!

Brunswick PROBE College Fair:  NOVEMBER 1

The Brunswick PROBE College Fair will take place on Thursday, November 1, at Brunswick High School. Upper School students interested in attending should sign up on the College Counseling Center door.

Click HERE for more information.

School-Wide Manna House Service Project

On Friday, all three divisions of Frederica Academy came together to make sandwiches to supplement the regular meal at Manna House. The students enjoyed the process and appreciated the opportunity to help others. The Upper School Service Council took the sandwiches to Manna House and helped serve the meal for the day.   

Click HERE to see more photos.

Upper School Student Council Car Wash Photos

Ninth Grade Communities in Schools Project

While Tenth Grade and Eleventh Grade students took the PSAT exam and Seniors attended a seminar on Wednesday, freshmen spent the morning at Christ Church helping with a Communities in Schools servant leadership project.

Click HERE to see more photos.

Middle + Upper School Cold War Guest Lecturer

Dottie Barrow has participated in several mission trips to Romania. During her visits, she became acquainted with Matei Branistareanu. Mr. Branistareanu is currently in the United States and agreed to visit our Middle School and Upper School classrooms to talk with students about his time in Romania during the Cold War. He shared stories about experiences with food lines, censored news, living conditions, not being allowed to leave the country, school and his two brothers who escaped to the west.

Click HERE to see more photos.

Eighth Grade Algebra Field Trip to Waffle House

Mrs. Graham took her Eighth Grade Algebra Class to Waffle House last week as a reward for their great work and to conduct field research on how to calculate percentages when tipping. Mrs. Toomey accompanied the group to "audit" their work.

2018 Coastfest Artwork Award Recipients

Students who were selected to have their artwork showcased at last weekend's CoastFest event were recognized at Morning Meeting on Friday.

Special congratulations to: Mary Ford Fitzjurls, First Place; Vallerie Patron, Second Place; and the following Honorable Mention award winners: Lily Krull, Eliza Veal, Ava Wyrick, Amelia McGlaughlin, and Annabell Rhodes.

Second Grade "Roll + Retell" Game

Last week, Second Grade students were introduced to idioms. The students enjoyed reading about how Amelia Bedelia repeatedly misunderstood various directions. She always took figures of speech literally causing her to perform her duties in a comical way. Students played a "Roll and Retell" game on Friday to review all the story details and elements.  

GIYO Festival of Movie Melodies:  NOVEMBER 11

Important October + November Dates

October 22-25 Middle School Carpe Vitam

October 23-26 Gym Floor Closed (Resurfacing)

October 25
Samford University Admission Office Skype Visit (2:30 PM)

October 23
Pre-ACT Exam (Grades 9-11); Servant Leadership Project (Grade 12)

October 24
Agnes Scott College Admission Officer in Nash Academic Center (8:15 AM)

October 25 Sophomore Class Meeting with Mrs. Nevins (10:00 AM)

October 26 Junior Class Meeting with Mrs. Nevins (10:00 AM)

October 26 Middle School Student Holiday (Post Carpe Vitam)

October 26 Lower School + Upper School FA Spirit Day

October 26
October 26 Varsity Football + Cheerleader Senior Night

October 26-28 Georgia-Florida Weekend

October 29 -
November 1
Middle School ERB Testing (Grades 6-7)
October 30 Kindergarten Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch

October 31 Lower School Storybook Character Day

October 31 Kindergarten Field Trip to Brunswick Fair (8:30 AM) + Halloween Party (Noon)

October 31 First Grade Halloween Party (2:00 PM)

October 31 Faculty Vertical Team Meetings (4:00 PM)

November 1 Brunswick PROBE College Fair at Brunswick High School

November 1
University of Tennessee Admission Officer in Nash Academic Center (11:20 AM)

November 1
Young Harris College Admission Officer in Nash Academic Center (12:15 PM)

November 1
Oglethorpe University Admission Officer in Nash Academic Center (1:05 PM)

November 2-4
RSM Classic Volunteer Training + Uniform Pick-Up at Frederica Academy

November 2 Lower School Morning Meeting (November Birthday celebrations!)

November 2 Varsity Football at Bulloch Academy in Statesboro

November 3 SAT Exam at Glynn Academy

November 3-4 RSM Volunteer Uniform Pick-Up (FA Gym) + Volunteer Training (Hamilton Hall)

November 5-9
Apogee Appreciation Week

November 6 Sophomore College Night in Hamilton Hall

November 7 School-Wide Faculty Meeting at 4:00 PM in Hamilton Hall

November 8 Second Grade Pirate Day on Sea Island Green + Booster Club Concession Area (8:30 AM - 12:30 PM)

November 9 Teacher + Staff Luncheon in Gym Lobby (Thank you, 5th + 8th Grade Parents!)

November 10
GrayKnight Chess Tournament in Hamilton Hall

November 12 Veterans Day Assembly at 9:50 AM; Middle School + Upper School Assembly Schedule

November 13 2nd Quarter Progress Period Ends

November 13
RSM Wiffle Ball Game at Frederica Academy

November 14 Georgia College Admission Officer in Nash Academic Center (10:30 AM)

November 14 NCAA Basketball Signing Ceremony at 1:00 PM (Jada Scott + Jadyn Scott)

November 15-18
RSM Classic Golf Tournament

November 15 Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program in Hamilton Hall at 8:30 AM

November 15 Brunswick Rotary Student of the Month Luncheon

November 15 Department Chair Meeting (4:00 PM)

November 15 Glynn County Teacher of the Year Banquet

November 16 Fourth Grade Play ("Road Trippin'") at Lower School Morning Meeting

November 16 First Grade Thanksgiving Feast at Epworth

November 16 2nd Quarter Progress Reports Posted

November 19 Admission Shadow Day for Glynn County students

November 21-23 Thanksgiving Holiday Break

November 21 FA Young Alumni Council Meeting (morning)

November 21 FA Alumni Get-Together (evening)

November 27 College Financial Aid Night in Hamilton Hall at 6:00 PM

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