This Week at Frederica Academy

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Second Grade "Read for Life Relay for Life"

Monday ALL DAY Varsity Tennis Region Tournament

Monday 10:00 AM Upper School Assembly in the Gym

Monday 3:30 PM May Court Photo Shoot

Tuesday 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM Eighth Grade Upper School Experience in Corn Hall

Tuesday 1:00 PM Eric McCall NCAA Baseball Signing (Gordon State College) in Gym Lobby

Tuesday 5:30 PM
Middle School Spring Parent Get Together at Echo (The King and Prince)
Hosted by Parent Association

Wednesday 8:30 AM - Noon NHS "Special Olympics" Community Service at Glynn Middle

Wednesday 8:45 AM Fifth Grade Play Dress Rehearsal in Hamilton Hall

Wednesday 12:10 PM Middle School FCA in Coach Derrick's Room during lunch

Wednesday 4:00 PM Faculty Meeting (Vertical Teams) in Hamilton Hall

Thursday 9:45 AM Frederica Academy Campus Intruder Drill

Thursday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM First Grade Field Trip to Downtown Brunswick

Thursday 1:05 PM Upper School Resume Building Workshop in the College Counseling Center

Thursday 7:00 PM Fifth Grade Play in Hamilton Hall followed by Cast Party in Gym Lobby
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Friday ALL DAY Derby Day T-Shirt Day

Friday 8:00 AM Faith, Fathers, and Frederica in Athletic Conference Room

Friday 8:10 AM Lower School Morning Meeting in Hamilton Hall
April Birthday Celebrations!

Friday 8:30 AM FA Board of Visitors Meeting

Friday 3:30 PM Upper School Student Council Powder Puff Football Game

Friday 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Kindergarten Relay for Life Krazy Kamp Out in Classroom

Saturday Morning ACT Exam at Frederica Academy

FA Parent Association Spring Parent Get Togethers

In lieu of its April monthly meeting in Hamilton Hall, Parent Association is hosting late afternoon parent get togethers for each division over the next three weeks. Parents are invited to attend their respective divisional gathering(s).

Middle School
Tuesday, April 10
5:30 PM
Upper School
Wednesday, April 18
5:30 PM
Lower School
Monday, April 23
5:30 PM

The first get together is for Middle School parents, and it will take place at  Echo (King and Prince Resort) on Tuesday, April 10, at 5:30 p.m. Middle School parents should click  HERE  to RSVP.

The Upper School Parent Get Together will take place on Wednesday, April 18, at The Club at Bennie's Red Barn. Watch your email for an Evite from The Frederica Parent Association.

The Lower School Parent Get Together will take place on Monday, April 23. Watch your email for details and The Frederica Parent Association Evite.

Fall 2018 CCGA Dual Enrollment Information

Click HERE to access the FA Fall 2018 CCGA Dual Enrollment Course List.

Click HERE to access FA Dual Enrollment Application which includes details regarding eligibility requirements.  The deadline to submit completed applications is Friday, May 18.

Click HERE to email Mrs. Nevins should you have questions.

Athletic PPE Forms (
APRIL 11)  
Screenings (APRIL 25)

All 6th through 12th grade students need to have a Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE) for each new school year. This is required due to the rigorous activity expected by our physical education, athletic, and field trip programs.
As a school service, t he FA Athletic Department and Southeast Georgia Health System conduct on-campus PPE's for current students in grades 5 through 11 during the month of April each year.  Once complete, each student will be covered to participate in school and sports for the entire upcoming school year. We are very fortunate to have community volunteers provide this service for a $10 donation to the Booster Club.
The PPE's for the 2018-2019 school year will be held in the gym on April 25, 2018, from 5-7 p.m.

If you would like your student to have the exam done at school, please click HERE to print the packet of forms.  Parents should complete  pages 1-5 and return the entire seven-page packet to school no later than April 11, 2018. Please turn in complete paperwork to Coach Zimmermann or to Nurse Byers. The $10 fee will be added to the student's account as the paperwork is submitted. Turning in forms by April 11 allows us to do pre-screening (Height and weight, vision screenings, etc.) before the PPE event.

If you prefer to have the exam done by your family physician, please click HERE for a form packet. Parents should complete pages 1-5. Take the entire seven-page packet to your doctor and return to school when the exam is complete. 

Junior Class Boston Butt Fundraiser - APRIL 28

Junior Class
Boston Butt Fundraiser

Saturday, April 28
10:30 AM - Noon

Administration Building

Southern Soul Boston Butts
$35 Each

Click HERE to order one TODAY!

Proceeds Benefit Junior-Senior Prom

Georgia Odyssey of the Mind State Finals

On Saturday, April 7th, Frederica Academy's "Emoji, Speak for Yourself" Odyssey of the Mind team travelled to compete in the Georgia Odyssey of the Mind State Finals at Columbus State University. Team members include:  Travis Cavalier, Mary Wallace Champion, William Jobe, Lily Najawicz, and Mackenzie Todd. The students did an amazing job and improved on their scores from the regional competition as they enjoyed a great day performing, exercising their creativity, meeting teams from schools all over Georgia, and learning more about Odyssey of the Mind!

Special thanks to  Steve Jobe  and  Ashley Cavalier  for joining team advisor  Phoebe Shelton  in chaperoning the trip to Columbus. 

FA Marsh's Edge Silver Pen Writing Contest Winners

Constance Sullivan and George Poulakis were finalists for this year's Silver Pen writing competition, sponsored by Marsh's Edge. George was awarded First Place and a $1,500 scholarship. Constance received Third Place and a $750 scholarship.

FA Haiti Jubilee School Spring Break Visit

A Frederica Academy delegation visited our sister school in Haiti over the Spring Break.  The group included Dottie Barrow, Laura Edenfield, Catherine Squire, and Curran Squire. Although the group interacted extensively with the Jubilee students, there was a significant emphasis on staff development for Haitian teachers at the school.

Mrs. Barrow worked closely with students and teachers on technology projects including teaching them how to make solar cell phone chargers. Frederica eighth grader Adam Elsharkawi designed the casing in advance of the trip.

Mrs. Edenfield read The Very Busy Spider to the preschool students and then taught them how to make spider hats. 

Click HERE to learn more about our Jubilee partnership.

Tenth Grade Frankenstein Literature Project

Tenth Graders were recently tasked with making a monster--not just any monster, however. In small groups, students constructed a life-size representation of Frankenstein's famed creature from the novel Frankenstein.  On the monster, students had to incorporate quotations that represented the monsters head (knowledge), his heart (emotions), and actions (hands and feet).  They were truly a sight!

Click HERE to see more photos.

Upper School Field Day Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 for winning this year's Upper School Field Day competition! Final Results:

Seniors - First Place
29 Points
Sophomores - Second Place
23 Points
Freshmen - Second Place
23 Points
Juniors - Fourth Place
15 Points

Click HERE to see and download Upper School Field Day photos.

Middle School Field Day

Click HERE to see and download Middle School Field Day photos.

Lower School Field Day

Click HERE to see and download Lower School Field Day photos.

Lower School Good News Club 2017-2018 Finale

The Good News Club celebrated its last meeting of the school year before Spring Break. The students wrapped up a program which included wonderful fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and spiritual enjoyment. Click HERE to learn more about the program.

Lower School Up with People Performance (Grades 1-3)

We had the great pleasure of having eight student volunteers from Up With People join the 1st through 3rd Grades at Frederica Academy for a 45-minute assembly filled with music, laughter, and dancing. Featuring students from Japan, Germany, Denmark, and the United States, these performers spoke in their native languages and danced with our students. Using imagination, our students flew to other countries with our guests and learned dances from Japan, India, Germany, and a few other countries. After the presentation to the Lower School, the Up With People performers went to a few Middle School and Upper School classes. What a great day! Frederica Academy is such an amazing school to be able to bring such educational fun to our students of all ages. Thank you for the privilege of having your student here.

Click HERE to see more photos.

- Chris Smith, Arts Director

Fourth Grade Archaeology Dig

Fourth Grade had a perfect day for its archaeological dig at the Epworth Tabby Cabins. The students loved learning how to use the excavation tools to unearth treasures!  The artifacts were sifted, bagged, cleaned, and then examined and dated. The children loved imagining the lives of the people who used the items they found.

Click HERE to see more photos.

First + Second Grade Math Fun + Games

First Grade and Second Grade students are enjoying strengthening their math thinking and skills on Tuesday afternoons at Math Fun + Games. 

Mrs. Floyd Returns to Read to First + Second Grades

Pre-K Mystery Reader

The March 28 Pre-K Mystery Reader was JR Hall's longtime babysitter and family friend Mrs. Cheryl Spires, who is also a former FA Lower School music teacher! Mrs Spires read Dr Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham

2018 Special Calendar Items

April 16-17
GISA AAA State Individual Tennis Tournament in Macon

April 18 MS + US Assembly Schedule (45-minute classes); Upper School Gathering Place Assembly

April 18
GISA 2AAA Region Track Meet at Georgia Southern University

April 18
Upper School Spring Parent Get Together at The Club at Bennie's Red Barn (5:30 PM)
Hosted by The Frederica Parent Association

April 18-20 Fifth Grade Ebenezer Trip

April 19
Faculty + Staff Appreciation Luncheon in Gym Lobby
Thank you, Kindergarten, Second Grade, and Third Grade Parents!

April 19 Brunswick Rotary Student of the Month at the Brunswick Country Club

April 19
Derby Day Patron Party at the home of Elizabeth and Trey Brunson (7:00 PM)

April 20
Derby Day T-Shirt Day

April 20 Glynn County Relay for Life at Golden Isles Church of God

April 21 FA Junior-Senior Prom

April 23
GISA AAA State Golf Tournament at Sapelo Hammock

April 23
Lower School Spring Parent Get Together (5:30 PM)
Hosted by The Frederica Parent Association

April 24
GISA AAA State Team Tennis Tournament in Macon

April 25
PPE Screenings in Gym Lobby (Rising 6th - 12th Grade students) between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM

April 25
Q4 Progress Reports Posted

April 26-28
GISA AAA State Track Meet in Albany

April 27 Upper School Honors Day

April 27
Grandparents Day + May Day Celebration
Click HERE for Lower School May Day Information.

April 27 School-Wide Early Dismissal (11:30 AM)

April 27 AP Mock Exams (1:30 AM - 4:00 PM)
World History - 10th Grade; US History - 11th Grade; and Literature - 12th Grade

April 28
Junior Class Southern Soul Boston Butt Fundraiser (10:30 AM - Noon Pick-Up)

April 28
Admission Prospect Event hosted by Laura and Greer Brown

May 1 AP Exam Pre-Administration Session

May 2 Faculty Meeting at 4:00 PM in Hamilton Hall

May 4 Derby Day T-Shirt Day

May 4
Lower School Morning Meeting at 8:10 AM
May Birthday Celebration + Second Grade Oh, the Places You'll Go! Performance

May 5 17th Annual Derby Day at Sea Island Retreat Clubhouse

May 5 SAT Exam at Glynn Academy

May 7 AP Chemistry Exam (morning)
AP Psychology Exam (afternoon)

May 7 Middle School Band Spring Concert in Hamilton Hall

May 8 Teacher Appreciation Day

May 8 AP Spanish Exam (morning)
AP Physics Exam (afternoon)

May 9 AP English Literature and Composition Exam (morning)

May 9
Upper School Faculty Meeting at 4:00 PM

May 10
Kindergarten End-of-Year Program at 8:30 AM

May 10 AP US Government and Politics Exam (morning)

May 10 Pre-K Mothers Day Tea at 8:30 AM

May 11 AP US History Exam (morning)

May 11 Lower School Morning Meeting (June Birthday celebration)

May 11 Yearbook Dedication and Closing Ceremony Assembly at 2:30 PM

May 14 Senior Exam Review

May 14 AP Biology Exam (morning)

May 15 AP Calculus AB/BC Exam (morning)

May 15 Senior Exams (Math + English)

May 16 Senior Exams (Science + History)

May 16 AP English Language and Composition Exam (morning)

May 16
Pre-Kindergarten End-of-Year Program DRESS REHEARSAL at 8:30 AM

May 17
Fourth Grade Field Trip to Cumberland Island

May 17 AP Comparative Government Exam (morning)
AP World History Exam (morning)
AP Statistics Exam (afternoon)

May 17 Senior Make-Up Exams

May 17 Pre-Kindergarten End-of-Year Program in Hamilton Hall at 8:30 AM

May 17 Baccalaureate Practice at 4:00 PM

May 18 Lower School Morning Meeting (July Birthday celebration)

May 18 FA Graduation Practice at Corn Hall at 2:00 PM

May 18
Class of 2018 Alumni Office Refreshments on Sea Island Green at 2:30 PM

May 18 Baccalaureate at Epworth at 6:00 PM

May 18
GISA AAA State Soccer Semi-Finals at Mercer University

May 19 Class of 2018 Graduation

May 19
GISA AAA State Soccer Finals at Mercer University

May 22
Fifth Grade Wax Museum

May 22/23 Pre-Kindergarten Splash Day

May 22 Middle School + Upper School MATH Exams

May 23 Middle School + Upper School SCIENCE Exams

May 24 Kindergarten Beach Trip

May 24 Lower School Hot Dog Lunch + Talent Show

May 24
Middle School + Upper School History Exams

May 25 Lower School Closing Ceremony at Epworth (morning)

May 25 Middle School Closing Ceremony at Epworth (afternoon)

May 25 AP Make-Up Exams (AP Spanish + Literature + Comparative Government)

May 26 GISA AAA State Baseball Finals

May 29-30 Teacher Post-Planning

May 29 - June 1
Faculty Orton-Gillingham Training Workshop

May 30
Faculty + Staff End-of-Year Luncheon hosted by Parent Association

June 2
SAT Exam at Frederica Academy

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