A Message from the Head of School

Dear Frederica Families,
It has been less than one week since our campus lockdown. Much has happened during this time. Although many wonderful and extraordinary things have occurred inside and outside of our classrooms (as is the case every week), our hearts remain very heavy because of the events of last Tuesday. It was and is a sad day for our school.
As previously stated, we were extremely impressed by the actions of our students, teachers, administrators, staff, campus security personnel, and local law enforcement officials in how everyone responded during the lockdown. It was apparent that our crisis management plans and drills have helped prepare us for the unexpected.
Although we are grateful for how everyone responded, we fully recognize that there is much to be learned from a situation that touches so many lives in such diverse and, in some cases, deep ways.
Our leadership team has spent time as a group assessing what went well and what can be improved moving forward. We have met with our full faculty and staff for broader assessments and are maintaining a list of items which are being addressed to make our campus even more secure and our people even better prepared should we need to activate another lockdown.
Parent Association hosted its May monthly meeting on Thursday morning. Approximately sixty parents and administrators attended. The lockdown was the primary topic on the agenda, and the forum generated valuable dialogue for our community. Parents shared affirmational support for the school's actions and also offered very helpful constructive feedback and observations that are already being implemented and, where needed, institutionalized.
We invited Lt. Ricky Evans with the Glynn County Police Department to attend the Parent Association meeting. Lt. Evans has worked closely with Mr. Temple regarding our Crisis Management Plan. He answered general protocol and procedure questions and, when he could, he answered questions regarding the events of Tuesday and subsequent developments. We are so blessed to have such knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated public safety officials watching over our school and our community. We will continue to stay connected with Lt. Evans and other law enforcement officials regarding this case and will share updates as appropriate.
The Parent Association meeting included helpful comments about the short-term and long-term effects the lockdown may have on our students. We have made student observations and counseling a priority in all three divisions. The counselors are developing a toolkit to help teachers monitor, identify, and manage potential student emotional concerns.
Rachael Lee has spent time in Lower School classrooms and Middle School advisories, giving students a structured time to share their personal experiences from Tuesday. This is an approach that helps students to move the emotional distressing information out of a 'frozen mode,' which is how the brain often stores this type of experience. One of the main feelings that individuals experience during times of distress is a sense of helplessness. Mrs. Lee reports that she was relieved when the overarching theme in her Lower and Middle School classroom discussions was that, overall, students felt safe and prepared.  We are also hearing similar statements from some parents.
Laura Nevins has met with the members of the Class of 2018, and has shared with the Upper School students and parents that she will be available for small group counseling sessions on Monday during Upper School lunch, as well as after school. Students and parents needing individual counseling are encouraged to contact Mrs. Nevins.
Parents are encouraged to click HERE to read and learn more about how we can help our children better cope with a traumatic event.
In life, adversity and sadness often brings counter balancing emotions. I have been so touched by the outpouring of support for our children and our school. The kind words, helpful advice, constructive feedback, and the overwhelming love shown for Frederica Academy in recent days has helped me and so many others endure what we have faced as a community. I am especially grateful for the compassion and empathy directed towards all parties involved as we continue to pray for God to watch over all of our lives.
With much appreciation,
Ellen E. Fleming
Head of School

This Week at Frederica Academy

Lunch Periods Click HERE to view Cafeteria Lunch Menu (Grades 1-12)
C lick HERE  to view  Cafeteria Lunch Menu ( PK and K )
Click HERE to download PK + K Lunch Order Form

Monday ALL DAY Briley Johnson:  "Middle School Head for a Day"

Monday 8:00 AM AP Chemistry Exam

Monday 10:00 AM Upper School Assembly in the Gym

Monday Noon AP Psychology Exam

Monday 7:00 PM Middle School Band + Fourth Grade Violinists Concert
Terry Thomas Room (Arts Center)

Tuesday 8:00 AM AP Spanish Exam

Tuesday Noon AP Physics Exam

Wednesday ALL DAY Teacher Appreciation Day sponsored by the FA Parent Association

Wednesday 8:00 AM AP English Literature and Composition Exam

Wednesday 8:30 AM Kindergarten Year-End Program REHEARSAL in Hamilton Hall

Wednesday 9:00 AM Second Grade Field Trip to Coastal Outdoor Adventures

Wednesday 12:10 PM Final Middle School FCA Huddle in Coach Derrick's Room during lunch

Wednesday 1:00 PM
Middle School Assembly in Terry Thomas Room
Speaker:  Pat Burke (sponsored by the MS Sports Club)

Wednesday 3:15 AM Lower School Faculty Meeting

Wednesday 4:00 PM Upper School Faculty Meeting

Thursday ALL DAY Seniors Last Day of Classes

Thursday 8:00 AM AP US Government and Politics Exam

Thursday 8:30 AM Kindergarten Year-End Program in Hamilton Hall
Fellowship + Reception in classrooms following the program

Thursday 9:15 AM
Pre-K Mother's Day Tea in Classrooms

Thursday 12:10 PM Quarterly (February-April) REACH Student Luncheon

Friday ALL DAY Middle School + Upper School "Pep Rally" Schedule (40-Minute Classes)

Friday 8:00 AM AP US History Exam

Friday 8:00 AM Faith, Fathers, and Frederica in the Athletic Conference Room

Friday 8:10 AM Lower School Morning Meeting in Hamilton Hall
June Birthday Celebrations

Friday 12:30 PM Upper School Ambassador Luncheon in Athletic Conference Room

Friday 2:15 PM Yearbook Dedication + Closing Assembly with Seniors

Friday 3:00 PM Last Day to check out books in the Library

Pre-K + K Parent-Teacher Conferences - Sign Up TODAY

Click HERE to sign up for a
Parent-Teacher conference.

Click HERE to sign up for a
Parent-Teacher conference.

AP Exam Information - ALL WEEK

AP Exams begin on Monday, May 7th.  Students taking an AP Exam received their room assignments at last Tuesday's AP Pre-Administration Session.  As a reminder, students who are scheduled for an 8:00 AM exam should report to their testing room at 7:40 AM. Students scheduled for a 12:00 PM exam should report to their testing room at 11:40 AM.  Once the exam is over, students will be dismissed from school for the day. Students must bring pencils, pens, and a calculator, if their exam permits the use of one.  Cell phones are not permitted in the testing room!  Please contact Laura Nevins with any questions or concerns.
Monday, May 7th
8 AM- AP Chemistry
12 PM- AP Psychology
Tuesday, May 8th
8 AM- AP Spanish Language 
12 PM- AP Physics I
Wednesday, May 9th
8 AM- AP English Literature and Composition
Thursday, May 10th
8 AM- AP US Government and Politics
Friday, May 11th
8 AM- AP US History

MS Band + 4th Grade Violinists Concert - MONDAY

Greetings Frederica Family,
The Music Department is very excited to bring you our Middle School Band Spring Concert on Monday, May 7, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the Terry Thomas Room (Arts Center).
This has been an amazing school year in which we have run out of instruments, music stands, and have completely filled up our Band Room. We are overflowing with happy students. We have experienced growing pains where anonymous benefactors have helped with the purchase of equipment and many other things we desperately needed to complete the year. And we are finishing with a resounding bang! Monday's Middle School Band Concert will demonstrate the musical growth of our students in such a very short time.

Our Lower School Music Teacher Phoebe Shelton will bring her 4th Grade Violins to join us in our arrangement of "Love Me Tender." Ms. Shelton will direct the whole Orchestra, 45 members strong, during this piece. When you see 45 of our students playing their instruments, I promise that you will be getting a glance of the future Frederica Academy music program. 
From the Fine Arts Department, thank you for support and great encouragement.
Next year will be amazing. Until then, there is much to be acknowledged and celebrated on Monday night.
Christopher Smith
Fine and Performing Arts Director

Click HERE for parent information regarding the Monday night concert.

Former NBA Player Pat Burke to Visit FA - WEDNESDAY

The Middle School Sports Club is hosting former NBA and Auburn basketball player  Pat Burke for a campus visit on Wednesday, May 9.  Mr. Burke will speak at a Middle School Assembly at 1:00 p.m. His visit is the culmination of a year-long program devoted to challenging students to discover their passions. Interested Upper School students are welcome to attend during their lunch break. At 2:00 p.m., Mr. Burke will visit Lower School students in their classrooms.

After his professional career finished, Pat volunteered in a number of different organizations involving youth and development before starting  HOOPS Life, a non-profit organization that provides youth an opportunity to gain valuable experience in character building, leadership skills, and self-awareness that extend off the court. The HOOPS Life TEAM is made up of men and women who are committed to each individual child and their success.  The HOOPS Life TEAM has continued to assist youth identify obstacles in their lives and achieve goals. 

Last Day to Check Out Library Books - FRIDAY

Friday is the last day to check out a book from the Library in the Media Center.  All books must be returned by May 21.

17th Annual Derby Day a HUGE Success!

A special thank you to the Derby Day Co-Chairs and all of the volunteers, sponsors, contributors, auction item bidders, auction item buyers, and attendees who helped make the 2018 Derby Day the most successful ever for the school.

The 17th Annual Derby Day set a new record with our Live Auction ($128,000), Raffle, and we came close to setting a new record with the Silent Auction (over $80,000). Sponsorships generated more than $90,000. We will provide a more detailed update in the coming days. 

Items not collected on Saturday night or Sunday morning, can be picked up at school this week. Please click HERE to email Brad Hutcherson, should you have questions.

The Gathering Place Summer Leadership Experience

Registration is open for the The Gathering Place Summer Leadership Experience (previously known as the "Jr. Internship").

This is a part-time, summer-long program (Sundays/Tuesdays/Thursdays) open to rising 9th graders through 12th graders.

Click HERE for details or to register and HERE to email Jimmy at The Gathering Place for more information.

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) Screening

All new and returning students in Grade 5-11 must have an annual pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE) screening.  The PPE screening can be performed  by your family physician or at an immediate or urgent care center.  There is no need to wait for a physician appointment, as most immediate care centers will provide the exam.  The FA form packet must be used to document the completed exam. Please click HERE for forms.  The parent completes and signs pages 1 through 5, including page 5 and the medical professional completes and signs pages 6 and 7.  Upon completion, please return to school to the attention of the school nurse, no later than May 30.  Please understand that your student will not be allowed to attend Carpe Vitam, any athletic practice, camp, scrimmage, game, or other physical activity, etc. without a 2018-2019 PPE on file with the school nurse. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Constance Sullivan Named 2018 Georgia Scholar

State School Superintendent Richard Woods and the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) have announced that 208 graduating seniors have been named Georgia Scholars in the Class of 2018. Constance Sullivan is one of only 13 private school students awarded this distinction.
Through the Georgia Scholar program, the Georgia Department of Education identifies and honors high school seniors who have achieved excellence in school and community life. Students eligible for Georgia Scholar recognition are high school seniors who exhibit excellence in all phases of school life, in community activities, and in the home.
Georgia Scholars are students who have carried exemplary course loads during their four years of high school; who performed excellently in all courses; who successfully participated in interscholastic events at their schools and in their communities; and who have assumed active roles in extracurricular activities sponsored by their schools. Each Georgia Scholar receives a seal for his or her diploma.
"Students receiving the Georgia Scholar recognition are truly well-rounded," Superintendent Woods said. "They've engaged in extracurriculars, worked hard in a broad range of academic subjects, served their communities and grown as leaders. A true education encompasses more than just the traditional 'core' subjects, and these students exemplify that."
The program is coordinated by GaDOE's Excellence Recognition office and through local coordinators in each public school system and private schools throughout the state.

Middle School Honors March + April REACH Students

Congratulations to the March REACH Honorees:

Travis Cavalier
6th Grade

Charlotte Truett
7th Grade

Adam Elsharkawi
8th Grade

Congratulations to the April REACH Honorees:

Mildred Reeves
6th Grade

Kendall Lee
7th Grade

Ramie Shingler
8th Grade

Chef Austin Eighth Grade Food Demonstration

Chef Austin gave a quick food demonstration this week at the end of Middle School lunch for the 8th graders in Hamilton Hall.  The students discussed the southern tradition of food nourishing the body and the soul, which was an enrichment activity for our 8th graders as they read To Kill a Mockingbird.

Sixth Grade Cinco de Mayo Feast

Fourth Grade Engineering Project

This week, the Fourth Grade worked on an engineering project that examined forms of energy and energy transfer.  The students built wind turbines and then modified the blades in an attempt to increase the turbine's ability to do work. 

Second Grade "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" Program

On Friday, at Morning Meeting, Second Grade students presented a program based on Dr. Seuss' book,  Oh the Places You'll Go .   The second graders also sang two wonderful songs they learned in music class that encouraged us to pursue our dreams and work hard to accomplish them.  Each second grader designed their costume which added so much to the program.   We're off to great places!  Today is our day!  Our mountain is waiting.  So we're on our way!

Second Grade Studies Bees

S econd Graders wrapped up their study of the life cycle of bees with some special visitors on April 30. Susan Shipman, local beekeeper, Debra Orr of Ga. Farm Bureau, and Mrs. Shipman's traveling beehive came to the Happy Hall! Children were excited to learn about beekeeping and life in a hive in an up-close-and-personal way!

Click HERE to see more photos.

Kindergarten Guest Reader

Kindergarten had the privilege of enjoying two special books this week  shared by our guest reader!  Melissa Tsai, Ethan's Mom, read one book  emphasizing how we can care for our Earth and another about Abraham Lincoln.  These are two topics of particular interest to the class and they listened  out for new facts!

Kindergarten Personal Finance Lesson

Carole Melvin, our Director of Finance, visited Kindergarten this week to  share a special lesson about spending and saving.  Using a Max and Ruby  book, she had the children listen to the story about the main characters  going on a shopping trip.  The boys and girls were to pay particular  attention to how much money was spent and what was purchased. Then, Mrs.  Melvin taught the children about short-term and long-term savings goals as  well as wants and needs. The children were engaged and attentive.  It  tied in beautifully with what they had learned earlier in the year about  coins and their values. Thank you Mrs. Melvin for helping us to be wise  with our resources!

Pre-K Mystery Reader:  Mr. Jobe

Mr. Jobe was the Mystery Reader in Pre-K last week. He read Rotten Ralph, written by Jack Gantos.

May 2018 Calendar Items

May 14 Senior Exam Review

May 14 AP Biology Exam (8:00 AM)

May 15 AP Calculus AB/BC Exam (8:00 AM)

May 15 Senior Math + English Exams (9:00 AM)

May 15
2018-2019 Upper School Student Council Officer Candidate Speeches

May 16
2018-2019 Upper School Student Council Officer Elections

May 16 AP English Language and Composition Exam (8:00 AM)

May 16
Pre-Kindergarten End-of-Year Program DRESS REHEARSAL at 8:30 AM

May 16
Senior Science + History Exams (9:00 AM)

May 16
Fifth Grade Hall of Presidents Wax Museum at 2:00 PM

May 17
Fourth Grade Field Trip to Cumberland Island

May 17 AP Comparative Government Exam (8:00 AM)
AP World History Exam (8:00 AM)
AP Statistics Exam (Noon)

May 17 Senior Make-Up Exams (9:00 AM)

May 17 Pre-Kindergarten End-of-Year Program in Hamilton Hall at 8:30 AM

May 17 Baccalaureate Practice at 4:00 PM

May 18 Lower School Morning Meeting (July Birthday celebration)

May 18
Seniors arrive on campus to set up for Graduation at 1:00 PM

May 18 FA Graduation Practice at Corn Hall at 2:00 PM

May 18
Class of 2018 Alumni Office Refreshments on Sea Island Green at 2:30 PM

May 18 Baccalaureate at Epworth at 6:00 PM

May 18
GISA AAA State Soccer Semi-Finals at Mercer University

May 19 Class of 2018 Graduation

May 19
GISA AAA State Soccer Finals at Mercer University

May 21
2018-2019 Upper School Honor Council Candidate Speeches + Election

May 21
Third Grade Pizza Box Portfolio in Shuman Conference Room at 2:00 PM

May 21
Due Date for ALL Library Books

May 22
Lower School "Move-Up" New Grade Orientation (8:30 AM)

May 22 Pre-Kindergarten Splash Day (tentatively 10:00 AM)

May 22 Middle School + Upper School MATH Exams

May 23 Middle School + Upper School SCIENCE Exams

May 23
Second Grade Strike Zone Excursion (morning)

May 24 Kindergarten Beach Trip

May 24 Lower School Hot Dog Lunch + Talent Show

May 24
Middle School + Upper School History Exams

May 24
Eighth Grade Closing Ceremony REHEARSAL at Epworth (11:30 AM - 12:30 PM)

May 25 Lower School Closing Ceremony at Epworth (morning)

May 25 Middle School Closing Ceremony at Epworth (afternoon)

May 25 AP Make-Up Exams (AP Spanish Literature + Comparative Government)

May 26 GISA AAA State Baseball Finals

May 29-30 Teacher Post-Planning

May 29 - June 1
Faculty Orton-Gillingham Training Workshop

May 30
Faculty + Staff End-of-Year Luncheon hosted by Parent Association

June 2
SAT Exam at Frederica Academy

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2017-2018 FA Master School Calendar

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2018-2019 FA Master School Calendar

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2018 FA Summer Programs

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Coast to Coast College Tour is a unique program featuring the  University of California, Berkeley;  Dartmouth College; Northwestern University; Princeton University; and Vanderbilt University.

Admissions representatives from the five schools will offer a brief slide presentation and answer questions about their holistic admissions process.

DATE: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

TIME: 7:00 PM

LOCATION:: Savannah Marriott Riverfront
100 General McIntosh Boulevard
Savannah, Georgia  31401

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Click HERE to email Mrs. Nevins should you have questions.

Fall 2018 CCGA Dual Enrollment Information

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Click HERE to access FA Dual Enrollment Application which includes details regarding eligibility requirements.  The deadline to submit completed applications is Friday, May 18.

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