A Message from the Head of School

Dear FA Families,

For a menu to come together, you have to have sweetness, saltiness, and crunchiness... it’s all about balance.
Dominique Crenn
One of the attributes that the faculty/staff identified as foundational in constructing the profile of an FA graduate was “well roundedness.” That descriptor probably takes on a wide variety of nuanced meanings depending on the context. In the framework of these formative school-age years of your children, I think I’ll focus for a moment on two such meanings.

The first is the definition as lived out exclusively in a liberal arts education. “Well rounded” may simply mean exposing oneself to and acquiring some level of interest, proficiency, or literacy in a wide array of academic and arts disciplines. “Well rounded” may mean practicing and mastering a body of knowledge or a way of thinking; and as a culture evolves over time, perhaps that body of knowledge or particular way of thinking morph and become more or less relevant. How critical is it still today for young children to know their times tables and math facts? For every high school student to have read The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, or The Autobiography of Malcolm X? Dissect a frog? Write a cogent five-paragraph essay? Compete on one or more athletic teams? Program in Python? Have a working knowledge of the three branches of the federal government or the electoral college? Know the joy of servant leadership and helping others? Read music or carry a tune? Speak with poise in front of an audience? Understand compound interest? Do all of these compiled together constitute one version of “well rounded?”

Balancing all that has optimal, direct utility in today’s world with important knowledge or ways of thinking that may or may not be directly applicable to routine occurrences in our daily lives or even ultimately in our chosen professions is right to the heart of this concept of “well roundedness.” For enlightened cultures to survive and even thrive, some core portion of the citizenry must be “well rounded” with wide exposure to and familiarity with disparate ideas and alternative thinking. A strong liberal arts education provides students with just that… a canon of knowledge that has relevancy in the world of today that allows citizens to act with purpose and fulfillment and also has exposure to interesting and expansive thinking that may have less direct relevance in one’s everyday life.

The second definition of “well rounded” goes beyond schooling and core knowledge. My wife’s definition of “well rounded” for our daughter at five years old was that she would be able to “swim, read, and ride a bike.” I am not exactly sure where that came from, but it surely reinforces the notion at various ages of active participation in areas of interest or importance and begins to explain and explore a more expansive definition of the concept. Being well rounded may mean more than simply being exposed to and familiar with the various disciplines and activities offered in school. Being well rounded may be cultivating interests in, and even passion for, a wide breadth of human experiences. It may be developing mindsets and attitudes, character and personality traits that all aid an individual in being able to process and appreciate the diversity within the world.

Whatever offshoot of the definition of “well rounded” one ultimately settles on, I feel pretty secure in endorsing that being well rounded is a good thing, an aspirational goal worthy of all of us, and something I've seen in great abundance in our young alumni and graduating seniors.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA


Monday @ 10:00 AM
US Video Announcements
@ Advisory

Monday @ 3:20 PM
STEM Club Meeting
Mrs. Bradford's Classroom

Tuesday @ 7:15 AM
MS Faculty Meeting

Tuesday Evening
Varsity Basketball
@ Trinity Christian (Dublin)
JV Girls Game @ 4:00 PM
Girls Game @ 5:10 PM
Boys Game @ 6:30 PM

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
US Advisory

Wednesday Afternoon
Middle School Basketball
HOME Opener vs. St. Francis
Girls Game @ 5:00 PM
Boys Game @ 6:00 PM

Wednesday @ 4:00 PM
US Faculty Meeting
Hamilton Hall

Wednesday @ 6:00 PM
MS + US Football Parents Meeting
Hamilton Hall

Thursday @ 10:00 AM
Senior Class College Meeting
Shuman Conference Room

Thursday Afternoon
MS Basketball @ The Club
vs. Crossroads
Girls Game @ 5:00 PM
Boys Game @ 6:00 PM

Thursday @ 6:00 PM
Class of 2023 College Night
Terry Thomas Room
(Ralston Fine Arts Center)

Friday @ 8:10 AM
Lower School Morning Meeting
Led by Members of Mrs. Squire's Class

Friday Evening
Varsity Basketball
@ Home vs. Bulloch Academy
Girls @ 5:30 PM
Boys @ 7:00 PM
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Monday, January 17
School Holiday
Observance of MLK, Jr. Day
Middle School Carpe Vitam
Middle School has finalized the dates for each of its Carpe Vitam trips this spring. Grade-level trips will not all happen on the exact same dates this year due to some of the destination's very limited availability.
Washington, D.C.
February 28 - March 3
Trip Coordinator: Rachael Lee
February 28 - March 2 (M-W)
Golden Isles
March 3 (Thursday)
Trip Coordinator: Ashley Zimmermann
Rock Eagle (Eatonton, GA)
March 2-4
Trip Coordinator: Leigh Toomey

School Holiday
February 28 - March 1
March 21-23 (NEW DATES)
Trip Coordinator: Melanie Howell

February 28 - March 3 (M-Thursday)
FA Campus (Normal School Hours)
Friday, March 4, is a Middle School holiday with the exception of Sixth Grade students, who will be returning that day from their Carpe Vitam trip to Rock Eagle. Sixth Grade students will be out of school on Monday, February 28, and Tuesday, March 1, before departing on Wednesday, March 2, for their Carpe Vitam trip to Eatonton.
FAPA Announcement
The FA Parent Association is excited to announce its 2022 Annual Fund "No Gift Too Small" fundraising challenge!

As parent leaders, we want to recognize that even the smallest donations pooled with other gifts make a great and lasting impact on our school. Parents sometimes feel intimidated by the pressure to give large amounts, can't find the right time to submit or mail the gift, or simply just forget to donate! What is important to know is that parent, trustee, and employee Annual Fund participation rates are benchmark measurements that foundations and other large donors often consider when contemplating a grant or large gift to independent schools. These donors are especially eager to know that the parent community supports the school's direction and leadership as affirmed by its support for the school's Annual Fund.

We believe this new year provides a great opportunity for every family that hasn’t already donated to do so and be a part of our participation drive. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor the FAPA ‘No Gift Too Small’ Challenge in support of the 2021-2022 Annual Fund. Our goal is 100% participation from all FA families to match the 100% rate already achieved by the school's faculty and staff.

As a thank you, we are partnering with the Advancement Office to invite all FA parents, faculty, and staff who donate any amount to our Annual Fund Oyster Roast on February 5! Please check your mail for your invitation and your inbox for an email from the Parent Association, which will include details about the Oyster Roast and more information about the importance of the Annual Fund.
Knights Table Menu
Online Spirit Wear Order Deadlines
Our online spirit wear partner, Baker's Sporting Goods, is now offering a variety of FA team merchandise. Order deadlines are listed on the buttons below.

Click here to order general FA merchandise.
Class of 2023 College Night
Summer Programs Registration Begins
School Holiday
FA Recycled Uniform Sale
Parent Association accepts checks, cash, or items can be charged to FA family accounts in the Business Office. A collection bin will be available onsite for any uniform items parents want to donate when shopping. Please remember you can always donate your child's outgrown uniform pieces any time at the collection bin located outside of the Lower School entrance. We look forward to seeing you there! 
Summer Dual Enrollment Deadline
Rising juniors (Class of 2024) and seniors (Class of 2023) who meet the College of Coastal Georgia's admission requirements are eligible to apply for summer dual enrollment. Interested students must submit a Frederica Academy Dual Enrollment Application to Dr. Nevins by Wednesday, April 13, 2022.
FA Blood Drive Huge Success!
On Friday, the FA Health and Wellness Club sponsored the first of two blood drives that FA will hold on campus this year. With national blood supply being the lowest that it has been in ten years, Health and Wellness members made it their mission to recruit, volunteer, and donate to make the FA blood drive a huge success.

In April of 2021, an FA record was set at 31 units donated. Friday's drive soared past that record and set a new record of 46 units! We recorded nine first-time donors and five Power Red donors. With each donation, up to three lives can be saved! We thank the student body, FA staff, and the community for helping us reach this amazing goal.  

Look for The FA Health and Wellness Club to have several big projects for the new year, including another blood drive in April, a feminine hygiene collection project for area schools, and a Relay for Life team!
Thank You, Angel Tree Donors!
The Humane Society Teen Board sends a huge thank you to the Frederica community! This year we ran one of the most successful Angel Tree Donation Drives we have ever sponsored. We collected over 60 different toys to contribute to the Toy Drive that the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia was running, roughly 25 pounds of dog and cat food, blankets, towels, beds and lots of treats for our furry friends! These donations make such a big difference for the Humane Society, and we are so grateful for the continued support of the Frederica community!
January + February Events
January 17
FA School Holiday
Observance of MLK, Jr. Day

January 19 (7:45 AM - 9:15 AM)
FA Parent Association
Recycled Uniform Sale
Gym Lobby

January 19
Class of 2022 Group Photo

January 20
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

January 21
Third Grade Field Trip
Georgia Sea Turtle Center

January 27-29
US Model UN Event
Georgia Southern University

January 29
Hands on Frederica Day

February 2 @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty Meeting

February 5 (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
FA Annual Fund Oyster Roast
Dunn Family River Cottage

February 7-11
FA Open House Week

February 9
Progress Reports Posted

February 12
ACT Exam @ FA

February 16
MS + US Open Mic Night

February 18-21
FA Winter Break

February 22-25
FA Visiting Artist Week

February 22 @ 8:15 AM
Fourth Grade to Fifth Grade
Parent Move-Up Session

February 23 @ 8:15 AM
Eighth Grade to Ninth Grade
Parent Move-Up Session

February 23 @ 6:00 PM
FA Visiting Artist Meet + Greet
Trelani Duncan
Terry Thomas Room

February 24
Fourth Grade to Fifth Grade
Student Move-Up Day

February 24 @ 5:30 PM
Lower School Parent Social
Off Campus
Sponsor: FA Parent Association
FA Winter Athletic Schedules
FA Social Media