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Dear FA Families,

On Wednesday morning, a group of administrators hosted eight members of the FA Young Alumni Council for a get together underneath the Sea Island Green Tent. Brad Hutcherson, Laura Nevins, John Pope, Helen Rentz, and I met with Manning Mercer '16 (Georgia), Maggie Holt '17 (Georgia), John Mitchell Brock '18 (UNC Chapel Hill), Jake Myers '18 (Davidson), William Brock '20 (Georgia), Erica Daley '20 (Syracuse), Gigi Gerhart '20 (Villanova), and Colton Myers '20 (Stetson).

The purpose of the gathering was twofold: to reconnect and enjoy the friendships of young alumni who both benefited from and contributed greatly in their years at FA and to listen and hear from their perspective the areas of strength and areas of needed improvement at the school. Receiving a critique from a customer who has recently received your services seems like at least one valid benchmark for evaluating that service.

To the essence of the conversation and an attempt at brevity, I would say that there were three differentiated benefits unique to attending FA, and particularly to the Upper School, articulated across this group of alums who saw these as making a hugely positive difference in their time at college.

  • The first was their academic preparation for the rigor of their respective college classrooms. That level of preparation was not surprising to hear; still, nonetheless heartening. Strong college preparatory schools have one eye on the academic readiness essential to succeed in college classes, and FA’s program certainly checks that box for the vast majority of graduates. When talking about their academic confidence and level of preparedness, they spoke with clarity and affection in the role their FA teachers had played. Many shared specific examples of how teachers in Corn Hall helped sharpen their study habits and processing skills while others made reference to lasting memories of days spent in Happy Hall and Middle School that continue to serve them well.

  • The second benefit centered around cultivating the discipline and focus to manage a very busy day at college apart from having the artificial structure of high school classes all day or being nestled in one’s home. By attending FA, students are eligible and encouraged to participate in many and varied clubs, teams, and activities; and that competition for daylight hours creates the need to develop internal discipline within students to accomplish what is deemed essential each day. Managing one’s life from dawn to dusk in college was near the top of the list for these alums, and they gave the lion’s share of the credit to the school for creating both the challenge and the support to acquire competency and confidence in this arena.

  • The third benefit, and the one that sat atop all of the others that morning, was their pride in the sense of empowerment and self-advocacy that students felt as a result of attending a vibrant, positive, highly interactive school like FA. Whether it was in standing up for oneself or one’s beliefs amidst a sea of opinion that can swell over a college campus or even the sense of security that comes from being able to listen and learn from another’s perspective without being defensive or insecure, or whether it was the ability to initiate a critical conversation with a professor or classmate … these alums feel great about their sense of self in the context of college and the role that FA played in developing that sense. I found that particularly reaffirming as FA prides itself in the fostering of supportive relationships between teachers and students at all grade levels.

As a side note here, there was clear awareness from the alumni that there has been a lack of meaningful racial diversity at FA on and off over the years. Living and thriving in a more diverse melting pot of ideas consistent with university life has brought a new dimension to their understanding and appreciation for the complexity of diversity.

In terms of constructive observations, there were two that surfaced that appeared common among most of the student group.

  1. There is a perception that offering more electives in the high school would be advantageous, particularly offering an advanced economics course for students interested in business degrees and careers. We heard a variation of that feedback theme last year as well and continue to work to make that happen.
  2. There was also discussion among the alums about the general leniency and flexibility of teachers at FA and whether that served them well in college or not. It seemed like the perception was that FA teachers often showed advocacy for their students by being lenient and flexible more often than not, and some alums thought that was a good thing and appreciated it (especially when it was happening!) while others did not see that as helpful as a means to an end of preparing graduates for a stricter deadline world of college.

In summary, being in the company of our graduates was extremely uplifting. If there were ever a more powerful advertisement for the value of a strong liberal arts education in one’s formative years and of specifically Frederica Academy, it is showcasing our alumni. Each young alumnus that we met had been positively impacted at FA over the years through a wide menu of classes and programs, adult leaders, and classmates, and in turn each has left their indelible mark on the school even today.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School

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