A Message from the Head of School
Dear FA Families,

In last Tuesday’s edition of The Brunswick News there was a front-page article highlighting the Harkness table in Steve Jobe’s Upper School AP classroom. Please click here to read the article if you missed it. The article featured both Mr. Jobe’s perspective and, just as importantly, the students’ perspectives on the impact of such a piece of furniture within a classroom.

The common theme of the student perspectives shared in the article was that by providing a venue where everyone has access to a “front-row seat” in the discussion, Mr. Jobe has engendered a different, higher level of engagement and commitment to the discussion, and therefore to learning, than a traditionally organized classroom arrangement. Along these lines, Frederica Academy prides itself in hosting largely discussion-based classes where, facilitated by the adult leader, the quality of the peer thinking and communication proves critical to both the acquisition of knowledge and to additional, diverse ways of thinking. Being in a school community with peers who genuinely want to learn and are willing to do the background preparation to be ready to learn is as important as the table itself.

When I was first reading the article, I thought to myself that the table is, in fact, a “spot on” metaphor for how I envision the larger FA experience. If one believes that ultimately life is more engaging and individuals develop more fully if one actively participates - not merely spectates - their way through the years of childhood, adolescence, and their teen chapter, FA is inarguably the best and highest return on investment a parent can make for their child. If one believes that doing - not watching - is the optimal way to acquire new competencies and confidences, then sitting in the “first row” around the Harkness table and discussing Man of La Mancha or the impact of the Cold War and its lessons relative to our emerging relationship with China today is certainly a more vibrant alternative to the traditional classroom experience.

More than that though, attending a school where the availability to participate is high… both inside and outside the classroom… through honors, AP, and elective courses; no–cut athletic teams, access to musical and dramatic productions, courses, and clubs… and a student culture that encourages and supports appropriate risk-taking is equally high, proves the critical combination that produces maximum results. FA takes great pride in being that environment and creating a culture that inspires students to seek and succeed in growth experiences. Whether one is on the young end of Lower or Middle School and needs a moment of confidence-building to embark on a new activity or friendship or whether one is older, more mature, and secure and simply wants to stretch one more time before going off to college, Frederica Academy creates those pathways to support those aspirations.

Incorporation of the Harkness methodology of teaching or even the table itself is but one point of light within a large campus, but that point of light in fact shines brightly on the value of active, critical thinking and personal involvement in one’s education that is emblematic of how FA envisions learning and growing.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA
Today @ 4:00 PM
Golden Isles Youth Orchestra
Winter Concert
Glynn Academy Auditorium
Featuring: Dr. Jordan Taylor
Click HERE for Details

(Early Dismissals)

Monday Morning
MS + US Science Exams

Monday-Wednesday Dismissal Times:
  • MS + US (After Exams)
  • LS @ 11:00 AM

Noon - 4:00 PM
Lower School Faculty Professional Development
Shuman Conference Room

Tuesday Morning
MS + US Math Exams

Wednesday Morning
MS + US World Language Exams

Fifth Grade Holiday
(No World Language Exam)

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
Lower School Giving Tree

Wednesday (1:00 PM - 2:00 PM)
Photos with Santa
Haylards/Tramici Courtyard
Click HERE to Sign Up

Wednesday @ 5:00 PM
MS Girls Soccer
Championship Match
@ Glynn County Stadium
vs. Glynn Middle

Wednesday Evening
Varsity Basketball @ Memorial
Girls @ 6:00 PM
Boys @ 7:30 PM

Student Christmas Break Begins

MS + US Make-Up Exams

Faculty + Staff Work Day
LS Professional Development (8:15 AM - Noon)

Friday (10:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
Front Office Hours

Friday + Saturday
Varsity Basketball Tournament
Faith Baptist (Ludowici)
TODAY @ 4:00 PM
GIYO Winter Concert
Dr. Taylor is the featured performer at this year's Golden Isles Youth Orchestra Winter Concert, which will take place at the Glynn Academy Auditorium this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Click here for more information about the concert.
Apogee Enrollment Deadline
*Graph reflects pledged totals from this year and the previous three years.

Thank you to everyone who has already signed up for the 2022 Apogee program!

Wednesday, December 15, is the deadline to apply so that Apogee can submit applications to the Georgia Department of Revenue on January 1, 2022.
LS Holiday Fun Days
MS + US Exam Schedule
Fifth Grade students do not have an exam on Wednesday, December 15; therefore, their last day of school is Tuesday.

Click here for more information regarding Middle School Exams.
Lower School Early Dismissal
Lower School Giving Tree
FA Family Photo Op with Santa
FA families interested in having their photo taken with Santa Claus can sign up for a complimentary photo session, which will take place in front of the beautiful Christmas Tree located in the courtyard between Halyards and Tramici on Wednesday, December 15, starting at 1:10 p.m.

The deadline to sign up is Monday, December 13. For more information, email Brad Hutcherson.
MS Girls Soccer Championship Match
Human Society Angel Tree Deadline
It’s Angel Tree time again! The Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia Teen Board is sponsoring a supply drive for our furry friends at the Humane Society. Please take an ornament from one of the many trees around school, and purchase the item(s) listed on the ornament. Trees can be found in the front office by Mrs. Meyer’s desk and in the Upper School office by Mrs. Lavallee’s desk. Thank you for supporting our furry friends!

Donations are due December 15th.

Click here to email Kate Walbridge for more information.
FA Health and Wellness Club Blood Drives
The FA Health and Wellness Club is proud to host one of two Red Cross Blood Drives in the new year. The Red Cross has stated that there is a dangerously low blood supply, and this shortage of donor blood has led our team of blood drive student leaders to begin actively recruiting for the Frederica Academy drive scheduled on January 7. All blood types are needed! Please email Nurse Pope or Mr. Riggs for more information or to sign up to donate. You must be at least sixteen to donate (sixteen-year-olds must have a completed parental consent form, which can be obtained from Nurse Pope). One donation can save up to three lives!
2022 Rotary Speech Contest
2022 St. Simons Island Rotary Speech Contest

Students interested in participating should click HERE to sign up.

An internal competition will be held on campus during
Upper School Lunch on Friday, January 21.
Two students will be selected to compete at
the official Rotary Speech Contest.

February 15, 2022
The Best Western, St. Simons Island
1:00 PM
Contestants must choose to write and give a 3-4 minute speech on either of the following
  1. Rotary theme for the year: “Serve to Change Lives”
  2. The Rotary 4 Way Test – Of the things we think, say or do:

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER friendships?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
 Judging Criteria:

  • Appearance (appropriateness, neatness, respectful attire)
  • Content (focus on theme, originality, material organization)
  • Presentation (eye contact, hand gestures, posture, voice inflection)
  • Time Frame (3 to 4 minutes)
Local Awards:
1st Place- $1,000
2nd Place- $500
3rd Place- $50
The winner of the local competition will be given the opportunity to participate in the Zone Contest on March 26, 2022. The winner of each Zone contest will give their speech at the District Conference and receive a scholarship of $1,000.
hello, Goodbuy Music Grant
Lea Maye Smith and Jordan Taylor attended the Saint Mark's hello, Goodbuy Second Round Give Back Ceremony on Saturday, where they accepted a check in the amount of $3,500. Dr. Taylor applied for the grant from hello, Goodbuy, and it will be used to support his two Popular Music Ensemble groups as they continue to seek opportunities to engage with our community through performance and outreach.

Congratulations, Dr. Taylor... and thank you hello, Goodbuy!
MS + US King & Prince Performance
The Knightingales Vocal Ensemble and the Middle School Strings Ensemble were delighted to play and sing Christmas music at the King & Prince Hotel last Tuesday. The group included seventeen singers from Middle and Upper School, and the chamber group of five student musicians performed holiday favorites for guests gathered in the hotel's beautifully decorated lobby. Drs. Tess Nielsen and Jordan Taylor, music faculty, led the performances. The King and Prince Hotel graciously opens its doors to student performing groups during the holiday season as a way to promote community music-making. We hope to return again next Christmas!
World Language and Culture Club
Grant Offner hosted a session for the World Language and Culture Club last week. He presented on Austria and a trip he and his family took there. Grant also prepared "palatschinken" or Austrian crepes for the group. Great job, Grant!
Upper School Entrepreneurship Class
Last week, students in the Business Department's Entrepreneurship Class presented their businesses to potential investors. It was the first time in Frederica's history that the Entrepreneurship course was offered to students. This semester, we witnessed the brilliant, creative, and innovative ideas that our Juniors and Seniors came up with. Their business ideas were launched in October. Each week, Mr. Oberlies' students added another section to their business plan. After six weeks of intense research, guest speakers, and thorough writing, students presented their business plans to a group of panelists on campus in the Shuman Conference Room. To maintain the integrity of their business ideas, we will not disclose their ideas; however, the presentations were a great success... another example of the academic excellence that our students at Frederica demonstrate. This course will be offered again to Upper School students next semester.
FCA Christmas Card Contest
Three FA students recently participated in this year's FCA Christmas Card Contest. Ella Barker (7th Grade) won Second Place, and her entry will be used by GIFCA to send Christmas greetings to their supporters. Ella also won a $40 Academy Sports gift card.  
The other two entries were by Katie Eckert (10th Grade) and Ani De Havillande (8th Grade).
3D Printed Christmas Ornaments
The Seventh and Eighth Grade Design Class worked with Mrs. Barrow in the Makerspace to create Christmas ornaments. Mr. Lenon's students created a design in Adobe Illustrator and printed it on the 3D printer. Students then soldered a battery, light, and a switch together to make the ornament light up. 
Safe Harbor Community Service Project
Middle School students came together with holiday cheer and wrapped presents for our Safe Harbor community service project on Friday afternoon. They also enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies while watching a holiday movie. Generosity among our students and families was overflowing, and we couldn't be more grateful. A special thanks to our MS faculty for all the support and help. And last, but certainly not least, we want to give a loud shout-out to our amazing Student Council for planning, inspiring, and carrying out this wonderful project and event!


Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Toomey
MS REACH Students of the Month
MS Math Speed "Equating"
Middle School math students are working on solving systems of equations. Most sets of linear equations have one point where the two lines intersect when graphed. Some equations are parallel and never intersect, and occasionally a set of equations will work out to be the same line. In this activity, which is a spin-off of "speed dating," students started out in pairs. The outer group of students would rotate while the inner group stayed seated. Once students solved their system of equations, they would either be a good match (one solution), a perfect match (the same line), or no match at all (parallel lines/never intersecting).

It was fun watching students master these important math skills before moving into exams next week.
Ritz Theatre Field Trip
Students in Grades 2-4 had a wonderful time attending the production of “A Christmas Carol” at the Ritz Theater in Brunswick on Thursday.

While downtown, they picnicked at Mary Ross Park, where they also played on the playground and competed in a spirited game of kickball.
Third Grade Explores World Holidays
Last Week, Third Grade students explored holidays around the world. As a part of their journey, they learned where gingerbread originated from and how to play with a dreidel.
Second Grade Star Student
Last week's Second Grade Star Student was Henry Bowie. Henry did a wonderful job presenting his decorated All About Me Star Poster, and he was interviewed by his classmate, Shoshin Bovinet.

Henry invited Mrs. Pruitt to be his guest reader.
First Grade Visits Jekyll Island
First Grade students met with Santa Claus on Jekyll Island on Friday. They were able to sing a few holiday songs and hear the reason for the Christmas season from Santa. The students also enjoyed a trolley tour around the historic district.
First Grade Thanksgiving Program + Feast
First Grade students enjoyed a Thanksgiving program and feast at the Dunn family’s Mackay River cottage last Monday. The children spent time learning about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags and their feast together.
Pre-K Holiday Program
On Thursday, the PK class performed a Holiday Program for their families to enjoy. They worked hard to memorize their lines and sang their hearts out in preparation for the big day! The Pre-K teachers were very proud of their talented and dedicated performers.
Pre-K Mystery Reader
Last week’s Pre-K Mystery Reader was Laura Nevins, our very own Assistant Head of Upper School, Director of College Placement, and mom to PK student, Cooper Nevins. She read How to Catch an Elf. She made everyone laugh at this silly story!
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First Day of Second Semester
January 2022 Events
December 29 (Evening)
First Semester Grades Posted

January 3-4
Teacher Work Days

January 5
First Day of Second Semester

January 7 @ 8:00 AM
Fathers, Faith, and Frederica
Athletic Tent

January 7 (Afternoon)
FA Campus Blood Drive

January 13 @ 6:00 PM
Junior Class College Night

January 17
FA School Holiday
Observance of MLK, Jr. Day

January 19
Class of 2022 Group Photo

January 20
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

January 27-29
US Model UN Event
Georgia Southern University

January 29
Hands on Frederica Day
FA Fall Athletic Schedules
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