Head of School Message
Dear FA Families,

The twofold challenge of operating the school effectively and growing the school thoughtfully this spring requires a very distinct division of labor within the school’s Leadership Team. Overseeing the daily lives in the three divisions will, as always, fall largely on the five divisional administrators (Becky Pruitt, Leigh Toomey, Rachael Lee, Mike Temple, and Laura Nevins) and the two department administrators (Carl Nash and Tess Nielsen). They are the school leaders who spend their time – boots on the ground – orchestrating and inspiring the energies of the teachers, coaches, and students to create productive and enjoyable days as guided and inspired by the school’s mission. They are the ship captains charting and steering their respective vessels towards their intended destinations.
Growing the school in calculated and sequential ways requires the attention of Sandi Channell, John Pope, Helen Rentz, and myself.
The five areas that the four of us are focused on are:
  1. administering, in partnership with the divisional admission committees, an effective admission program that identifies, secures, and “caretakes” for the optimal number of new students and new families entering into the FA community in the next few years;
  2. managing the resources and establishing and operating within a balanced and well-utilized annual budget at a time of significant and healthy expansion;
  3. raising the funds required to allow us to perform the construction and ready our campus for this new era of the school;
  4. working with architects, engineers, designers, and contractors to create and manage the various construction projects taking place on campus in the next eighteen months and ensuring the safe operations of the school during that time;
  5. and, in partnership with the division leaders, identifying, interviewing, and hiring the teachers and staff essential to supporting this influx of new students and the expansion of curriculum that we aspire to offer.
There are two main points in my message this morning. First, is to acknowledge openly that there is, and will be more if we are able to secure the necessary incremental donor funding, a lot going on at school over the next eighteen months. Second, we are doing all that we can to move the school from point A to point B with as much forethought and planning as possible.
My guess is that the institution will seem most in transition this spring. Besides the annual turnover in faculty and staff with retirements and employees moving to other parts of the state and country, there will be:
  • hires made for those vacated spots as well as for new positions as the result of expanded programming (so prospective teachers will be here throughout the spring interviewing and teaching demonstration lessons);
  • steady stream of prospective families visiting the campus with shadow visits and tours; and
  • construction, and all that it entails, at two relatively highly trafficked sites on campus.
I am not sure that there has ever been a better, more exciting time to be associated with the school. We are delivering an ever-improving educational experience; we are attracting great families and teachers who believe in our mission and want to contribute to and be a part of this school community; and we are moving with alacrity and purpose to prepare for the sundry challenges that operating a larger, more complex school in the fall will bring.
The new construction will undeniably transform the look and feel of the campus. More importantly, it will usher in a new chapter at the school with a wider circle of friends available to your children, more teachers with different skill sets, personalities, and backgrounds; and an expanded menu of courses and activities to ignite interests and passions within your children; If you have not already had a chance to visit with John Pope, I invite you to contact him to schedule a time to learn more about the Gateway campaign and the details regarding its corresponding campus projects. He can be reached at (912) 223-5700 or johnpope@fredericaacademy.org.
I am also not sure that there has ever been a time in the school’s history when there are so many moving pieces shuffling about at one time. Again, my goal in this note is to reassure parents that those leading the school at various levels have experience or are learning quickly how to spin multiple plates in the air without inducing calamity or shattered dishware, and that except for a general sense of a handful of new variables, your children will experience FA on a daily basis as they always have.
I do believe that people are attracted to, want to be associated with, and actually benefit from being a part of a winning enterprise; and all that we are working on at FA is designed to position us to be just such an enterprise as we continue to build on the success and achievements of those who came before us. Thank you for your support and understanding in anticipation of, and throughout, this exciting journey.
Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA

Eighth Grade Carpe Vitam Trip
Washington, D.C.

Seventh Grade Carpe Vitam Trip
Honey Creek

Varsity Golf @ Low Country Invitational
Bluffton, SC
Berkeley Hall - Monday
Chechessee Creek - Tuesday

Monday @ 10:00 AM
US Assembly in the Gym

Monday Evening
Varsity Soccer @ Brookwood
Thomasville, GA
Dismissal @ 10:20 AM
Depart @ 11:15 AM
Girls @ 5:00 PM
Boys @ 7:00 PM

Lower School (Grades 1-4)
Rocking + Reading

Tuesday @ 7:15 AM
MS Faculty Meeting

Lower School
Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration

Ninth Grade Course Registration
2022-2023 First Semester
History Classes

Tuesday Afternoon
Fifth Grade Field Trip
Tall Ship LYNX

Tuesday @ 6:00 PM
Varsity Baseball @ Home
vs. First Presbyterian

Sixth Grade Carpe Vitam
Rock Eagle 4-H Center (Eatonton)

Wednesday @ 8:15 AM
FAPA Board Meeting
Shuman Conference Room

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
Rising Fifth Grade Move-Up Day

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
US Advisory

Wednesday @ 4:00 PM
US Faculty Meeting
Hamilton Hall

Wednesday @ 6:00 PM
Fifth Grade Carpe Vitam
Parent Information Night
Mrs. Howell's Classroom

Tenth Grade Course Registration
2022-2023 First Semester
History Classes

Fifth Grade Field Trip
Jekyll Island

Thursday @ 10:00 AM
SCAD Virtual Visit
College Counseling Center

Thursday @ 3:30 PM
Varsity Track @ Glynn Academy

Thursday @ 4:00 PM
Varsity Tennis @ Saint Andrew's

Thursday @ 6:00 PM
Varsity Baseball @ Home
vs. Robert Toombs

Friday (All Day)
Middle School (Grades 5, 7, 8)
Student Holiday

GISA Regional Literary Meet
Brewton-Parker College

Friday @ 8:00 AM
Fathers, Faith, and Frederica
Athletic Conference Room

Friday @ 8:10 AM
LS Morning Meeting

Friday @ 10:00 AM
Junior Class College Meeting
Shuman Conference Room

Friday @ 5:00 PM
Boys Varsity Soccer @ Home
vs. First Presbyterian

Friday @ 6:00 PM
Varsity Baseball @ Home
vs. Covenant

Varsity Golf
@ Johnny Paulk Invitational
Jekyll Island

Saturday @ 5:00 PM
Varsity Baseball @ Memorial Day
Thank You, FA Volunteers!
Over the past week or so, an incredible amount of work has gone into getting all of the facilities ready for the Lower School's expansion, which requires the Pre-K program to move to the KiX Knights Castle and for Kindergarten to move into the Been Library space (previously occupied by Lower School Spanish).

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of the students, parents, teachers, coaches, and staff who volunteered to help prepare spaces and move items, which has transformed all of these learning spaces in a very short period of time.

We especially want to thank Mrs. Pruitt, Coach Derrick, and the eight teachers most directly impacted by this initiative (Roxana Bush, Kelli Hartill, Taylor Leslie, Christy Manor, Lyndsey Miller, Reagan Raffaele, Lydia Thornton '07, and Kiara Williams) for their dedicated leadership and tireless efforts.

Finally, we want to acknowledge and commend all of the Pre-K and Kindergarten students and their parents for their patience, flexibility, and understanding during this transitional process. They have all been terrific about recognizing the long-term benefit of these campus changes and improvements.
Knights Table Menu
KiX Returns to the Knights Castle
KiX will resume its normal operations at the KiX Knights Castle on Monday, February 28.
Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration
LS Rocking + Reading
Each grade will have a designated day
to participate in Rock N’ Read for the day.

Grade 1 - Tuesday, March 1
Grade 2 - Wednesday, March 2
Grade 3 - Thursday, March 3
Grade 4 - Friday, March 4
Fifth Grade Parent Meeting
Fifth Grade parents are encouraged to attend a Carpe Vitam Parent Information Meeting in Mrs. Howell's Classroom (Benefield Hall) on Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. to hear all of the details about the upcoming Fifth Grade Carpe Vitam trip to Ebenezer.
Fathers, Faith & Frederica
Fathers, Faith, and Frederica (FF&F) will meet this week - on Friday, March 4. We will be meeting in the Athletic Conference Room in the gym since the big tent next to the football field is no more. Coffee is available starting at 8:00 a.m., and our meeting kicks off at 8:15 a.m. We will be wrapped up by 9:00 a.m.

So, what is FF&F? We are fathers. We are men of faith. And we are connected to Frederica in some way (kids, work, coach, grandkids). We are men who recognize that iron sharpens iron. By gathering, sharing our faith, our triumphs, and our struggles, we will all emerge from our meeting stronger than when we arrived. All FA men are welcome.

This Friday, we will continue our multi-meeting series called “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” It’s a broad discussion on our belief systems. Put on your thinking cap because this will make you use that noggin on the top of your neck.

If this seems like just what you need this week, well then come to the Athletic Conference Room on Friday at 8:00 a.m. Again, all FA men are welcome. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Teachers will host parents interested in meeting for a conference on Friday, March 11. Conference sign-ups will be available starting on Monday, February 28. Parents will receive an email on Monday afternoon inviting them to sign up online.

Friday, March 11, will be a student holiday in order for teachers to be able to participate in their respective parent conferences.
FA 2022 Visiting Artist
Thank you, Trelani Michelle, FA 2022 Visiting Artist

Students in Grades 1-8, plus Upper School students enrolled in Spring Arts classes, had the opportunity to participate in creative writing workshops led by Trelani Michelle, author and memoirist, last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Trelani presented custom-designed writing workshops to each grade level, focusing on the theme "From Me to We." The writing prompts followed the narrative that personal history is family history, which becomes community history, and then spreads shared history to a broader understanding.

The Fine Arts teachers, Mrs. Raffaele, Mrs. Etheredge, Mrs. Edenfield, Dr. Taylor, and Dr. Nielsen, hosted Trelani in their classrooms and helped facilitate the writing. The final, collective project, which we hope to share as a literary journal, is now underway.

To learn more about Trelani Michele, read her blog, or order her publications, please visit www.trelanimichelle.com or www.krakteet.com.

The FA Visiting Artist Program is sponsored by the Ellen E. Fleming Endowment for the Arts. This endowment seeks to promote cultural arts and awareness throughout the school community.

Thank you, Trelani!
Rotary Student of the Month
Congratulations, Adam Elsharkawi!

Adam Elsharkawi was honored as the February Rotary Student of the Month at last week's Rotary luncheon at the Brunswick Country Club. Adam invited Will Powell to be his teacher honoree.
Health + Wellness Club Updates
The FA Health and Wellness Club Relay for Life team held a spirit night at Chick-fil-A this past Thursday night. With a percentage of the proceeds from sales going to our team fund, we were very excited to have this opportunity. It was so much fun to get together with friends and laugh and have a great time while supporting a good cause. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support us as well as Clark Drury and his Chick-fil-A staff for their hospitality! We had a great turnout and made many great memories! 

Thomas Veal
FA Health and Wellness Co-President
The entire purpose of the FA Health and Wellness Club is to support the health of "mind, body, and spirit," which is the mission of Frederica Academy. As a club, we have always aspired to become involved in health projects and activities in the community. As our club has grown and become very active in events on campus and in the community, we are being contacted regularly by area physicians, non-profit organizations, churches, and other health-related clubs and organizations to assist, educate, and just be involved! We were asked on Friday to assist at Manna House in prepping and serving lunches to the impoverished and homeless population on Saturday morning. Several of the club members agreed to go, and it was a great experience. We prepped and bagged over 250 lunches, made tea and iced water, and then distributed drinks and bagged lunches for those who came in for lunch. Chatting with some of the people as they arrived taught us that many had fallen on hard times during the Covid-era, many are disabled, and many are elderly. Although it was with a heavy heart for those we served, we enjoyed our morning and were grateful to be able to help out at the last minute!

Cammie Pope
FA Health and Wellness Co-President
The Middle School Advisory Canned Goods Battle ended the first week in a tight race! Remember that this competition runs until March 16, and the winning advisory will be rewarded with a pizza party! The following advisories are in the lead:

1st- Mrs. Sandra Smith's Advisory
2nd - Coach Derrick's Advisory
3rd - Dr. Taylor's Advisory

Keep bringing in those canned goods to help our FA Relay for Life team! The canned goods will be used to anchor the luminaries at the Relay event and then donated to Second Harvest.


Connor Pope and Wilson McCallum
Middle School Relay for Life Chairs
MS Head of School Awards
Mr. Hutchinson presented Head of School Awards to the Middle School students who earned A's in all of their classes during the First Semester at last week's Middle School assembly. Head of School recipients are pictured with their grade-level classmates starting with the Eighth Grade class at the top.
FA Playwriters Honored
Laila Gilbert and Emerson Pickens
Awarded First Place in
Price-Blackburn Playwriting Contest

On Thursday, February 24, Laila Gilbert and Emerson Pickens had the honor of seeing their play come to life on the Ritz Theatre Stage. Their romantic comedy, entitled Harmony, was produced and presented by the Brunswick High School Theater Troupe. Harmony followed the story of the protagonist "Emmaline" as she struggled with being bullied and fitting in with her peers. In the end, Emmaline found harmony in her friendships by making music.

Laila and Emerson were each awarded $250 to share the 1st place prize. For the past 23 years, the Price-Blackburn has been sponsoring this contest to promote creative writing among middle school students.
Fifth Grade Board Games
Fifth Grade students worked in small groups to create board games last week. For this assignment, students do not pour over notes or texts. Instead, they use the details of a recently completed novel to create a playable board game. The students discussed the parts of a good game, including objectives, challenges, and incorporating content from the book. Mrs. Howell was incredibly proud of the Fifth Grade students' efforts and dedication to the project. 
Kindergarten Shapes Lesson
Kindergarten students have been learning about shapes. They worked very hard at creating their own unique “house of shapes” last week.
Pre-K Mystery Readers
Pre-K had two sets of Mystery Readers last week.

On Tuesday, Olynda Hull and Mike McGraw, surprised their grandchildren, Jacob Maichle and Louis Hull, as Mystery Readers. Jacob and Louis are first cousins. Louis’ sister, Adelaide Hull, was also shadowing in Pre-K on Tuesday so it was an especially fun time for the Hull and Maichle families.
Cristina Coleman, Grady Coleman’s mom, read two Berenstain Bears books to the Pre-K class on Thursday.
March FA Events
March 8-10
Rising Ninth Grade Shadow Days

March 8 or 16
Fourth Grade Field Trips
Epworth Tabby Cabins
Saint Simons Lighthouse

March 9 @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty Meeting

March 10 @ 8:15 AM
Second Grade Dad's Breakfast

March 10
Quarter 3 Grades Posted

March 11
Parent-Teacher Conference Day
Recycled Uniform Sale
No School for Students

March 12
SAT Exam at FA

March 16
Fourth Grade Field Trips
Epworth + SSI Lighthouse

March 18
FA Field Days
Student Early Dismissal

March 21-23
Fifth Grade Ebenezer Trip

March 23
Fourth Grade Field Trip
Fort Frederica Dig

March 24
Science Fair Due Date

March 24
Fourth Grade
Archaeology Lab

March 24-26
MS + US Spring Musical:
"Mamma Mia"

March 31
US Photojournalism Field Trip
White Oak (Yulee, FL)
20th Annual FA Derby Day
There are two ways to access the Derby Day website.
1. Text FADerby to 76278.
If you registered for Derby Day last year, you may be automatically logged-in once you access the site. Click on the "Home" tab, and you will be off to the races! If you forgot your log-in credentials, you can click "forgot password." We encourage all patrons to "allow" text messages when enrolling because this will allow us to keep you updated as May 7 draws nearer.
Please note that when you receive a link via text or email from GiveSmart, it is a link that is personalized for you. Do not share this link with friends because it will be tied to your personal account and your corresponding payment information.

Please feel free to call, text, or email me with any questions, and stay tuned for information regarding this year's raffle item!
Brad Hutcherson
Director of Development
Frederica Academy
2022 FA Summer Programs
FA Spring Athletic Schedules
FA Social Media