Head of School Message
Dear FA Families,

I was reviewing three data points this week to gauge a bit about the community’s perception of the overall health of our school. I am generally not a ”take a poll to take a stand” guy, but making sure that we are seen by our customer base as providing the essential services to our students and our families in a thoughtful, compassionate manner does matter very much to me.

By all three touchstone criteria… openings in next year’s senior class, re-enrollment rates across all grade levels, and demonstrated interest from prospective families… I found heartening news. The senior class will be completely full to capacity next year with a waiting list for potential last-minute relocation prospects. The re-enrollment rates across all three divisions are higher now than they have ever been at this time of the year, and interest from new families… both within our area and relocating from afar… also exceeds previous high-water marks of year’s past. Thank you for your part in contributing to any of these benchmarks. Your loyalty is appreciated in that it affirms for me that we, as a school, are doing some important things well and serves as a constant reminder that we must improve each year to earn a deeper loyalty going forward.

The reason that I am writing about this week’s discovery is not so much to call attention to and celebrate our progress as a school and/or to thank you for your role in any of our successes, but to share my back-of-the-napkin analysis of perhaps why I think this trend might be emerging. To the headline, I think we might be gaining some positive traction in this community… both within our school and outside… because our brand is becoming clearer, and, to the heart of the matter, we are delivering on that brand more predictably.

I think what follows then that those who are experiencing firsthand the delivery of that brand are more likely to share a positive review of the school as a result. We have always had and will always have moments of dissatisfaction or disagreement within our school community because we are, after all, a collection of nearly three hundred families, each with its own preferences and biases for looking at and living in the world.

We also have potentially impactful areas within each division or other aspects of school life where we still need to improve, and depending on one’s optics on any given moment of any given day, our cup may appear half full, half empty, or even both. What is now making us more than just this collection of families, opinions, and optics and more of a united and stronger community is a clearer understanding and agreement on the core beliefs that bind us all together and the school’s ability to more consistently deliver on those beliefs.

This afternoon, the visiting members of our SAIS (Southern Association of Independent Schools) reaccreditation team begin their three-day review of our program and our campus. In preparation for their visit, I was rereading our FA Today branding document. I believe it succinctly identifies key features of our brand and articulates the foundational beliefs that bind this school community together; it is largely from that foundation that we will continue to evolve and improve. If you have a moment in the next day or two, it might be worth clicking here to read it to remind and reinforce who FA is and why we are all so committed to its success.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School 
This Week at FA
SAIS Re-accreditation Campus Visit


MS + US Science Fair

Monday @ 10:00 AM
Upper School Advisory

Monday @ 2:00 PM
Varsity Golf @ Valdosta Country Club
vs. Valwood + Brookwood
Dismissal @ 10:00 AM

Varsity Soccer
Girls @ 5:00 PM
Boys @ 7:00 PM
Dismissal @ 1:05 PM

Tuesday @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty + Staff Meeting

Tuesday @ 6:00 PM
Varsity Baseball @ Camden

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
Upper School Virtual Assembly

Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Little Women Dress Rehearsal
Invitation Only

Thursday @ 10:00 AM
Junior Class College Meeting
Sea Island Green Tent

Thursday @ 1:00 PM
US Student Council Meeting
Mr. Jobe's Classroom

Thursday @ 1:30 PM
8th to 9th Grade Student Move-Up
Terry Thomas Room

Thursday @ 3:00 PM
Varsity Tennis @ Retreat
vs.Bulloch Academy
Dismissal @ 2:00 PM

Thursday @ 4:00 PM
Varsity Golf @ Brunswick Country Club
vs. Brunswick High School
Dismissal @ 2:25 PM

Thursday @ 4:00 PM

Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Varsity Baseball Tournament
@ Home vs. ACE

Thursday @ 7:00 PM
MS + US Musical
Little Women
Hamilton Hall

Friday @ Noon
Fourth Grade Field Trip
Tall Ship Lynx

Friday @ 4:00 PM
MS Baseball @ Home
vs. First Presbyterian
Dismissal @ 2:50 PM

Varsity Soccer @ Home
vs. Westfield
Girls @ 5:00 PM
Boys @ 7:00 PM

Friday @ 7:00 PM
MS + US Musical
Little Women
Hamilton Hall

Friday @ 7:00 PM
Varsity Baseball Tournament
@ Home vs. ACE

Varsity Baseball Tournament
@ Home
vs. First Presbyterian @ 1:00 PM
vs. ACE @ 4:00 PM

Saturday @ 2:00 PM
MS + US Musical
Little Women
Hamilton Hall
Knights Table Menus
Chef Sunny has procured Kale and Sunflower Sprouts (as pictured) from Cuisine Greens, a local, veteran-owned farm. The greens boost nutritional value of salads up to 30%. They will be included in all salads.
SAIS Re-Accreditation Visit
MS + US Science Fair
FA Fine Arts Deadline
The FA Fine Arts Department is pleased to announce the establishment of the Frederica Academy Fine Arts Alumni Hall of Fame.

A person can qualify for the Hall of Fame in one of two categories:
  1. Alumni Honoree
  2. Distinguished Educator Honoree

The purpose of the Fine Arts Alumni Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize those who have reached outstanding achievements in the arts professions and arts education. The Hall of Fame program launches in celebration of the school's 50th anniversary.

  • Nominations can be submitted by anyone.
  • Entries will be accepted until March 25.
  • Honorees will be announced on April 20.
Little Women Performances
International Thespian Troupe #8989 Presents

"Little Women, The Broadway Musical"

Thursday, March 25, at 7:00 PM
Friday, March 26, at 7:00 PM (LIVESTREAM)
Saturday, March 27, at 2:00 PM

Hamilton Hall

Coastal Symphony of Georgia
FA is pleased to partner with the Coastal Symphony of Georgia to keep the music playing. Last Sunday, over 200 patrons enjoyed a glorious concert on the Sea Island Green. Fine Arts faculty Dr. Nielsen and Dr. Taylor, along with eleven student volunteers, organized by FA parents Shonda and Nathan Kohlhoff, hosted the event.

The Symphony reimagined its' "Variations on a Season" concert series this year to offer five outdoor performances. Frederica Academy is the venue for two of these concerts. In addition to last Sunday's performance, the Symphony will return to the Sea Island Green on Sunday, May 2. Click here to learn more about the series.

The Coastal Symphony of Georgia made a donation to FA's music department to express its appreciation for being able to host two of its concerts on our campus.
Congrats, Virginia Anne Tennant!
Congratulations to Virginia Anne Tennant, who was honored last Thursday as this month's Student of the Month by the Rotary Club of Brunswick. Virginia Anne selected Mr. Jobe as her teacher honoree.
Young Playwrights Win Top Award
Amelia McGlaughlin and Elizabeth Temple are winners of this year's Young Playwrights Award, sponsored by the Price/Blackburn Foundation. The two Seventh Grade students share a $500 prize for their 10-minute play, Game of Witches and Rubies. Their play will be performed at the Ritz Theater in April by the Brunswick High School Theater Company.

In October 2020, Heather Heath, Director of Golden Isles Arts and Humanities, presented a playwriting workshop to Frederica's Middle School students. Inspired by the workshop, Amelia and Elizabeth envisioned their prize-winning story and entered their play into the competition.

Click here to read more about the Eugenia Price / Joyce Blackburn foundation, and the Golden Isle Arts and Humanities education outreach.

Congratulations, Amelia and Elizabeth!
FA in The Brunswick News
Lower School Field Day
Middle School Field Day
Upper School Field Day
US Health + Wellness Club
Nineteen members of the Health and Wellness Club met Saturday to complete their latest community service project in partnership with four senior nursing students from the College of Coastal Georgia.

The club members have been collecting products for the past month to make individual bags of feminine personal care items. Thirty-three individual bags will be distributed to each middle and high school in Glynn County and thirty to Camden High. Each school will also receive items to refurbish the packs.

With many families facing financial difficulties, particularly during this time of COVID-19, the students wanted to do something to help the lives of other teenagers in our broader community. We are very proud of their hard work and dedication. We are also grateful to Nurse Pope and Coach Riggs for helping organize these outstanding servant leaders.
Eighth Grade Parent Session
There was a large turnout of parents who attended the session for parents who have Eighth Grade students who will start their high school careers in Corn Hall next year.
Eighth Grade Bill of Rights
Amanda Barak is a lawyer for FLETC's legal division. She visited Benefield Hall last Tuesday to speak with Mrs. Smith's Eighth Grade students about the Bill of Rights, with an emphasis on the Fourth Amendment. Ms. Barak shared information on Supreme Court cases and how they set a precedent for law enforcement.
Sixth Grade Spanish Poetry
¿Te gusta la comida del desayuno? In Sixth Grade Spanish, students wrote poems about their favorite breakfast foods. Students were invited to perform their poetry at Srta. Hill's Poetry House. On the day of their performance, there was a full breakfast spread featuring all of the items from their poetry. There was everything from bacon and sausage to yogurt and cereal. The goal was to rhyme in Spanish, and students did an excellent job writing and performing their verses.
Fourth Grade Field Trip
Last week, Fourth Grade students continued their exploration of local history with a visit to Fort Frederica. The rangers created a scavenger hunt for information inside the museum and outside on the grounds. The children learned about the local colonial period and the town that was enclosed within the palisades of the fort. They loved seeing firsthand what they are studying in their classrooms. Next stop, the Lynx!
After-School Math Games
Second and Third Grade students have enjoyed practicing math skills and strategies on Mondays during their after-school program.
PA Faculty Luncheon
The FA faculty and staff extend their heartfelt appreciation to all of the parents who organized and volunteered for the luncheon hosted by Parent Association last week.

The meal was catered by Jefecitas Mobile Kitchen.
Next Sunday: New Photo Albums
March + April Events

March 30
Order Deadline

March 30
US Digital Photography
Field Trip to Yulee

March 31 (10:00 AM)
Fifth Grade Move-Up Day
Benefield Hall

March 31 (11:00 AM)
Fourth Grade Field Trip
Epworth Tabby Cabins

March 31 @ 6:00 PM
Middle School Carpe Vitam
Parent Nights
Sixth Grade - Hamilton Hall
Seventh Grade - MS Academic Center
Eighth Grade - Terry Thomas Room

April 2
Good Friday - No School

April 5-9
Spring Break

April 13 @ 8:00 AM
Second Grade Dad Breakfast
Sea Island Green Tent

April 13
Junior Class Meeting
Sea Island Green Tent

April 14 (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
FA Employee
Second COVID-19 Vaccination

April 14
Auburn University Virtual Visit
College Counseling Center

April 14 @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty Meeting
FA Gymnasium

April 15
Rotary Student of the Month

April 17
ACT Exam at FA

April 17
FA Junior-Senior Prom
Sea Island Green Tent

April 19
Q4 Progress Reports Posted

April 20
Fourth Grade
Archaeological Dig
Fort Frederica

April 20
Varsity Region Tennis Tournament
Coastal College of Georgia

April 20
Arts Alumni Hall of Fame
Spring Concert

April 21
Varsity Region Track Meet
@ Bulloch in Statesboro

April 22
FA Parent Association
Teacher "Grab + Go" Breakfast
Gym Lobby

April 22 @ 6:00 PM
BOV + Trustee Emeriti + BOT Reception

April 26
Varsity State Tennis
Individual Tournament in Macon

April 26
Varsity State Golf Tournament
Brunswick Country Club

April 27
Middle School Golf Championship
Savannah Golf Club

April 28
Senior College T-Shirt Day
Senior Honors Virtual Ceremony

April 28 @ 5:00 PM
PPE Night (Grades 4-11)
Gym Lobby

April 29-30; May 1
Varsity State Track Meet
@ Bulloch

April 30
Fourth Grade Field Trip

April 30
Red Cross Blood Drive
FA Gymnasium

May 1 (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM)
Derby Day
Sea Island Retreat Clubhouse
Spring Athletic Schedules
2021 Summer Programs
Derby Day 2021
FA Social Media
FA Quick Links