Head of School Message

Dear FA Families,

I am sure that everyone holds a handful of inspirational quotes or sayings that capture some essence or truth that has been or is particularly important in their respective life journey. This was always at or near the top of my list ever since I first heard it as a young boy. It was a call to duty then that has resonated with and inspired me for literally decades now and was almost entirely responsible for my choosing the profession that I have invested my life in since college.

I write about it briefly today because the spirit of that quote is one that is ubiquitous within our campus every day and serves as a core principle both in the underpinnings of the FA brand and in inspiring students today. Empowering young people to truly believe that they can make a difference frees them from the constraints of the limited expectations that come with a culture that often promotes the notion that only adults, or even adults with means, can effectively impact the course of our culture.

There are a whole host of gifts that I hope your children receive in their time here at FA. They should receive a high level of literacy in all the major academic arenas in their course of study. They should have ignited for them a sense of wonder and curiosity about newfound areas of interest and, hopefully, they will find or make the time to excavate deeper into an area or areas of interest that demand a higher level of mastery and commitment. They will meet new and interesting people ... adults and classmates … who will befriend, support, and challenge them throughout their time here, and they will learn their role in cultivating new and strong friendships. When it is all said and done, they will learn amazing things about the world around them and the world within them, and that knowledge will position themselves to contribute to the communities in which they choose to live.

But the mortar that holds any wall of life together… the key to actually building that wall of a purposeful and fulfilling life from that pile of bricks of knowledge and experiences, is a belief that one can, in fact, truly make a difference in this world and that it is worth a great investment of time and energy to be able to do so. If throughout a student’s time at FA we can imbibed in him or her with those skills and experiences and instill that belief in them that they can make a real difference, I believe that both their time and energy and your support will be an investment that returns a bountiful dividend.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA
Sunday @ 1:40 PM
FA Golf Classic
Alumni vs. 2021 Varsity
Brunswick Country Club


Monday @ 10:00 AM
Upper School Advisory

Monday @ 4:00 PM
Middle School Faculty Meeting
Hamilton Hall

Monday @ 5:00 PM
Varsity Baseball

Tuesday @ 10:00 AM
Middle School Assembly

Tuesday @ 1:00 PM
US FCA Fellowship
Candler Soccer Field Bleachers

Tuesday @ 4:00 PM
Varsity Tennis SCRIMMAGE
@ Glynn Academy

Tuesday @ 4:30 PM
Varsity Track Meet
@ Glynn Middle School
Lanier Street

Varsity Soccer @ Camden
Girls @ 5:00 PM
Boys @ 7:00 PM
Dismissal @ 3:00 PM

Wednesday (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
COVID-19 Vaccinations
FA Gymnasium

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
US Virtual Assembly

Wednesday @ 4:00 PM
Middle School Baseball
@ Home vs. Brantley
Dismissal @ 2:50 PM

Wednesday @ 4:00 PM
US Faculty Meeting
Hamilton Hall

Varsity Golf vs. Camden
@ Home (details pending)

Thursday @ 11:00 AM
Fourth Grade Field Trip
Fort King George (Darien)

Thursday @ 1:00 PM
Finance + Investment Club
Mr. Willis' Classroom
Speaker: Timothy O'Hara

Thursday @ 1:00 PM
Health + Wellness Project Leaders
Mr. Riggs' Classroom

Thursday @ 1:00 PM
US Student Council Meeting
Mr. Jobe's Classroom

Thursday @ 3:00 PM
Varsity Tennis @ Pinewood
Dismissal @ Noon

Thursday @ 5:00 PM
Varsity Baseball
Dismissal @ 11:20 AM

Thursday @ 7:00 PM
Fifth Grade Musical
Hamilton Hall
(Invitation Only)
Followed by Cast Party in Gym Lobby
Watch via Livestream

Thursday Evening
Q3 Grades/Comments Posted

No School for Students
No KiX Program

Friday @ 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM'ish
US Field Trip
Lynx Tall Ship
Morningstar Marina (Coastal Kitchen)

Varsity Soccer @ Westfield
Girls @ 5:00 PM
Boys @ 7:00 PM

SAT Exam at FA

Saturday + Sunday
Varsity Golf
Stratford Match Play

Saturday @ 1:00 PM
Varsity Baseball
@ Home vs. Trinity Christian
Knights Table Menus
Derby Day Merch On Sale!
Athletic Spectator Information
KONA Ice Truck @ Lunch
US Finance + Investment Club
Fifth Grade Musical
Parent-Teacher Conferences (K-12)
US Tall Ship Voyage
April 17 ACT Deadline
8th Grade Parent Session
All Eighth Grade parents should have received a Paperless Post invitation earlier this month to attend a session on Thursday, March 18, at 8:15 a.m., which is an introduction to Frederica Academy's Upper School.

Please use the online invitation to RSVP.

For more information, please click here to email Laura Nevins.
Lower School Field Day
FA Arts in The News
FA Fine Arts Alumni Hall of Fame
The FA Fine Arts Department is pleased to announce the establishment of the Frederica Academy Fine Arts Alumni Hall of Fame.

A person can qualify for the Hall of Fame in one of two categories:
  1. Alumni Honoree
  2. Distinguished Educator Honoree

The purpose of the Fine Arts Alumni Hall of Fame is to honor and recognize those who have reached outstanding achievements in the arts professions and arts education. The Hall of Fame program launches in celebration of the school's 50th anniversary.

  • Nominations can be submitted by anyone.
  • Entries will be accepted until March 25.
  • Honorees will be announced on April 20.
More FA March Music
FA Shoe + Book Drives
Frederica Academy is partnering with Communities in Schools of Glynn County by sponsoring two collection drives:

  • Gently used or new closed-toe shoes (Size 9 Youth - Size 9 Adult)
  • Children's Books

Both drives will run through the month of March. Collection boxes are located in Happy Hall and in the front office of the Administration Building.

All donated items will go to children in local schools.
Middle School Model UN
Eighteen amazing FA Middle School students participated in 2021 Virtual Coastal Georgia Middle School Model United Nations Conference on Friday. These students, many new to Model UN, did an amazing job researching their assigned countries, creating amendments, and writing speeches to bolster their ideas. All of the students performed better than imagined. It was wonderful watching them in action.

Although we have not received the final results, FA ended the evening taking second runner-up in the overall competition and several students received individual delegate awards. Way to go FA!

Participating students included: Kyler Alexander, Libby Certain, Mavry Driggers, Lauren Dunn, Noah Falken, Jacob Garcia, Kate Head, Gemma Johnston, Jordan Lee, Brooke Lewis, Wilson McCallum, Eddie Myers, Audrey Shingler, Lea Maye Smith, Luke Smith, Clay Sproule, Ava Wyrick, and Emily Wyrick.
January MS REACH Students
February MS REACH Students
Middle School Spanish
For their fifth Circulos Literarios, Middle School Spanish students read a short story about two tourists that get lost on the way to the airport.

Students were told they were going to travel as well and fly to Madrid, Spain. In order to board the plane and win the game, they needed an ID, passport, and boarding pass. They were told that their IDs and passports were hidden somewhere on campus and that it was their job to find them. In groups, students followed clues, solved puzzles, and read maps in order to find the missing items. With these items, students completed one last challenge that would earn them their boarding pass and the final prize.

They enjoyed solving the puzzles and the clues, and every class was a close call. It was a great ending to their short story segment. Students will now choose their highest rated short story and create a book cover along with a critical review. They will work on their book cover and writing over the next couple of weeks before segueing into reading a novel. More adventures to come! 
More Escapes in Mrs. Smith's Class!
LS Celebrates Dr. Seuss Week
Third Grade Bird Beaks
Third Grade students learned about animal adaptations last week. To understand the importance of how adaptations help animals survive, students used different "beaks" to gather "food."
Second Grade Flat Me Journeys
Kindergarten Bread + Butter
This quarter during their Wit and Wisdom module, Kindergarten students have been learning about how our homes, schools, and transportation have changed over the years. They have also learned about famous Americans such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ella Fitzgerald, and Amelia Earhart.

As a way to make this unit come alive, students made bread in the bread maker on Friday. As the delicious smell of bread filled the Kindergarten classroom, the students also made their own butter by shaking jars of heavy cream until butter formed. They discussed how long ago people didn’t get everything from the grocery store, but instead made things by hand. What a tasty lesson it was!
Lower School Tinker Time
Tinker Time fun continues! Last week, the after-school program participants enjoyed building and creating large pictures of their choice.
March + April Events

March 14 @ 3:00 PM
Coastal Symphony
FA Sea Island Green

March 16-18
Fifth Grade Ebenezer Trip

March 16
Fourth Grade
Fort Frederica Field Trip

March 17 @ 8:15 AM
FA Parent Association Meeting
Hamilton Hall

March 18 @ 8:15 AM
Parent's Guide to Upper School
FA Eighth Grade Parents
Terry Thomas Room
Ralston Fine Arts Center

March 18
Teacher + Staff Luncheon
Gym Lobby
Thanks, FA Parent Association!

March 19
Division Field Days
MS + US Dismissal @ 11:30 AM
LS Dismissal @ Noon
KiX will not be available on March 19.

March 21-23
SAIS Re-Accreditation Team
Campus Visit

March 23 @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty + Staff SAIS Meeting

March 22-26
Science Fair

March 25
Rotary Student of the Month

March 25 @ 1:30 PM
Eighth Grade Move-Up Session
Introduction to Upper School
Terry Thomas Room

March 26
Fourth Grade
Lynx Tall Ship Field Trip

March 25-27
Little Women
Hamilton Hall

March 30
Order Deadline

March 30
US Digital Photography
Field Trip to Yulee

April 2
Good Friday - No School

April 5-9
Spring Break

April 13 @ 8:00 AM
Second Grade Dad Breakfast
Sea Island Green Tent

April 13
Junior Class Meeting
Sea Island Green Tent

April 14
Auburn University Virtual Visit
College Counseling Center

April 14 @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty Meeting
FA Gymnasium

April 15 (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
FA Employee
Second COVID-19 Vaccination

April 15
Rotary Student of the Month

April 17
ACT Exam at FA

April 17
FA Junior-Senior Prom

April 19
Q4 Progress Reports Posted

April 20
Fourth Grade
Archaeological Dig
Fort Frederica

April 20
Varsity Region Tennis Tournament
Coastal College of Georgia

April 20
Arts Alumni Hall of Fame
Senior Showcase
Tri-M Presentations

April 21
Varsity Region Track Meet
@ Bulloch in Statesboro

April 22
FA Parent Association
Teacher "Grab + Go" Breakfast
Gym Lobby

April 22 @ 6:00 PM
BOV + BOT Reception

April 26
Varsity State Tennis
Individual Tournament in Macon

April 26
Varsity State Golf Tournament
Brunswick Country Club

April 28
Senior College T-Shirt Day
Senior Honors Virtual Ceremony

April 28 @ 5:00 PM
PPE Night (Grades 4-11)
Gym Lobby

April 29-30; May 1
Varsity State Track Meet
@ Bulloch

April 30
Red Cross Blood Drive
FA Gymnasium

May 1 (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM)
Derby Day
Sea Island Retreat Clubhouse
Spring Athletic Schedules
2021 Summer Programs
US Summer Opportunities
Charlotte Floyd Gore In Memoriam
Derby Day 2021
FA Social Media
FA Quick Links