Head of School Message
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Lao Tzu
Dear FA Families,

Sitting in the audience for the year-end Pre-K program on Thursday and on the dais at the graduation of our seniors yesterday certainly provided me a vivid visual reminder of one’s incredible journey through the school-age years and the role that an impactful school partner can play for a child in that journey. At FA, we are potentially shepherding four-year-old children so vulnerable and innocent in life’s ways and yet at the same time so energized and eager to begin to acquire the first set of skills and attitudes it will take for them to succeed in their young lives. Fourteen years later we are ushering those same students out the door and into a college adventure … practiced, experienced, and armed with a new, ever-expanding body of knowledge and ways of thinking and acting acquired in bits and pieces throughout those intervening years.

My overwhelming take-away this morning from watching the students in these two events is threefold:

  • First, the enormous responsibility of the school to predict correctly what knowledge and skills will be essential to best ensure success as we ready our students for the world beyond FA;

  • Second, the challenge of thoughtfully parceling and pacing the expectations and acquisition of these skills over a fourteen-year span in age-appropriate ways that best inspire and affirm a student’s progress; and

  • Third, the creation and caretaking of the educational and social milieus necessary to encourage and nourish that optimal development.

Truth is, witnessing those two events this past week directly encapsulated for me the “what, when, and how” of the process of learning and indirectly shedding light on the core business of our school. A hearty congratulations to both sets of students for taking those first steps over their respective hurdles and continuing on in the journey.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA

Monday @ 10:00 AM
Upper School Assembly

US Exam Review Days

Tuesday @ 7:15 AM
MS Faculty Meeting
Shuman Conference Room

Tuesday @ 10:00 AM
Final 2021-2022
MS Assembly

Tuesday @ 6:00 PM
FA Girls Softball Club Game
Howard Coffin Park

Wednesday @ 8:30 AM
Kindergarten EOY Program
Hamilton Hall

Wednesday @ 9:30 AM
Second Grade EOY Celebration
Brunswick Adventures

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
US Advisory

Wednesday @ Noon
AP English Literature
College Counseling Center

Thursday @ 7:15 AM
Fourth Grade Field Trip
Sapelo Island

Thursday @ 6:00 PM
FA Girls Softball Club Game
Howard Coffin Park

Friday @ 8:00 AM
AP Calculus AB
College Counseling Center

Friday @ 8:10 AM
LS Morning Meeting

Friday @ 9:00 AM

Friday @ Post-Exam
MS + US Early Dismissal

Friday @ 11:45 AM
First Grade
EOY Field Trip + Party
Neptune Park
Knights Table Menu
MS + US Exam Schedule
MS Exam Information
  • Exam review days will be Tuesday, May 17, through Thursday, May 19.

  • On Exam days please arrive between 8:30-8:45 a.m. We will conduct our regular drop-off procedures.

  • Exams will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

  • Exams will end at 11:00 a.m. with two exceptions: 1) we will have an early dismissal at 10:30 a.m. for students who finish early; and 2) extended time will be available for students who have accommodations.

  • Please plan to pick your child up in the Middle School drop-off area after exam completion.

  • Students may dress down for exam days. Please remember that this does NOT include wearing: tights or yoga pants, hoodies, sweats, pajamas, blankets or a ‘comfy’, etc. 
  • Exam rosters and classroom testing locations will be posted in both Middle School hallways the morning of the exams.
Final Senior Assignment
Congratulations Seniors! Here is your last FA assignment: 

If you still have a Chromebook, please be aware that we will be deprovisioning the senior Chromebooks on Monday, May 16th. This will wipe out anything saved to the Chromebook and will remove your Chromebook from our school's safety net and security settings. It will be yours forever.

We recommend checking the files saved on the Chromebook (camera pics?) and move or remove them before Monday. This has no effect on your saved files in Google Drive. Your Frederica emails and Google drive will stay alive for another year. 

Chromebook Buy-Back: Frederica is offering a buy-back program for your used Chromebook. If your Chromebook powers up and has NO screen damage, you will receive a $40 credit to your school account. Please turn this into the school's front office by May 31st.

Please email Dan Redanz at chromebooks@fredericaacademy.org or see him in the Been Library if you have any questions or issues.

Seniors, best wishes to you in your future life paths! 
Library Books Due
All library books that have been checked out this year must be returned this week. A $15 fee will be posted on each student's family account for books not returned by Friday, May 20.
FA Softball Games
Frederica Academy’s Softball Club has had a wonderful season. The girls have practiced weekly since March and are currently 2-0 in local match-ups. They finish their season this week with two games at Howard Coffin Park in Brunswick on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Both games start at 6:00 p.m. Please come out and support your Lady Knights!
MAY 25 @ 11:00 AM
Eighth Grade Graduation
The Eighth Grade Graduation ceremony will be held at St. Simons Presbyterian Church (205 Kings Way, St Simons Island) on Wednesday, May 25, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Please do not arrive before 10:45 a.m. as the Lower School Closing Ceremony will precede our ceremony. Additionally, please limit the number of guests to your immediate family.

The required student attire for girls should be an outfit suitable for church - no strapless or spaghetti straps with dress shoes (no flip flops). Boys should be dressed in long dress pants, white button-down shirt, tie, dark sport coat (preferably navy blue) and dress shoes (no sneakers).

Rehearsal for the Graduation Ceremony will take place on Tuesday, May 24, at 11:30 a.m. (directly following the History exam). Students will be transported by Frederica Academy Busses. Parents, please sign the permission form for your child to travel to and from St. Simons Presbyterian Church and have it returned no later than Monday, May 23. We should be back to campus by 12:45 p.m., so please plan to pick your child up at that time.
2022-2023 US Service
Council Leadership
The Upper School is pleased to announce that the following students will serve as next year's Service Council officers.
Parker Jules
Class of 2023
Lily Najawicz
Vice President
Class of 2024
Carley Blogg
Class of 2024
Congrats, Dr. Nevins!
Frederica Academy''s Director of College Placement and Assistant Head of the Upper School, Laura Nevins, received her doctorate diploma from Vanderbilt's Peabody College at the school's annual commencement ceremony on Friday. Dr. Nevins was joined by her husband, Matt, and her son, Cooper (Class of 2035). Congratulations, Dr. Nevins!
FA Haiti Soccer Project
Thank you to all who supported the building of the soccer field at our sister school in Haiti (Jubilee School). Dottie Barrow, who spent last week at the Jubilee School, reports that the first game was exciting with over 200 spectators in attendance. This field will be a central attraction for the community in Jubilee for years to come. The FA logo is on the center circle of the field with the Creole words that translate to "We are one."
Grades 7-8 Drama Class
Last Thursday, actor and director David Weber visited the Seventh and Eighth Grade Drama class to lead an acting workshop, which focused on listening, partner skills, and ensemble building. Professor Weber is on the Drama Faculty at Young Harris College and Brenau University. A resident of St. Simons, Mr. Weber is also a member of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company and has an extensive portfolio of Shakespearean roles, directing credits, and TV and film roles.

Mr. Weber led the class in drama games designed to teach ensemble goal-setting and character motivation. The students also learned to work with an acting partner in movement and non-verbal communication, which required personal focus and nuanced reaction.

The acting workshop was a great way to wrap up the semester.
Fifth Grade Art
Fifth Grade students loved creating dragon eyes out of Model Magic in Art class last week.
Third Grade Bottle Launch
To conclude their force and motion unit, Third Grade students constructed bottle rockets for a real life application of Newton’s Laws on Friday to the delight of the other Lower School students who joined them for the demonstration.
Second Grade K9 Visit
Second Grade students recently enjoyed a visit from Glynn County Police Officer Jamie Cummings and Roxy, a K9 dog. Officer Cummings demonstrated how Roxy can search for illegal substances in a backpack or in the grass. Officer Cummings answered many questions the students had about Roxy, her training, and her responsibilities as a K9 dog for the police department.
Kindergarten Bee Visit
Kindergarten students enjoyed a visit from two beekeepers last week. Coach Helder and Calvin Helder shared lots of fun facts about bees and even let the students sample some of their delicious honey! 
Pre-K Mystery Reader
Last week’s Pre-K Mystery Reader was Ivy Klinowski's father, Doug Klinowski! He read, Very Worried Walrus by Richard Hefter. 
May Events
May 23
MS + US MATH Exams
Early Dismissal

May 23
Third Grade Field Trip

May 24
Early Dismissal

May 24
Lower School
Last Day of Classes

May 24 @ 8:30 AM
Fourth Grade Closing Ceremony

May 24 @ 9:15 AM
Pre-Kindergarten EOY Party
Front Practice Field
May 24 @ 11:00 AM
Lower School Hotdog Cookout

May 24 @ 11:45 AM
Eighth Grade Graduation Rehearsal
St. Simons Presbyterian Church

May 24 @ 1:30 PM
LS Talent Show (Hamilton Hall)

May 25 @ 9:00 AM
LS Closing Ceremony (Grades 1-4)
St. Simons Presbyterian Church

May 25 @ 11:00 AM
Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony
St. Simons Presbyterian Church

May 25
MS + US Make-Up Exams

May 25-27
Teacher Post Planning
2022 FA Summer Programs
2022-2023 School Uniforms
Given supply chain and embroidery delays, Frederica Academy encourages FA families to order uniforms now for the 2022-2023 school year. Uniforms will be required for all students in Grades PK-11 next year
FA Social Media