Head of School Message
"It is not enough to be busy, so are ants.
The question is what are we busy about.”
Henry David Thoreau
Dear FA Families,

This Sunday message is dedicated to all of the students of Frederica Academy who have been busy this year… very busy… growing up and discovering some emerging version of their best selves. From early August to late May, over 450 FA students have been coming to campus to learn from, and work and play with, classmates and teachers. They are chopping away at a long list of ”to do’s” that will remain still a long list throughout their lives, even as they tirelessly labor to address those items. The litany of important discoveries on the way to a fuller and more complete understanding of who they are and what they are becoming is the core business of growing up, and that is what our students have been busy working on each and every day this year.

Learning new material and new ways of thinking and then learning how best to absorb and apply that new material in their everyday lives fills each day. Whether it is something gleaned from a book, a lecture, or a class activity; or from an interaction with a classmate, teacher, or coach; or from quiet reflection and study… our students (Pre-K through twelfth grade) are busy, and busy building the seminal foundations of strong minds and stronger character.

Lessons in math or calculus, writing, or our country’s history; lessons in extending oneself to physical exhaustion in a sport; lessons in developing confidence and creativity, friendship, good sportsmanship, and in getting along with people who might hold an oppositional point of view; and lessons in service to others are all on that “to do” list every morning. Over time, each of those items and more will be addressed in some form, to some degree, and that is, to the heart of the matter, what our students are busy doing.

Congratulations to FA students for completing well another chapter in your stories. I very much look forward to seeing what next year’s pages will reveal.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA

Monday (9:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
MS + US MATH Exams
Early Dismissal

Monday (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM)
Third Grade Field Trip

Lower School
Last Day of Classes

Tuesday @ 8:30 AM
Fourth Grade Closing Ceremony
St. Simons Presbyterian Church

Tuesday (9:00 AM - 11:00 AM)
Early Dismissal

Tuesday @ 9:00 AM
Kindergarten EOY Carnival
Sea Island Green

Tuesday @ 9:15 AM
Pre-Kindergarten EOY Party
Front Practice Field

Tuesday @ 11:00 AM
Lower School Hotdog Picnic

Tuesday @ 11:45 AM
Eighth Grade Graduation REHEARSAL
St. Simons Presbyterian Church

Tuesday @ 1:30 PM
Hamilton Hall

Tuesday @ 5:30 PM
Baseball Banquet
Mellow Mushroom Patio

Wednesday @ 9:00 AM
LS Closing Ceremony (Grades 1-4)
St. Simons Presbyterian Church

Wednesday @ 11:00 AM
Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony
St. Simons Presbyterian Church

Teacher Post-Planning

MS + US Make-Up Exams

Friday @ 8:30 AM
US Faculty Meeting
Shuman Conference Room
Knights Table Menu
MS + US Exam Schedule
MS Exam Information
  • On Exam days please arrive between 8:30-8:45 a.m. We will conduct our regular drop-off procedures.

  • Exams will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

  • Exams will end at 11:00 a.m. with two exceptions: 1) we will have an early dismissal at 10:30 a.m. for students who finish early; and 2) extended time will be available for students who have accommodations.

  • Please plan to pick your child up in the Middle School drop-off area after exam completion.

  • Students may dress down for exam days. Please remember that this does NOT include wearing: tights or yoga pants, hoodies, sweats, pajamas, blankets or a ‘comfy’, etc. 
  • Exam rosters and classroom testing locations will be posted in both Middle School hallways the morning of the exams.
TUESDAY @ 11:00 AM
LS Hot Dog Picnic
Closing Ceremonies
Lower School Closing Ceremony
Fourth Grade Graduation
Grades 1-4
9:00 AM
Middle School Closing Ceremony
Eighth Grade Graduation
Grade 8
11:00 AM

  • Girls Attire: Dress suitable for church.

  • Boys Attire (Grades 1-3): Long dress pants and collared shirt. No sneakers, please.

  • Fourth Grade Boys: Long dress pants, white button-down shirt, tie, and a dark sport coat (preferably navy blue). No sneakers, please.


  • Please do not arrive before 10:45 a.m. as the Lower School Closing Ceremony will precede the Eighth Grade ceremony. Additionally, please limit the number of guests to your immediate family.

  • The required student attire for girls is an outfit suitable for church - no strapless or spaghetti straps with dress shoes (no flip flops). Boys should be dressed in long dress pants, white button-down shirt, tie, dark sport coat (preferably navy blue) and dress shoes (no sneakers).

  • Rehearsal for the Graduation Ceremony will take place on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. (directly following the History exam). Students will be transported by Frederica Academy Busses. Parents, please sign the permission form for your child to travel to and from St. Simons Presbyterian Church and have it returned on Monday. We will be back on campus by 12:45 p.m., so please plan to pick your child up at that time.
MAY 26 - JUNE 1
Lands' End Uniform Sale
MAY 31 - JULY 28
Strength + Conditioning Camp
FA is offering two separate seven-week strength and conditioning summer camps. Here are the details:
  • The first camp is for Middle and Upper School football players, and it starts at 7:00 a.m. and goes until 9:00 a.m. every Monday through Thursday, starting on May 31st. Skills and drills will take place for the final 30 minutes. This football camp is available to FA rising 6th – 12th grade students planning to play football during the 2022 season.
  • For male and female athletes participating in all of our other sports in Grades 8-12, a separate camp will run from 8:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. each of the seven weeks Monday-Thursday.
  • Both camps will start on May 31st and run until July 28th. The camps will close down one week for the July 4th holiday (July 4-7) and will start back up on July 11th. 
  • There is a $200 fee for each camp, which covers the entire summer and includes gym shorts and a t-shirt for working out.
  • This is the first time we have provided this service to all of our student athletes. If space is available, we will open this opportunity to all interested student athletes in the surrounding area once we have determined FA student enrollment. 
The weight and conditioning program will be set up to each student’s needs and particular sport(s). There will be a coach with the students at all times working and coaching to help each athlete improve throughout the summer. Not only will strength and conditioning improve, but the workouts should also help with injury prevention.

Please click here for more information.
JULY 18-21
FA Kayak Camp (NEW)
Frederica Academy's Summer Programs has added a second session of its Southeast Adventure Outfitters Kayak Camp, which will take place the week of July 18. Spaces are very limited.
FA Ambassadors
The Glynn County Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors announced the student-athletes who make up its Ambassadors for the Class of 2022 on Friday. These graduating seniors from Brunswick High, Glynn Academy, and Frederica Academy are the ninth Ambassador group the Hall of Fame has honored as part of its community outreach program started in 2014.

Each spring, the Hall of Fame works in conjunction with these three schools to identify senior scholar-athletes who have excelled both academically and athletically while participating in athletics at their respective schools.

Eight student-athletes — four girls and four boys — have been named from each local high school this year. Please read the Brunswick News announcement article to learn more about the program and all of the 2022 Ambassadors.
Bryce Reilly
Ellie Runyan
One boy and one girl from each school have been selected for a $500 scholarship award. Frederica Academy's scholarship recipients are Bryce Reilly and Ellie Runyan.

The other six FA Glynn County Hall of Fame Ambassadors include the following outstanding members of the Class of 2022:
Merrill Been
Roy Boyd
Josephine Brock
Adam Elsharkawi
Andrew Kaminer
Katelyn Sitz
FA UCB Junior Board
Grayson Caine
Class of 2024
Travis Cavalier
Class of 2024
Mary Wallace Champion
Class of 2024
Congratulations to these FA Upper School students for being selected to serve on United Community Bank's 2022-2023 Junior Board. Click HERE for more information
Katie Eckert
Class of 2024
Parker Jules
Class of 2023
Gillian Sullivan
Class of 2024
Film Industry Workshop
Last Tuesday, Bill McClelland, an A-Camera Operator for the film industry, visited Dr. Nielsen's Photography and Videography classes. Mr. McClelland brought his Steadicam to demonstrate how to shoot film sequences with image stabilization. The class discussed the importance of camera angles, set design, and visual storytelling in the film industry. Mr. McClelland has shot over 184 films, including a portfolio of Disney/Marvel Studios titles such as The Avengers, Jungle Cruise, and Ms. Marvel. 

Steadicam is a tool for professional-level camera stabilization allowing filmmakers to walk with the camera without creating a visible shake. This technique requires years of practice with the equipment to achieve high quality effects. Overall, the students enjoyed McCllelland's hands-on camera demonstrations and stories from the movie industry.
Middle School Honorees
Middle School students recognized and thanked those FA adults in their lives who are retiring or not returning for the 2022-2023 school year at last week's Middle School assembly. Students presented gifts of appreciation to Mrs. Toomey, Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Schneider, and Mr. Titter.

Click here to read the awards introduction as delivered by Johnathan Aiken, Middle School Student Council President.
FA Softball Club
It has been an honor to work with the members of Frederica Academy's softball club. We started practicing in early March and just ended our season with four games; playing a local recreation team, a local All-Star team, and two local travel teams. We finished the season with three wins and a tie. It has been a wonderful experience, and the girls really grew and developed their skills on the softball field. 

I want to thank a few people who made a huge difference by donating time and materials to our club:

  • Dr. John Sarzier purchased softballs, facemasks, helmets, batting tees and batting nets.

  • Brandon Derrick purchased the team's uniform pants and belts.

  • J. R. and Melissa Partin purchased uniform socks, a cooler, and squeeze water bottles.

  • Rose Prokop volunteered her time two days a week to help lead practices, skills training, and helped coach games.

  • Erin Sykes volunteered her time and expertise to work on batting and helped coach a game.

  • The FA Booster Club purchased uniform jerseys, a pitching net, batting helmets, softballs, and bats.

  • Megan Helms provided pizza on our last game day.

There was so much support for our club, and it wouldn't have been a success without all of these contributions. Thank you for selflessly giving your money and time for such a worthy group of young ladies.

Rebecca Triplett
FA Softball Club Coach
Fifth Grade Georgia Studies
As the first Fifth Grade group to be a part of FA's Middle School, the Class of 2029 spent the second semester experiencing an interdisciplinary unit centered around Georgia. With the majority of connections made through History and Science classes, students studied the history and natural environments of the state.
We began our unit of study with the founding of Georgia and the lesser known founding of Ebenezer, Georgia, in 1734. While visiting Camp Ebenezer in Rincon, we expanded our Georgia history and Georgia ecology knowledge. Among the many hands-on activities, the students engaged in a scavenger hunt within the Salzburger Museum.

By 1812 our young state was at war, and Gascoigne Bluff played an important role. Students reviewed their knowledge of the War of 1812 while sailing on The Tall Ship Lynx. Fifth graders kept busy on the Lynx in various ways. For example, students searched for simple machines at work on board the beautiful piece of living history.
Our next field trip allowed students to learn about the illegal and unjust happenings of November 1858 when the Wanderer brought more than 400 enslaved Africans to Jekyll's coast despite the federal law prohibiting the importation of any enslaved people. A somber realization spread across students' faces as our learners toured the Wanderer Memory Trail.
Jekyll's beaches, shoreline estuaries, and forests served as an outdoor classroom and brought topics from science class to life. As students explored Jekyll's maritime forest, environmental behavior, intent, and awareness were the focus areas of instruction. An up-close and personal look at the Okefenokee Swamp was another way students applied their science knowledge. Everyone boarded two 24-foot flat bottom boats and admired the Suwanee Canal to explore the native cypress, pines, and wildlife. Later, our guide took us to the Chesser Prarie, where we explored the Chesser family homestead occupied from the 1850s to the 1920s. The class enjoyed another beautiful day of south Georgia's natural and cultural history.
Our beautiful Georgia became a fun math activity the day Mrs. Smith led the class through baking sugar cookies from scratch. Students converted fractions to measure ingredients, making for a messy but memorable math class. Mrs. Smith's Georgia-shaped cookie cutters were used as students attempted to make the most of their dough. The last step, putting five small red candies on each cookie to mark each city that had served as Georgia's capital, ended the delicious project.

While aboard the Lady Jane, students learned about Brunswick's shrimping history, and shrimp/trawl boat operations. The catch from the trawl net was placed on an observation table where a naturalist identified aquatic organisms, described specific adaptations, and explained how the animals survived in the estuary. Students also were taught the importance of Georgia’s estuaries and the ocean ecosystems.
Finally, students collaborated to design and create tri-fold display boards highlighting their experiences this year. They are currently on display in the gym lobby.
The following links will show happy faces from several of our Georgia Studies trips this spring.
New Lower School Directors
After a full and exciting year on Happy Hall, Mrs. Pruitt recognized that she needed some administrator help for the last Friday of the 2021-2022 school year. Therefore, she enlisted the assistance of Ford Hopkins (Kindergarten) and Grace Hopkins (Third Grade) to serve as Co-Directors of the Lower School. Mrs. Pruitt's apprentices did an awesome job throughout the day keeping everything running smoothly. Well done, Ford and Grace!
Fourth Grade Sapelo Trip
Fourth Grade students took a magical trip to Sapelo Island as their last hurrah for the year. It was a beautiful day, chock full of new adventures! The combination of outdoor experiences, along with indoor lab time made it extra special. They enjoyed the bus ride around the island to look at the lighthouse, Reynolds Mansion, and Gullah Geechee community.  Their final destination was the beach, where the children jumped around in the water and ran until they could run no more. The ferry ride back was a welcomed rest for everyone. What a great day building memories!
Second Grade Camp Read-A-Lot
Welcome to Camp Read-A-Lot! 

The Second Grade reading classroom was transformed into Camp Read-A-Lot last week. Absolute magic happened when students got in their tents and read books. Second Graders enjoyed listening to several camping related story books, flashlight reading, working on a variety of reading activities together, having camp snacks, and working on an end-of-the-year craft project. It was a great week at camp with a room full of happy campers!
Second Grade Adventure
The Second Grade class went to Brunswick Adventures last week to celebrate the wonderful year they have had together. The students had fun jumping on trampolines, jousting, playing on the dodgeball and basketball courts, and jumping in the bouncy houses! They especially enjoyed a pizza lunch and cookie cake treat to top off this fun time with classmates. Their end of the year celebration was a blast! 
First Grade EOY Trip
First Grade students enjoyed their End-of-Year Celebration at Neptune Park on Friday. Highlights included a fun round of putt-putt, some awesome Italian Ice, and adventures on the oceanside playground.
Kindergarten EOY Program
Kindergarten students enjoyed putting on a program for their families and friends this past week that encapsulated the learning that has taken place this year. The students spoke and sang about various aspects of the curriculum. This included: some phonics rules they use when reading and writing, learning the alphabet in sign language, learning about groups of tens and extras with tricky teen numbers, the five senses, American symbols, the four seasons, the seven continents, and how to be friends with one another.

We are so very proud of this class and all of their hard work! We feel blessed and privileged to have been a part of each child's growth and learning this year!

Mrs. Manor and Mrs. Thornton
Pre-K Mystery Reader
Last week’s Pre-K Mystery Reader was Zohary Salgado Adorno's mother, Dr. Zaiyara Adorno Rivera. She read, "Are You My Mother" by P.D. Eastman.

The Kindergarten students and teachers loved having all of their Mystery Readers this year!
2022 FA Summer Programs
2022-2023 School Uniforms
Given supply chain and embroidery delays, Frederica Academy encourages FA families to order uniforms now for the 2022-2023 school year. Uniforms will be required for all students in Grades PK-11 next year
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