Head of School Message

Dear FA Families,

“Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out.”
Both opening this Sunday note and closing this school year with this quote from legendary basketball Coach John Wooden seems entirely fitting. Frederica Academy has built and sustained a culture of gratitude and appreciation for decades now and that culture has spawned not only so much achievement and creativity over the years, but also the myriad healthy collaborations and relationships that are required among community members to craft the experiences that we have all enjoyed. FA students are raised to be appreciative of what they have been given and taught to make the best of all that they have.
In that spirit, I will not even begin to attempt to thank everyone by name responsible for any and all successes that we have enjoyed this year as a school. But, here is partial ”thank-you” list… in no particular order, completely stream of consciousness… that will begin to speak to, represent, and capture the spirit of the work done by all this year.
To address the Covid-related words of appreciation first… "Thank You" to:
  • Nurse Pope and Adam Norman for their unrelenting perseverance and dedication to managing Covid and serving as invaluable resources of information and counsel throughout the year for our school community;
  • To all of the parents who inconveniently (for them) kept their sick children home on days when doing otherwise would have put others’ health at risk;
  • To all of the teachers and staff who held firm throughout the year and led live classes on campus and made real-time learning available even to those students who became Covid-stricken or were caught up in contact tracing … despite that some of those teachers themselves sat in a high-risk category or had a family member who was immune compromised;
  • To the parents in carpool who faithfully and cheerfully every morning and every afternoon wore their masks when requested and required and made conscious efforts to enact and maintain social distancing;
  • To all of the substitute teachers who came cheerfully when called… especially in the height of the pandemic, and to the team of teachers, coaches, and administrators who kept up with the ever revolving attendance lists, temperature taking, and manning of the entrance/exit doors throughout the day; and
  • To all those who cared enough to read our school’s Covid plan at the outset and commit to subscribing to the main tenets throughout the year even in the late spring when the specter of the disease appeared to diminish.
On to the non Covid-related, year-end shout outs...
  • To the Division Directors and their support personnel for each taking charge of the multitude of challenges that reared their heads weekly and for addressing consistently with compassion, creativity, and intelligence the everyday run-of-show that took place in all three divisions;
  • To the College Counseling Center for providing hours of thoughtful counsel and supportive guidance for our 41 graduating seniors in an especially anxiety-producing college admissions process this year;
  • To the Athletic Department and all our coaches who worked long hours to provide important, afterschool learning experiences that challenged and fulfilled our student/athletes, added balance to their days, and increased awareness and appreciation for good teammates and an honest effort expended;
  • To the Fine Arts Department and its faculty for creating inviting and inspiring experiences in visual arts, drama, and instrumental and choral music that unlocked and ignited the artistic energies in our students
  • To our KiX Extended Day and Lower School after-school club teams for pioneering new approaches for providing fun and creative ways for our students to spend their afternoons once the school day ends;
  • To the Admission Office for arranging and graciously hosting the largest number of prospective families … tours, shadow days, testing, etc. ... thus far in any previous year and for scheduling all of those visiting families around Covid and our fully-operational, but ever-changing routines;
  • To the Advancement Office for making a consistently compelling case and a client-friendly process for supporting the school through Apogee, the Annual Fund, the Booster Club, Derby Day, and ongoing strategic communications;
  • To all those who work in the Business Office to manage the school’s funds with discipline, discretion, and flexibility in these oft-challenging economic times;
  • To our frontline receptionists who warmly welcome our visitors and endless deliveries and keep our office operations working seamlessly;
  • To our foodservice, maintenance, janitorial, technology, and security teams for creating and securing a safe, clean, well-functioning facility, and enhanced dining experiences;
  • To our SAIS re-accreditation chairs and all those who worked to secure our reaccreditation this year;
  • To all the parent volunteers who came out time and again and made possible programs by driving a vehicle, manning a booth, or setting up for an event;
  • To all of our parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, and other friends of the school including foundations who generously gave a gift this year in support of FA;
  • To the Board of Trustees who selflessly serve our school community with loyalty and wisdom and to the newly reformulated and energized Board of Visitors who serve as visible and active advocates for FA throughout and within the community;
  • To all the community resources around the island that shared their resources and facilities in support of FA and our many programs;
  • To the Parent Association and the Booster Club for coming through over and over in a year when we most needed them; and
  • Finally, to the two groups of folks who came together every day, all day for 170-plus days -- the teachers and the students -- who reached a common understanding about how to play their respective parts to the best of their abilities and then came together to create a reliable and secure milieu where effort, achievement, respect, and affection reigned supreme.
The etching above the entrance to Corn Hall reminds us all, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” This year, we all were given the challenge to succeed against some formidable barriers, and with the network of friends, family, classmates, and colleagues we accepted that challenge as opportunity and flourished.
Congratulations to all and a heartfelt thank you for a job well done.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA
Monday @ 9:00 AM
MS + US Math Exams
Early Dismissal

Monday (9:00 AM - 1:00 PM)
Second Grade EOY Party
Island Cinemas + Mallery Park

Lower School Lunch Menu
"Breakfast for Lunch"

Monday (11:30 AM - 2:00 PM)
Fourth Grade Colonial Day Festival

Last Day of Lower School (PK-Third Grade)

Lower School Hot Dog Picnic

Lower School KiX will NOT be offered.

Tuesday @ 9:00 AM
MS + US English Exams
Early Dismissal

MS + US Make-Up Exam Day

Wednesday @ 9:00 AM
Fourth Grade Closing Ceremony
@ St. Simons Presbyterian Church

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
Fifth Grade Closing Ceremony
@ St. Simons Presbyterian Church

Wednesday @ 11:00 AM
Eighth Grade Closing Ceremony
@ St. Simons Presbyterian Church

Thursday @ 1:30 PM
Class of 2021

Thursday + Friday
Teacher Post Planning

Thursday @ 12:00 PM
AP Biology Exam
Digital Make-Up

Friday Deadlines
  • Athletic Uniforms
  • Library Books

Friday @ 12:00 PM
AP Comparative Government
Digital Make-Up
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LS + MS Uniform Donations
Athletic Uniform Deadline
Library Book Deadline
LS Hot Dog Picnic
Fourth Grade Closing Ceremony
Fifth Grade Closing Ceremony
Eighth Grade Closing Ceremony
Glynn County Senior Walk
Varsity Spring Sports Celebration
FA Drive for Life
On Friday, Roy Boyd and Coach Willis presented a $6,667 check to Tammy Palmer, Executive Director, First Tee - Golden Isles, and Mason Scott, Program Director, First Tee - Golden Isles.

This spring, the FA varsity golf team sponsored a fundraiser in conjunction with its season with the proceeds benefiting First Tee - Golden Isles, The Cancer Care Centers at Southeast Georgia Health System, and the Mayo Clinic Cancer Research Division.

The players' efforts generated $20,000 in total donations.

Roy chaired the fundraiser and will present checks to the other recipients in Brunswick and Jacksonville on Monday.

Click here for more information.
FA High Museum Artwork
FA Student Artwork in
Georgia Arts Educators' Virtual Show
at Atlanta's High Museum

Congratulations to Maria Martini and Hannah Huber, whose artwork has been accepted at the High Museum Virtual Art Show, sponsored by the Georgia Art Education Association. Inclusion is considered highly selective, as one student per art teacher is chosen. Maria was chosen for photography, and Hannah's work was chosen for mixed media. The exhibit live address opens on June 1 at https://high.org/students/.
MS REACH Students
Congratulations to the following Middle School students for being named the April REACH students!
MS Fred Facts
Eighth Grade Play
"Appropriate Audience Behavior"
An 8th Grade One-Act Comedy Play

As their final project, students in Dr. Nielsen's Eighth Grade Choral Dramatics class presented a very funny play about appropriate audience behavior. Written by playwright Ian McWerty, the short skits portrayed all types of audience mayhem during a devised production of "Hamlet." From crinkling candy wrappers to talking and texting, every type of bad audience behavior was depicted until Hamlet set the audience straight. All of the students had a lot of fun on the Hamilton Hall Stage!
Second Grade Beach Trip
Second Grade Garden
Second Grade students had a fabulous time weeding and maintaining their garden last week. They even planted some new plants. Students also got to taste some of the plants that were ready for harvest such as borage flowers and jalapenos. They were able to connect this experience with their current reading module about good eating, growing food, and making healthy food choices. Thanks to Jenn Hagfors for being such an incredible garden guide for us this year!
First Grade Jekyll Trip
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