Head of School Message
Dear Frederica Parents,

Echoing Charlie Runyan’s perspective that he shared in last Sunday’s email, I too am very excited at the return of FA students for the 2021-2022 school year. Nothing animates a sleepy August campus more than the influx of over 440 eager students. This first three-day week has allowed us all to readjust to a school routine after a summer’s respite and to begin to reconnect with old friends and assimilate new friends into our lives. Welcome all.

I thought that it might be a worthwhile and productive undertaking early on in the year in my first Sunday message to articulate simply and clearly the school’s belief regarding the role of an FA education in the lives of your children. It is nearly impossible to intentionally and consistently hit a target if that target hasn’t been identified from the outset.  FA’s target is to educate your children both for the world of today and, as best as we can ascertain, the world of tomorrow. To us, that means cultivating and nourishing the growth and maturation of four critical areas of human development essential to living productive and fulfilling lives in today’s world.

First, and most importantly, our goal is to create an environment and support behaviors that engender in our students an attitude of great respect and kindness towards others. Plain and simple – learn to see the good in everyone and be an accepting and supportive friend. School is where your children spend the bulk of their waking hours, enjoy the bulk of their peer interactions, and experience the bulk of their academic and social vicissitudes and recoveries... whether they are in third grade, seventh grade, or twelfth grade. One of our core businesses then is to model, teach, and provide a safe practice venue for young people to learn about themselves, experience and appreciate a sense of joy and purpose in their spirit, and develop interpersonal skills and views that allow them to add value to their own lives and to the lives of others in their community. Being kind and respectful matters at FA.
Secondly, we believe in increasing literacy, creative and critical thinking, and an appreciation in all the major disciplines… reading and writing, math, science, history and the humanities, world languages, the arts, and athletics. That does not mean rewriting or inventing entirely new takes on any particular discipline, but it does mean exploring and understanding in age-appropriate ways the salient themes, events, and concepts of each discipline in the context of a modern, technologically-advanced world. Thinking innovatively; living a healthy, active lifestyle; being curious, passionate; and a seeker of truth all matter at FA.
Thirdly, our target here is to inspire and support our students to envision and work towards becoming some ever-evolving version of their best selves. To do that, we emphasize the development of two attributes: integrity and a strong work ethic. Our goal is to get our students at all ages to embrace the notion that high character trumps any and everything else in life and serves as the foundation upon which all else is constructed around. Our goal then is also to help our students recognize what a ”best effort” is in everything that they undertake and to help them understand that striving for that ”best effort” is often foundational to building a positive self-image and strong self-esteem. Being honest and doing your best both matter at FA.
Fourth, we believe that our school experience should recognize that we live in a very large and interconnected world that goes well beyond the shores of the Golden Isles and that understanding, appreciating, and celebrating differences that both make us all unique and the world a more vibrant, interesting place to work, play, and live is a central goal of an FA education. Getting along with others... and actually not just getting along but working collaboratively with others … is central to anyone and everyone becoming some version of their best selves. Accepting and including others matters at FA.

Our fourfold target articulated above and our commitment to hitting the bullseye in that target is fundamental to our creating and sustaining a partnership that engenders trust and confidence within our parent body that we are delivering every day what we advertise we can deliver. This morning I am pledging our institutional best effort this year and an eagerness and enthusiasm to work alongside you for the betterment of your children.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA

Monday-Thursday (3:20 PM - 3:50 PM)
Friday (By Appointment Only)
MS and US Tutorial

Monday (7:30 AM - 8:30 AM)
Booster Club Spirit Wear Sale
Gym Lobby

Monday @ 10:00 AM
Upper School Assembly

Monday (2:45 PM - 3:30 PM)
Booster Club Spirit Wear Sale
Gym Lobby

Tuesday @ 7:30 AM
Middle School Faculty Meeting

Wednesday (7:30 AM - 8:30 AM)
Booster Club Spirit Wear Sale
Gym Lobby

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
Upper School Advisory

Wednesday (2:45 PM - 3:30 PM)
Booster Club Spirit Wear Sale
Gym Lobby

Thursday @ 10:00 AM
Senior Class College Meeting
Nash Academic Center (Second Floor)

Thursday @ 5:00 PM
Varsity Volleyball Game
@ Home vs. Brunswick High

Friday - ALL DAY
School-Wide FA Spirit Day

Friday @ 8:10 AM
Lower School Morning Meeting (PK-4)
Parents Welcome to Attend

Friday (8:15 AM - Noon)
Upper School On-Campus Retreat Day

Friday @ Noon
Upper School Early Dismissal

Friday @ 7:00 PM
Varsity Football Home Scrimmage
vs. Bethesda
Pick-Up and Drop-Off Traffic
Thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation as we all get back into our school routines and make adjustments to our drop-off and pick-up operations with the goal of ensuring student safety, minimizing driver frustrations, and reducing vehicles blocking traffic at the Demere traffic light.

We are working with Glynn County Traffic Safety officials to address concerns about the timing of the Demere traffic light.

All drivers are encouraged not to arrive too early for afternoon pick up. Middle and Upper School parent/guardian drivers will especially want to avoid the Lower School pick-up operation, which ends around 3:15 p.m.

LOWER SCHOOL: To help reduce vehicles from blocking the Demere intersection in the afternoons, we are asking Lower School drivers to do the following during the afternoon pick up:

  • Once the two pick-up lanes are backed up with vehicles in front of the Administration Building and Benefield Hall, please loop around through the Middle School Parking Lot and pull up to the Stop Sign at the lane where you would turn right to go in front of the school.
  • As soon as students begin to be picked up and spaces clear you can move into the pick-up lanes.

We used this method on Thursday and Friday and it helped alleviate the gridlock at the traffic light. Thank you for not blocking the intersection by turning into the road when it is filled with cars. Using the loop through Middle School keeps traffic flowing.
Knights Table Menu
FA Parent Association
If you are interested in getting involved in the FA Parent Association, we offer many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. Whether you have an hour to give or are looking for a long term commitment, please let us know. Click HERE to access this year’s list of volunteer opportunities, and be sure to let us know how you want to be involved! 
MS and US Tutorial Begins
In order to give Middle School and Upper School students the opportunity to have more individualized attention or the time to ask more questions, Middle School and Upper School teachers are in their classrooms from 3:20 p.m. - 3:50 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Friday only by arranged appointment with the teacher).

Middle School Handbook Tutorial Policy:

  • All students are encouraged to attend tutorial if they so choose.
  • Students under academic probation must report to each assigned tutorial.
  • Any student under 80% in a class must attend tutorial for that class until released by the classroom teacher.
  • For admission to extracurricular activities, a student must obtain a note from the tutorial teacher they met with. The note will have the time of dismissal and the teacher’s signature. Without this note, all students will be considered late for their extracurricular responsibilities. 

Upper School Handbook Tutorial Policy:

  • Tutorial is every Monday-Thursday from 3:20 p.m.- 3:50 p.m. in the teacher’s classrooms.
  • We believe that the teacher who teaches the course of study is the person best equipped to provide extra assistance. Students are encouraged to attend after school tutorial before hiring outside help. Should outside tutoring be necessary it should be viewed as a temporary measure, not a substitute for appropriate course placement or student effort. It is vital that the students' subject teacher be notified when outside tutorial help is occurring.
  • Frederica Academy teachers may not be hired as tutors.  
Spirit Wear Sales
Varsity Volleyball @ HOME
Schoolwide Spirit Day
FRIDAY @ 8:10 AM
Lower School Morning Meeting
Lower School hosts an assembly program every Friday morning for students in Grades PK-4, which is called Morning Meeting. It starts at 8:10 a.m. after students have checked into their classrooms. Parents, grandparents, and special family friends are welcome to attend.
FRIDAY @ 7:00 PM
Varsity Scrimmage @ HOME
Online College Fair
Join Brown University, the University of Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, and Rice for a virtual information session for prospective students and their families. Sessions include a brief overview of each institution, information on admissions and financial aid, and a chance to ask questions of admissions representatives. Participants must pre-register to attend.

Please register for the virtual event that best suits your schedule.
FA COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
Frederica Academy is partnering with the Coastal Community Health Clinic to host a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic in the FA Gymnasium on Thursday, August 26, between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

The clinic will be open to FA students (12 and older), parents, staff, and community members who would like to receive the vaccination.

Students under 18 who participate in the clinic will receive the Pfizer vaccination. Anyone 18 or older will have the option of the Pfizer (two shots), Moderna (two shots), or Johnson and Johnson (one shot) vaccines.

Details and registration forms will be shared later this week.

Please click here to email Nurse Pope should you have questions or want more information.
LANDS' END Sale Ends
Pre First Day Photos
The Admission Office hosted a series of events for new FA students and their buddies before the start of school last week, including a Pool Party at Neptune Park for PK and Kindergarten families, a Pottery Party and PE Party for new First through Fourth Grade students and their buddies, and a Pizza Lunch for Middle and Upper School students. Middle School also hosted its annual Locker Set-Up Day last Monday.
Math Team Building
Mrs. Triplett used some fun and innovative math games to help launch the school year in her math classes last week. These games are designed to help students get to know one another and set the tone for a year of teamwork and collaborative learning in her classroom.
More Team Building (Grades 7-8)
Mrs. Jill Smith also used interactive assignments to promote team building in her Seventh and Eighth Grade History classes.
Sweet Snow Hits FA Campus
Will Howell brought his Sweet Snow operation to campus last Wednesday to help Middle School celebrate the first day of school. Click below to learn more about Will's impressive enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit.
Third Grade Photos
First Grade Photos
Kindergarten Photos
Pre-K Mystery Reader
Frederica Academy's wonderful new Front Office Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, Michele Meyer, was Friday's Pre-Kindergarten Mystery Reader. She read The Little Engine That Could. Mrs. Meyer is a veteran educator who spent many years in the classroom before becoming an educational administrator.
Faculty Luncheon
Thank you FA Parent Association for hosting a luncheon for the entire faculty and staff on the last day of Pre-Planning this past Tuesday!
FA Fall Athletic Schedules
August Calendar

August 23 @ 6:00 PM
Lower School Parent Curriculum Night

August 23 @ 1:05 PM
Georgia Tech
College Counseling Center

August 24 @ 8:15 AM
University of Georgia
College Counseling Center

August 25 @ 1:05 PM
Georgia College
College Counseling Center

August 26 @ 5:00 PM
Middle School Parent Curriculum Night

August 26 (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
FA COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
FA Gymnasium

August 27
Schoolwide FA Spirit Day

August 27 @ 7:30 PM
Varsity Football Home Opener
vs. Valwood

August 28
SAT Exam at FA

August 30 @ 10:00 AM
Upper School Club Assembly

August 30 @ 6:00 PM
US Parent Curriculum Night
FA Social Media