Head of School Message

Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a
child’s growth as vitamins.
Joyce Allston

Dear FA Families,

It is my complete pleasure to use this Sunday’s email to formally recognize and celebrate September 12th as National Grandparents Day. Since 1973, the first Sunday following Labor Day has been designated as National Grandparents Day and is celebrated throughout our nation.

Grandparents and elderly special friends play an incredibly important role in our society, our families, and our school. They provide institutional and cultural memories of a world and of lessons learned in that world long ago that inform and delight us even today. Many of our grandparents and our children’s’ grandparents are part of the “Greatest Generation” who sacrificed so graciously to ignite a wave of patriotism and selflessness and inspired our nation through times of war, health crises, and economic depression. As a society, we owe much to our grandparents for intrepidly forging ahead and founding family businesses and developing quality of life opportunities that make our way of living as comfortable as it is today. In most cases we all are fortunate enough to stand on the shoulders of someone who went before us; more often than not many of us owe a debt of gratitude to our grandparents and the grandparents of our children for clearing a pathway on which we can now follow.

On a family level, if you are fortunate enough to have your children’s grandparents living in close proximity, I can only imagine the additional love, support, and counsel that they provide for you and your children. In a world as rapidly changing as ours with both so many opportunities and challenges before young people, I know that having grandparents in their lives to provide perspective and support beyond what parents can provide, must be amazingly comforting. Grandparents are by now often not as consumed by careers and their own growing families, and they have more time and energy to spend with others, most importantly including their grandchildren. Additionally, they have often made the journey and learned the lessons that only experience on that journey can provide, and they offer invaluable perspective and wisdom to both their adult children and to their grandchildren.

On a school level, we are a stronger and more dynamic school as a result of the institutional support and involvement that our grandparents generously provide. From volunteering to work concessions or the gate at an athletic event to serving on the school’s Board of Visitors, FA is the proud and grateful beneficiary of the time, talent, and resources of our grandparents, and we welcome them all to events on campus throughout the year.

Thank you, grandparents, for all that you do to enrich the lives of others. We appreciate and respect your contributions to our world and our families, and we are very glad that you are a vital part of the FA community. 


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA

This week's Middle School and Varsity Volleyball games will be included in the Monday edition of the Knightly News once schedules are confirmed on Monday morning.

National Grandparents Day

Parent Association
Poinsettia + Greenery Sale Begins

Monday Morning
ERB Testing (Grades 5-7)

Monday @ 10:00 AM
9/11 Remembrance Assembly
Grades 8-12
FA Gymnasium

Tuesday Morning
ERB Testing (Grades 5-7)

Tuesday @ 7:30 AM
Middle School Faculty Meeting

Tuesday @ 9:50 AM
First + Last Celebration
Ceremony Starts @ 10:00 AM
FA Gymnasium
First Grade + Senior Parents
Senior Photos Afterwards (Corn Hall)

Tuesday @ 1:00 PM
Health + Wellness Officers Meeting
Mr. Riggs' Classroom

Tuesday @ 3:45 PM
Middle School Soccer Meeting
Shuman Conference Room

Wednesday Morning
ERB Testing (Grades 5-7)

Wednesday @ 8:15 AM
Shuman Conference Room

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
Auburn Campus Visit
College Counseling Center

Wednesday @ 1:00 PM
Oglethorpe University Campus Visit
College Counseling Center

Wednesday @ 1:05 PM
Debate Club Meeting
Athletic Complex Tent

Wednesday @ 5:00 PM
Middle School Tennis
@ College of Coastal Georgia
vs. Camden Middle School

Wednesday Evening
Quarter 1 Progress Reports Posted

Thursday Morning
ERB Testing (Grades 5-7)

Thursday @ 8:15 AM
Shuman Conference Room

Thursday @ 10:00 AM
Virtual University of Miami Visit
College Counseling Center

Thursday @ 1:05 PM
US Model UN Organizational Meeting
Mrs. Bradford's Classroom

Cross Country
@ Wayne County Invitational
Varsity Boys @ 4:30 PM
Varsity Girls @ 5:00 PM
JV Race @ 5:45 PM

Thursday @ 5:00 PM
Middle School Football Game
@ Pinewood Christian Academy

Friday @ 8:10 AM
Lower School Morning Meeting

Friday @ 8:15 AM
Shuman Conference Room

Friday @ 9:30 AM
Third Grade Field Trip
Dolphin Tour

Friday @ 7:30 PM
Varsity Football Game
@ Brantley County High School

Saturday @ 8:30 AM
Middle School Cross Country
vs. Saint Simons Christian
@ FA Campus
FA COVID-19 Update
Dear FA Parents,

I wanted to circle around briefly to the FA parent body as I said that I would post-Labor Day regarding the school’s revisiting of the mandated mask policy that we presently have in place. I don’t want anyone to think that we at school are not eager to move to a voluntary, mask-optional program when the timing is right. We remain hopeful that the virus is at or will soon be nearing its peak and that FA will be able to adjust our risk-reduction plan accordingly.

The committee is of the unanimous opinion now though that it is still premature for our school community to move to a mask-optional plan. We are operating in a nearly full-service, on-campus capacity despite the highly contagious nature of the Delta variant in our area largely because of our comprehensive risk-reduction strategy that hinges on mandated masks; confined pods of children and limited prolonged, inside interactions with other pods; timely reporting of students who have contracted the virus; laborious contact tracing; strict quarantining; and highly cooperative parents.

Please know that the committee members are all well aware of the number of FA students both testing positive for Covid and those who are quarantined as a result of being primary contacts (FA Covid Dashboard). Some of our students who have been testing positive have experienced symptoms of muscle aches, fatigue, fever, and headaches; and most of these cases of late have involved Lower and Middle School students. The Upper School has been faring remarkably well with but a single student testing positive these past two weeks. We also keep current with the statistics in the county and will have access to new, relevant data when the public schools return to on-campus instruction this week. Our goal remains constant - to operate safely and without interruption with live, on-campus instruction throughout the year.

The committee will meet again the last week of September unless a change in the local Covid landscape merits an earlier meeting. Thank you for your understanding and support as we negotiate our way through these trying times.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
A Message from Nurse Pope
Dear FA Families,

As referenced in Mr. Hutchinson's Covid Update, we have seen a slight uptick in Covid activity since the Labor Day break. Therefore, I am writing to share a few reminders about some of the Covid protocols that have generated inquiries in recent days.

  • Isolation is the term used for those who have tested positive for Covid. Quarantine is the term used for those who have been exposed and named as primary contacts to someone with Covid.

  • Once you have a positive test for Covid, whether a rapid or PCR test, that is the test that we must go by. This is too serious of a health concern to discount any positive test.

  • Please remember if your child is quarantined or isolated to return the daily symptom checklist when your student returns to school.

In partnership with Coastal Community Health Services and sponsored by the FA Health and Wellness Club, we will offer the second Covid Vaccine Clinic in our gym on September 23 (8:30 a.m. - noon) for those who received vaccines on August 26. We are working with Coastal Community Health Services to determine if booster vaccines will be available for those who are eligible to receive them. We will have more information regarding this potential opportunity in next week's Sunday e-newsletter. 

As always, please call or email me should you have questions or need assistance.

Nikki Pope BS RNC BSN
Frederica Academy School Nurse
200 Murray Way
Saint Simons Island GA 31522
912 638 9981 x 492
Knights Table Menu
FA Parent Association News
Today is the official launch of the 2021 Parent Association Poinsettia and Greenery Sale. Please place your orders by completing and returning the order form to Michele Meyer in the Front Office or orders can be placed online via the school's website. For more information, please contact Jennifer Gordon.

Please keep an eye on your inbox this Tuesday for Parent Association's monthly newsletter.

Parent Association invites ALL parents to attend its first Parent Association Meeting of the school year on Wednesday, September 22, at 8:15 a.m. in the Shuman Conference Room, which is located in the Been Library. It will feature brief State of the School updates from Scott Hutchinson and Mike Temple. Virtual viewing will be available and the link will be provided closer to the date.
ERB Testing (Grades 5-7)
This week, Middle School will administer a paper and pencil standardized test called the ERB (officially known as the Comprehensive Testing Program - CTP). Students in Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Grades will be assessed in the areas of reading, vocabulary, and mathematics. Testing will occur the first two hours each day, starting Monday morning and concluding on Thursday.
We have several objectives in administering the ERB.

  • Because it is used by many independent schools, we are able to gain a comparative picture of the strength of our programs in relation to the top 20% of schools nationally and internationally, which take the ERB.

  • This test also gives us a comprehensive view of each student. It is both an Achievement Test-measuring mastery of skill and knowledge acquired directly from classroom instruction in reading, math, and vocabulary; as well as a Reasoning Test which gives us an understanding of a student's facility with subtle, abstract relationships expressed in words or numbers.

  • By administering the ERB in September and analyzing the results shortly thereafter we are able to guide your child and enhance our curriculum to benefit his or her experience within the same school year. Results are sent to parents, and teachers are available to discuss these results with you early in the second semester.

Please remember that a single standardized test is simply a snapshot of your child's ability at one point in time. Click HERE for more information about this assessment. The results of the ERB will be mailed to parents once received from the testing agency.

All students in Grades 5-7 are reminded to bring a sharpened pencil each day. Seventh Grade students should bring their calculators. Calculators will be provided to Fifth and Sixth Grade students.
Please click HERE to email Mrs. Toomey should you have questions or want more information
MONDAY @ 10:00 AM
9/11 Remembrance (Grades 8-12)
Lower School After-School Clubs
First Grade + Senior Parents
Middle School Soccer Meeting
Congrats, Aubre Smith!
Health + Wellness Club
The FA Health and Wellness Club recognizes the dedication and sacrifices of firefighters, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel, and police officers. In honor of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, club members prepared a spaghetti dinner, complete with bread, salad, dessert, and drinks, for all three fire stations and the police station on Saint Simons. The students appreciated the opportunity to visit and talk with our local heroes. While the students were not around when the devastation of 9/11 occurred, they have heard the stories and seen the pictures, which inspired them to express their support for the first responders who are charged with protecting our campus. Chandler Sitz, membership chair of the Health and Wellness Club stated, "We should never forget what our country went through and this was our small way of saying we appreciate those professions that gave all during that time and every day." 

"If you can help someone, do so."
Gerry Sussman 

Gerry Sussman's wife was saved from the South Tower by Welles Crowther. Welles Crowther would give his life saving others and later be known as the "man in the red bandana."
Seventh Grade Math
Mrs. Triplett's Seventh Grade Pre-Algebra students participated in a scavenger hunt activity last week designed to review and strengthen their skills for rewriting equations and formulas.  

Scavenger hunts allow students to practice their problem-solving skills in a tangible way. It helps to reinforce and act-out the methods they have been taught while increasing retention of the skill.
Sixth Grade Spanish
Students in Sra. Wagner's class brought great energy to their conversational Spanish lesson last week.
Lower School Service Project
Lower School has been engaged in a service project supporting Magnolia Manor and Thrive senior care residences. The students were told Covid restrictions required lockdowns at both facilities and people who live there were in need of having their spirits lifted. Students were enlisted to write cheerful cards with news of their lives. We extend a big shoutout to Second Grade students for these beautiful cards!

Magnolia Manor residents also need toothpaste, toothbrushes, bath soap, hand soap, Kleenex, toilet paper, lotion, deodorant, wet wipes, lip balm, and individually wrapped snacks/candy. Residents at Thrive would love puzzles, magazines, puzzle books, or anything entertaining. Lower School students will be continuing this project through September for anyone interested in contributing these items. Donations can be dropped off in the Front Office.
Second Grade STARS!
Second Grade "Stars of the Week" kicked off last week! Ms. Myles and Mrs. Albright were the Stars in order to show the students what the Stars get to do each day during their Star week! To end a great week on a high note, Mrs. Pruitt was invited to be the first 2021-2022 Second Grade Star Guest Reader. Moving forward, Star students will be able to invite a family member or special guest to be their Star reader.
Pre-K Mystery Reader
Edith and Emily Euart were excited to see that their mother, Jennifer Euart, was last week's Pre-K Mystery Reader. Jennifer and her husband, Pat, relocated to the Golden Isles this summer from Atlanta, where Edith and Emily attended the Trinity School.
FA Fall Athletic Schedules
September + October Calendar
September 21-23
ERB Testing (Grades 2-4)

September 22 @ 8:00 AM
FA Parent Association Meeting
Shuman Conference Room

September 23 @ 8:15 AM
Shuman Conference Room

September 23
Covid Vaccine Clinic
(Second Shots + Booster)

September 23 @ 6:30 PM
FA Board of Visitors Reception

September 23-25
US PME Field Trip
Columbus, Georgia

September 24 @ 8:30 AM
FA Board of Visitors Meeting

September 27 @ 8:15 AM
Shuman Conference Room

September 28
ERB Testing (Grades 2-4)

September 29 @ 8:15 AM
Shuman Conference Room

September 29 @ 1:00 PM
Wofford College

September 30 @ TBD
Senior Group + Superlative Photos

October 1 @ 10:00 AM
Fleming Hall Dedication
Middle School Lawn

October 1 (Evening)
MS + US Music Performance
First Friday
Downtown Brunswick

October 2
SAT Exam @ FA

October 2 (Noon - 5:00 PM)
Mobile Blood Drive
FA Campus
Middle School Parking Lot

October 5-7
Upper School Musical Auditions

October 5 @ 6:00 PM
Hamilton Landing Homeowners' Association Meeting

October 6 @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty + Staff Meeting

October 6 @ 6:00 PM
College Financial Aid Night

October 8
End of First Quarter

October 8
FA Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Honored
Halftime of FA vs. Memorial Day Football Game

October 8
Varsity Football SGHS "Pink-Out Game"

October 9 @ 6:30 PM
FA Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Invitation Only

October 11
School Holiday - Fall Break

October 12-17
Gym Closed (Floor Refinishing)

October 13
Upper School Noon Dismissal

October 14
School Photo Retakes
(Make-Up Day)

October 15
Senior Knight
Varsity Football (Before game vs. Bulloch Academy)
Varsity Cheerleading (Halftime)
Varsity Cross Country (Halftime)

October 18
First Quarter Grades Posted

October 19
National Honor Society Assembly
Special MS + US Assembly Schedule

October 21-22
Parent Association Recycled Uniform Sales

October 21
Second Grade Pirate Day

October 21
MS + US Author Visit

October 21
Teacher + Staff Luncheon
Thank you, FA Parent Association!

October 21 (Evening Option)
MS + US Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 22
Parent-Teacher Conferences (PK-12)
No School for Students

October 23
ACT Exam @ FA

October 25-29
Homecoming Week

October 29
Varsity Football Homecoming Game
vs. Pinewood Christian
Homecoming Court @ Halftime

November 1
Lower School Storybook Character Day
Parade @ 8:00 AM
FA Social Media