A Message from the Head of School
Dear FA Families,
Every week I am reminded about the unique and important opportunities we are afforded to connect with those who are invested in making Frederica Academy a better school. Last week was no exception.
On Wednesday morning, I was grateful to be invited to speak at the FA Parent Association’s first meeting of the year. Mike Temple preceded me during the meeting, and we enjoyed the chance to both update everyone on the first few weeks of school and to answer questions on a wide range of topics from those who attended.
On Thursday, Helen Rentz, John Pope, and I met with a group of new parents to hear and learn more about how we can improve our marketing, recruitment, admission, assimilation, and onboarding strategies and efforts. We have now met with three groups of new families and will host two more sessions this week. I will write you about our observations from these valuable exchanges once they are all completed.
Friday morning, John Rogers (FA Board of Visitors Chair), Greer Brown (FA Board Chair), and I hosted a meeting of our Board of Visitors. The Board of Visitors is organized by the Board of Trustees and the Head of School to promote the general welfare of Frederica Academy and provide the school with broader external perspectives and support. Click here to see a list of current members. In accepting their role as members, these new and longtime friends and supporters of the school have agreed to:
  1. Serve as informed and enlightened ambassadors for Frederica Academy in the Golden Isles and surrounding area. Share the good news of FA.
  2. Harness knowledge and experiences to help meaningfully strengthen FA’s connections within the Golden Isles community.
  3. Bring together influential and interested individuals who derive satisfaction from creating a model of excellence in independent school education and who want to work to help actualize the school’s mission.
  4. Assist in identifying new or underleveraged opportunities that support or advance the school’s mission.
This was the first time this group has had a chance to meet since it was re-constituted in early 2020 and there was great enthusiasm from the group to learn more about the start of the school year. I had a couple of attendees suggest that I share my opening prepared remarks from the meeting in my column this week. Click here if you are interested in reading them.
As time allows, I hope you will also carefully read today’s newsletter. It contains an interim Covid update, information about signing up for next month’s parent-teacher conferences, other important updates, the usual calendar reminders, and a variety of nuggets celebrating the achievements and experiences of our extraordinary students.

Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
This Week at FA

Monday @ 8:15 AM
Grades 5-6

Monday @ 10:00 AM
US Assembly in the Gym

Monday @ 5:00 PM
MS Volleyball @ St. Francis
Masks Required for Spectators

Deadline for Waiving Application Fee

Tuesday @ 7:15 AM
MS Faculty Meeting

Tuesday @ 1:05 PM
Health + Wellness Club Meeting
Athletic Complex Tent

Tuesday @ 1:05 PM
Savannah College of Art and Design
US College Counseling Center

Tuesday @ 5:00 PM
Varsity Volleyball
@ Memorial Day School

Wednesday @ 8:15 AM
Grades 1-4

Wednesday @ 10:00 AM
US Advisory
"Worry Free Wednesday"

Wednesday @ 1:00 PM
Wofford College Campus Visit
Mr. Jobe's Classroom

Wednesday @ 4:00 PM
Department Meetings

Wednesday @ 4:00 PM
MS Tennis @ Camden MS

Thursday Morning
FA Board of Trustees Retreat

Varsity Cross Country
@ Wayne County
Boys @ 4:30 PM
Girls @ 5:00 PM

Thursday @ 5:00 PM
MS Football @ Home
vs. Pinewood Christian

Thursday @ 5:00 PM
MS Cross Country
@ Coastal College of Georgia

Friday @ 8:10 AM
Lower School Morning Meeting
FA Gym

Friday @ 10:00 AM
Fleming Hall Dedication Ceremony
Middle School Lawn
(FA Gym in the event of rain)

Friday @ 10:00 AM
The American University of Paris
Virtual in College Counseling Center

Friday (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM)
First Friday
FA Upper School Music Program
Ritz Theatre (Downtown Brunswick)

Friday @ 7:00 PM
DeLeon Peacock Wearable Art Fashion Show
US Student Models

Saturday Morning
SAT Exam at FA
COVID-19 Update
Dear FA Families,

I thought that I would write a brief note to update all on the status of the mandated mask protocols at the school.

The committee and I continue to review and study salient, relevant data and discuss our options. I am not qualified or comfortable speculating as to whether the Delta Variant may be nearing its projected peak locally, although cases, and particularly pediatric cases, are still a concern to our local healthcare experts and advisors. Time will tell.

Our next committee meeting is scheduled for this upcoming Friday. My hope is that the hospital's numbers continue to trend downward, Glynn County School System numbers do the same, and our school’s dashboard remains as low as it has been the last few weeks. For the committee, an especially meaningful barometer will be Glynn County School System’s numbers after two weeks of going mask-optional following their return to in-classroom learning. When the numbers indicate an environment of risk tolerance that the committee is comfortable with, including both positive tests and primary contacts, I will very much look forward to our school moving to a mask-optional policy.


Scott L. Hutchinson
Head of School
October Parent-Teacher Conferences
Frederica Academy parents are encouraged to take advantage of the parent-teacher conference opportunities offered on the evening of Thursday, October 21 (Middle and Upper School) and during the day on Friday, October 22 (All Divisions). School will not be in sessions for students on Friday, October 22.

First Quarter Report Cards will be posted on October 18; therefore, these conferences will be a chance to meet with each child's teachers and discuss each student's progress to date. It is also a moment to spend time with teachers to ask any questions about the curriculum in general, about issues specific to the challenges confronting your child, or to better understand if he or she is performing as hoped or expected.

We believe that attending your child's conference will be time well invested. Please use the divisional buttons below to schedule your conferences.

Should you have questions about these upcoming conferences, please contact the appropriate teacher or division director.
Knights Table Menu
FA FACTS Family App
Frederica Academy uses a web-based school administration system called FACTS to create better communication among teachers, parents, and students. FACTS is a fully integrated, web-based school information system and can be accessed 24 hours a day from work, home, school, or on the road.

Parents and students utilize a component of FACTS called ParentsWeb, which provides parents and students password-secure access to student information via their computers or mobile devices.
FACTS offers a mobile App for iOS and Android users and is available on the App Store. 
  1. Go to App Store or Google Play (Android Apps)
  2. Type in “Frederica Academy”
  3. Download the App (it should be FA branded)
If you have any questions, please email Mr. Temple.
A Message from the FA Counselor
Compassion It - Making Compassion a Verb

October is National Bullying Prevention Month for schools and a great time of the year to influence our culture towards Compassion. As a schoolwide initiative, we will participate in the “Compassion It” movement. The mission of “Compassion It” is to increase awareness, give positive and proactive solutions, and build character through active compassion so our students can navigate social dynamics in a healthy way while at school as well as outside of school. 

We will kick-off our theme for October of “Compassion It - making compassion a verb” for Lower School this Friday during Morning Meeting. Next week, we will launch our programs, for Upper School on October 4th and for Middle School on October 5th during their respective assemblies. During the kick-off, we will hand-out a bracelet to each student and faculty member and issue a 30-day challenge to “Compassion It.” Click HERE to learn more about the “Compassion It” movement. 

Additionally, throughout the month of October, lessons will be provided for teachers and advisors to facilitate in their classrooms. Upper School students, under the direction of the School Counselor, will be leading lessons in Lower School classes. Parents will receive helpful information and tools on how to reinforce and support this initiative at home. Additionally, we will recognize amazing acts of compassion during the month. 

I believe in our students at Frederica Academy, and I am excited about seeing them rise-up to the challenge! Not only will they influence a movement of compassion at school, but in our community and world!! I truly believe that our students are world-changers!

With Compassion,

School Counselor
Health + Wellness Club Message
The FA Health and Wellness Club recognizes the importance of suicide prevention and awareness. While promoting this important topic during the month of September, club members have actively taken action to increase awareness in the epidemic of teenage suicide.

Students worked together to make an informative video for Upper School Advisory with facts, testimonials, and encouragement. Club members have also submitted inspirational quotes about suicide to include in the daily Upper School announcements.  

Working with Mrs. Lee, several club members spoke to the Eighth Grade health class about suicide. The stories they shared were touching and thoughtful. Knowing that students relate to peers helped make this a very informative and thought-provoking class.  
Flu Vaccine Registration Deadline
Frederica Academy's Health and Wellness Club is partnering with the Glynn County Health Department to host a campus flu vaccine clinic, which will take place on Thursday, October 7, between Noon and 2:30 p.m., in the FA Gym. The vaccine clinic is open to FA students of all ages, parents, faculty, and staff.
The deadline to sign up and submit all of the necessary forms to Nurse Pope is Thursday, September 30. Please click HERE to download and print the student consent form. Please click HERE to download the adult form for parents and employees. Completed forms and copies of current insurance cards should be submitted to Nurse Pope before the September 30 deadline.
Click HERE for a letter from the Glynn County Health Department and HERE to review the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) about the flu vaccine.
More information on the specific time when adults should arrive for vaccination will be provided as the date approaches.

Families should contact Nurse Pope with any questions.
First Friday @ Ritz Theatre
First Friday at the Ritz Theatre
Friday, October 1

4:00-6:00 PM
Frederica Academy Upper School Music Program
Solo and Group Acts
Popular Music Ensemble
Music Theater Scenes

followed by

7:00 PM
DeLeon Peacock Wearable Art Fashion Show
Featuring Upper School Student Models
This event is free, family-friendly, and open to the public
Pink Out Football Game
FA Swim Season Starts
Congrats, Andrew Kaminer!
Senior Andrew Kaminer was honored as the September Student of the Month by the Rotary Club of Brunswick last week. Andrew invited Julie Boatright to be his Teacher of the Month, and they were joined by Andrew's parents, Barry and Jim Kaminer, at the Rotary luncheon.
Well Done, Adam Elsharkawi!
Adam Elsharkawi has taken the lead role in designing an information database for Frederica Academy’s sister school in Haiti. With the help of another FA student, Adam has accomplished this task using a Raspberry Pi, a small, single-board inexpensive computer that can be programmed to do a variety of tasks. In this case, it was designed to function as an Intranet for Jubilee School.
Our sister school lacks consistent Internet, and it is only available in one room. In order for students to learn to research and gather information, Jubilee School needed a more reliable system. Adam researched options and came up with the idea of using a Raspberry Pi as an offline encyclopedia, including searchable text and images. This tiny device functions as a wireless server that many devices can simultaneously connect to for research.

One challenge Adam needed to address was that the information was in French, making it difficult to test it to know if the device functioned properly. When the principal of Jubilee School visited FA in September, she was able to confirm that it did in fact function properly; she was very excited to take it back to Haiti and train Jubilee’s teachers on how to use it.

Adam identified a problem, conceived a solution, and developed a product to meet the needs of a community with real challenges. He is currently working on an upgraded Raspberry Pi that will include videos and books.

Please contact Dottie Barrow for more information or to learn how you can support the Jubilee School and our partnership with it.
MS Student Council Elections
Dear FA Middle School Families,

We look forward to Middle School Student Council elections each September. The process reveals so much about the caliber of our students, especially as it relates to so many of the qualities and attributes we want our graduates to possess as Mr. Hutchinson wrote about earlier this month.

Every student who took the risk to seek an office or position did so with great enthusiasm and purpose. The campaign posters were clever and the candidate speeches ranged between being very funny to being very serious and issue oriented. All of the speeches were thoughtful and demonstrated each candidate's authenticity for wanting this school year to be a better experience for their classmates. Our Middle School faculty couldn't have been more impressed with how everyone handled the entire process. At least that is what we thought when the ballots were cast.

We may have underestimated our students. As outstanding as all of the candidates were prior to the election, they were even more impressive once the results were announced on Friday afternoon. We could hear students in the hallways congratulating their former competitors and doing so with genuine joy. Those who were elected understood the importance of reconciling their own excitement with the disappointment of others as everyone demonstrated an extraordinary amount of graciousness and compassion for one another.

We extend hearty congratulations to everyone elected to serve on this year's Student Council, and we commend everyone who participated in the process.


Leigh Toomey
Middle School Director

Rachael Lee
Assistant Middle School Director
School Counselor
Johnathan Aiken
Scout Brummett
Vice President
Emerson Pickens
Amelia McGlaughlin
David Beimler
8th Grade Representative
Elizabeth Temple
8th Grade Representative
Jayden Spivey
7th Grade Representative
Ava Wyrick
7th Grade Representative
Sophie McGlaughlin
6th Grade Representative
Johnny McQuade
6th Grade Representative
Chloe Barker
5th Grade Rep.
Eli Brock
5th Grade Rep.
Lyla Partin
5th Grade Rep.
Middle School HOS Awards
Eighth Grade and Seventh Grade students who received straight A's during the second semester of the Frederica Academy 2020-2021 school year were presented their Head of School Awards during an assembly last week.

Front Row: Cabot Etheredge, Jimmy McQuade, Brianna Kohlhoff, Thomas Sams, Elizabeth Temple, and Amelia McGlaughlin.

Back Row: Connor Pope, Cullen Kazimir, Mary Ford Fitzjurls, Johnathan Aiken, and Scout Brummett.

Front Row: Ella Barker, Lauren Dunn, Sofia Gegg, Libby Certain, Emerson Pickens, Ava Wyrick, and Olivia Helms.

Back Row: John Jeffrey Simmons, Eddie Myers, Clay Sproule, Luke Sarzier, and Luke Smith.
Eighth Grade English
Ms. Cook's Eighth Grade English students created maps of Ship Trap Island last week to show their understanding of the text "The Most Dangerous Game." Pictured above is Annabelle Rhodes completing the assignment.
Third Grade Paver Math
Last Thursday, Third Grade students took their math lesson outdoors. They decorated the sidewalks with chalk as they practiced using the Distributive Property of Multiplication on their 3 and 4 facts.
Third Grade Clouds
Third Grade students have had their head in the clouds as they have learned about the different types of clouds and experimented with how clouds are formed as a part of their science unit on weather.
Second Grade Stars
Last week, the Second Grade Star Students were Rhoan Brock and Collier Fitch. They did a wonderful job presenting their decorated All About Me Star posters and interviewing each other. 

Rhoan invited her mom, Bryce Brock to be her guest reader and Collier invited his mom and dad, Charissa and Brannon Fitch to be his.

Rhoan and Collier shined brightly this week as our Second Grade stars!
Pre-K Mystery Reader
Senior Cammie Pope was the Pre-K Mystery Reader on Friday. Cammie is President of the Upper School Health and Wellness Club and has a passion for working with children and community service on and off the FA campus. Great job, Cammie!
FA Fall Athletic Schedules
October Calendar
October 1 @ 10:00 AM
Fleming Hall Dedication
Middle School Lawn

October 1 (4:00 PM - 7:00 PM)
MS + US Music Performance @ 4:00 PM
First Friday
Downtown Brunswick (Ritz Theatre)

October 2
SAT Exam @ FA

October 2 (Noon - 5:00 PM)
Mobile Blood Drive
FA Campus
Middle School Parking Lot

October 5 @ 6:00 PM
Hamilton Landing Homeowners' Association Meeting

October 6 @ 3:30 PM
All-School Faculty + Staff Meeting

October 6 @ 6:00 PM
College Financial Aid Night

October 8
End of First Quarter

October 8
MS+US Debate and Speech Tournament
Hosted by Valdosta High School

October 8
FA Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Honored
Halftime of FA vs. Memorial Day Football Game

October 8
Varsity Football SGHS "Pink-Out" Game

October 9 @ 6:30 PM
FA Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Invitation Only

October 11
School Holiday - Fall Break

October 12-17
Gym Closed (Floor Refinishing)

October 13
Upper School Noon Dismissal

October 14
School Photo Retakes
(Make-Up Day)

October 15
Senior Knight
Varsity Football (Before game vs. Bulloch Academy)
Varsity Cheerleading (Halftime)
Varsity Cross Country (Halftime)

October 18
First Quarter Grades Posted

October 19
National Honor Society Assembly
Special MS + US Assembly Schedule

October 21-22
Parent Association Recycled Uniform Sales

October 21
Second Grade Pirate Day

October 21
MS + US Author Visit

October 21
Teacher + Staff Luncheon
Thank you, FA Parent Association!

October 21 (Evening Option)
MS + US Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 22
Parent-Teacher Conferences (PK-12)
No School for Students

October 23
ACT Exam

October 25-29
Homecoming Week

October 28
GISA AAA Regional One-Act Play Festival

October 29
Varsity Football Homecoming Game
vs. Pinewood Christian
Homecoming Court @ Halftime

November 1
Lower School Storybook Character Day
Parade @ 8:00 AM
FA Social Media