April 7, 2020
FABE Graduate
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In the News
Zhao and Chen receive Ohio State University Outreach and Engagement Award
Cornish Inducted into Medical and Biological Engineering Elite
Upcoming Events
Graduate Student Support Group Meeting Every Friday
Meetings will continue to be held online every Friday 4:30-6:30 PM using this link:  https://osu.zoom.us/j/742283738

  • New Private Graduate Student Facebook Group: a private Facebook group called Ohio State University Graduate Student Support Network has been created. All OSU graduate students are welcome to join. The group will be moderated, and all membership requests will be approved to ensure privacy. Please join, invite your fellow grad students, and utilize the page as a way to stay connected during this time of physical disconnect. The group can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/651180635642469/
Internship Opportunity
US Department of Defense Biometric Sensor Development Research Internship
The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), located at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, is seeking a research participant for the Airman Systems Directorate, 711th Human Performance Wing. The participant will support research to develop a biometric sensor based on measuring and characterizing mitochondrial structure and function as an indicator of Airman health and performance. Specifically, the biometric sensor will detect mitochondria traits to quantitatively inform physiological conditions and predict future performance. Learn more...
Computer Lab Access
Remote access to all engineering and KSA computer laboratories (including AE 101 and 120) has been established,  https://ets.osu.edu/services-help/keep-learning-remote-learning-resources-students. Although you may have swipe access as a major in a particular program, you should not be accessing the computer labs in order to print. If you are being asked to print something out and do not have a printer, please ask the instructor for alternatives. Again, please feel free to email me directly ( shearer.95@osu.edu) should you have questions or concerns relative to online instruction in ASM, CSM or FABE courses.
Other Opportunities
Pronouns and Pronunciations in CarmenCanvas
Take advantage of two different CarmenCanvas tools that make your learning experience more personal. In Canvas Account Settings, you will now find a simple, yet powerful pronoun field. You can designate your personal pronouns, which appear in places like People and Discussions. If enabled in your course, you can also use NameCoach to record your name pronunciation, helping your instructor properly address you in class.
Have an event or announcement to share with FABE students, faculty, and staff? Submit your event or announcement name, date, location, and a brief description to  fabe@osu.edu . Submissions must be received by noon the Thursday before the newsletter goes out.

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