April 28, 2020
FABE Graduate
Student Newsletter
This will be the last FABE Weekly Newsletter until the autumn. Congratulations to all of our spring graduates and we hope everyone has a productive, safe, and healthy summer. Stay connected to FABE by following us on social media!
We Are Here For You- Student Resources
Financial Support

The Student Emergency Fund is available to students who may otherwise be at risk of dropping out of college due to an unexpected financial emergency. If you, or a student you know, are experiencing an unplanned expense, the Student Emergency Fund may be an option. Their office is accepting applications and may be able to award up to $1,000 to eligible students.   Learn more and apply  .
Career Services
Virtual Appointments Available!

Both  CFAES Careers  and  Engineering Career Services  have moved to virtual appointments. While many in-person career and internship events have been cancelled, there are still many virtual opportunities to connect with employers. Be sure to stay up to date on the latest virtual events through   Handshake .
Counseling and Consultation Services
Virtual Appointments Available!

CCS will be providing their offerings virtually and online. Drop-In Workshops will be recorded so you can access them at any time. Students do not pay a counseling fee.
If you are in distress, please know we are here to help. Students may contact CCS at any time by calling 614-292-5766. If calling after hours, press 2 to be connected to a counselor.

Student Resources   - CCS Website
Job Opportunities
Coming Soon: Engineering Position- USDA Stored Product Insect and Engineering Unit
Applications will be handled through USA Jobs (usajobs.gov)  which can be subscribed to for notifications. Job duties include:
  • Develop economical, effective, and ecologically sound methods for managing insect pests of grain and processed commodities, improve post-harvest management practices, and develop methods to rapidly evaluate grain quality.
  • Develop instruments and procedures to rapidly and non-destructively detect attributes that relate to end-use functionality of grain such as fungal damage, transgenic seeds, protein quality, toxins, and insect infestations.
  • Conduct research leading to fundamental information and commercial production of instrumentation urgently needed by the U.S. and the international grain industry for objective automated determination of grain class, uniformity, grade, functionality, kernel morphology and other properties related to end-use value and safety.
  • Develop technology for rapidly detecting insect characteristics that will lead to improved control of pest insects, mycotoxins and reductions in pesticide usage.
  • Develop technology for detecting toxins that will help breeders select kernels to rapidly develop lines resistant to pathogens.
  • Integrate information from the fields of engineering, genetics, chemistry, plant science, entomology, physics, and biology to solve complex problems.
Upcoming Events
Leveraging Handshake for Graduate and Professional Students
Wednesday, April 29, 1:30 p.m.
Leveraging Handshake for Graduate and Professional Students  is a free workshop for Ohio State graduate and professional students, hosted by Buckeye Careers in the Office of Student Life. Whether you are looking for academic jobs or “alt-ac” opportunities, you’ll learn to use Handshake strategically to create job alerts, research potential employers, and connect with students in similar programs and with similar interests.

ou can sign up for this free workshop by logging into handshake.osu.edu  with your @osu.edu email account, and searching “Leveraging Handshake for Graduate and Professional Students” Get started today! Please contact  handshake@osu.edu  with any questions.  We are currently offering workshops on 4/23/20 and 4/29/20 at 1:30pm . We will be adding more to the schedule in the future, so please check Handshake for more offerings.
Internship Opportunity
US Department of Defense Biometric Sensor Development Research Internship
The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), located at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, is seeking a research participant for the Airman Systems Directorate, 711th Human Performance Wing. The participant will support research to develop a biometric sensor based on measuring and characterizing mitochondrial structure and function as an indicator of Airman health and performance. Specifically, the biometric sensor will detect mitochondria traits to quantitatively inform physiological conditions and predict future performance. Learn more...
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