April 15, 2019
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FABE Student Scholarship and Awards Banquet 2019
Upcoming Events
NAHB Club Site Visits
April 17 and 18
NAHB club Next week has 2 site visits scheduled.

Wednesday April 17th 3-4pm
The Arcaro & LaRussa Co.
Residential visit
Address TBD

Thursday April 18th 4-5pm
Turner Construction
Project: Nationwide Children's behavioral Health Pavillion
Location: 444 Butterfly Gardens Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43215
PPE will be provided

Please email Mecah if you would like to attend one or both site visits. You will need to sign a waiver form.
Buckeye Engineers Work
April 1 - 21
The Buckeye Engineers Work (BEW ) campaign runs now through April 21. Last year, ECS had 369 new co-op/internships reported, and 236 new career employment plans reported during this campaign.
If a student reports a new job, they are entered into a drawing for one of ten $30 Amazon gift cards. Students can report jobs  here .
CSM Club Cookout
Tuesday, April 23, 10:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Ag Engineering Courtyard
Join us for the final CSM Club meeting of the semester, and bring your appetite because it's a cookout! Celebrate the semester's end with your peers from CSM and make connections with others in the program. The event will take place in the Ag Engineering Courtyard.
ASPE Scholarship
Due April 15th
ACCE would like to announce the 2019 Scholarship Award program sponsored by the American Society of Professional Estimators (ASPE) Foundation. Please visit  https://www.aspenational.org/mpage/FoundationInc  for full eligibility and application requirements. Applications are due by April 15.
Jobs and Internships
CSM Students: Report your Internship to Mac!
CSM students who will be completing an internship this summer should email Mac Ware.260@osu.edu to report their internship!
Graduate Research Assistant
Funding (stipend and tuition) is available for a student wishing to pursue a Master’s degree. This graduate research assistant (GRA) position deals with highly quantitative information, and spans detailed simulation and modeling, and data analysis. A requirement for this type of work is proficiency in computer programming. Proficiency in a (any) programming language. Position will use Matlab extensively, and Fortran as well for some projects. A background in C or C++, or another scripting language (i.e. Python or R), would also be valuable. 

The simulation and modeling projects will require physics and biology for simulating vegetation and soil processes. Some background in physics is preferred, and the typical background of an engineering student is likely sufficient for this. Fluid mechanics can be a plus for specific projects that they might take on, and if a particular interest in computational fluid dynamics there are potential projects that could make an excellent fit. Some basic background in biology or ecology is good, but not required. 

Students more interested in data analysis than simulation and modeling would need a programming background, and a background in statistics as the data analysis / machine learning approaches require the extensive use of statistics.

A 3.0 GPA is required. The GRE must be taken—no minimum score required. Contact Candy McBride  mcbride.215@osu.edu
Other Opportunities
SKY Happiness Retreat
The SKY Happiness Retreat provides scientifically validated techniques (SKY meditation) to manage stress, worry and anxiety.
Over 60 independent studies published in peer review journals ( http://skymeditation.org/research/ ), have demonstrated a comprehensive range of benefits from practicing SKY meditation and related breathing techniques taught during this retreat. From reducing stress to getting better rest, these techniques have demonstrated measurable impact on quality of life.
Thanks to university funding, scholarships are available for OSU students to attend this retreat at a significantly discounted price. SKY retreat is happening on OSU Columbus campus from Apr 13 – Apr 15 2019. For more information, and for signing up for the retreat, please visit:  go.osu.edu/skyhappiness
Student Campus Climate Survey
Ohio State is conducting a climate survey on sexual misconduct and all students are encouraged to participate. The survey will be available to all students until April 12 at  http://go.osu.edu/climatesurvey . Participation is voluntary, and once the survey is submitted, responses are completely anonymous. Information collected will help enhance current policies and services, and to inform longer-term strategies and programs. Ohio State’s first priority is a safe and healthy campus for all members of our community. All of us play a role – do your part and be heard to have a positive influence on our campus.
Have an event or announcement to share with FABE students, faculty, and staff? Submit your event or announcement name, date, location, and a brief description to  fabe@osu.edu . Submissions must be received by noon the Thursday before the newsletter goes out.

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