The number of foreign businesses in Finland increased from 2015 to 2016, which is a positive outcome and hopefully a continuing trend. US were in the top 5 most significant countries investing in Finland, on a steady 4th place with 26 new companies during 2016 (1) . The t otal bilateral mer chandise  trade (export s+imports between Finland and Florida has also showed a steady path in growing, with a total of increase of 28.1% from 2014-2016. These are very good news, and we strive to encourage and foster future interest and commercial relations between Finland and the United States. (2)

I also want to thank all the participants who joined our 
Polo Sunday  event on April 9th, the event was
once again a huge success, thanks to all of you. Let's keep it up!
Happy Easter everyone! 

Yours truly,
Esa Jokela
FACC President


High Quality & Sustainable Manufacturing
Luonto is a family-owned furniture manufacturer from Western Finland, established in 1964. Our heritage is to design high quality products at the same time ensuring that future generations will be able to enjoy a safe and clean environment. 
Atol Avion lands in the US
Finland's Atol Avion and a US-based investor group have created a joint venture for the production, distribution and support of amphibious aircraft in the North American market  Read more

Environment awareness more than a game in US
N este has launched the educational EduCycle game based on the Paris Agreement on climate change, which sets out to teach children about CO2 emissions.  Read more

NewIcon sets its sights on international markets
Finnish automation specialist for the medical industry, NewIcon, has raised 4.4 million euros in crowdfunding, a record amount in Finland according to the company. Read more
Massive $3 billion development will accelerate Tampa, Florida's growth
Tampa,  Florida , is one of the fastest growing cities in America. But one development in
  particular is set to catapult it forward more quickly than any other. Read more

South Florida business owners have been growing revenue and hiring, survey shows
Nearly 70 percent of business owners in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties surveyed by Entrepreneurs' Organization reported higher revenue over the past six months, and 57 percent said they hired additional full-time employees, according to a new report from the worldwide economic development institution. Read more

Ambitious high-tech BRIDG project opens doors near Kissimmee
The ambitious high-tech research project near Kissimmee, known as BRIDG, held its official opening Thursday morning. The hope for the project is that it will eventually attract thousands of high-paying tech jobs to an area known more for budget motels near Disney World. Read more 

Join us and the FinnsConnect South Florida for a traditional May 1st celebration, Vappu! The event day i s on April 30th from 1pm-5pm, at C.B Smith Park in Pembroke Pines (shelter 6). Bring your own picnic basket and celebrate Vappu with other Finns and friends. The event is open for the entire family, family friendly with lots of activities for kids. 

Members: Free
Non-Members: $5 Adults, Kids for Free

Polo Event April 9th - check the event turnout and pictures

2. Data Source:  WISER Trade; U.S. Department of Comme rce, Census Bureau, Foreign Trade Division

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