Important video from President Ted Smith
Huge Victory Affects Every Dealer In Florida
FADA and our Hyundai Genesis dealers are now doing victory laps as Hyundai's efforts to launch the Genesis brand as a separate line make under a new license and a new agreement has FAILED. The message to our OEM's is clear; follow Florida franchise law or you are going to fail . FADA would like to thank the Department of Highway Safety for their attention to detail during this process and for making sure that customers and dealers have come out as winners.
Hope Scholarship program starts October 1. Are you ready?
Effective October 1, dealers are required to provide every purchaser of a motor vehicle with the opportunity to contribute up to $105 of the state sales tax on the purchase of a new or used vehicle to the Hope Scholarship Fund. Tax on other products is not eligible.

There are new forms and reporting requirements you will be required to use. Click here to view the forms and make sure you are attending our Friday, 9/21 WEBINAR.  
Audi Announces New Car Buying Experience
Audi has announced a new car buying experience where they will be doing lead generations and collecting deposits for their new electric car called the e-tron. FADA is investigating for potential violations of Florida law.
Membership Update
FADA dues invoices were mailed last month and so far 50% of you have already renewed. Our new fiscal year starts October 1, and we will continue to have your back in all we do at FADA. Please contact Mandy Hansen at to renew today; we appreciate your membership!
Florida Elections in November
As FADA turns our attention toward the November election, we need your continued CAR-PAC support as we help get pro-business candidates elected in the fall. Unfortunately our friend FADA member Frank White was not successful in his bid to become our Florida Attorney General, but we are fully supportive of Ashley Moody in the general election in November. Please continue to make your generous donations to CAR-PAC now, so that we can be as successful as possible. Every FADA member can donate to CAR-PAC online here.
Upcoming Legislative Session
It will not be long before Tallahassee is crowded again with staff, lobbyists and Legislators, as committee meetings for the 2019 session will be starting soon here in town. Our goal is to help you deal with some very troubling new incentive programs that OEMs are developing every day to take control of your dealership operations. We will also be asking the Florida legislature for financial assistance in our efforts to develop more auto techs for our industry. We will be seeking funds to encourage more young people to enter our industry and seek lucrative jobs in your stores.
FADA has scheduled statewide dealer meetings in Tampa - 10/16 , Orlando - 10/17 and Jacksonville - 10/18 . This is your opportunity to learn about the most critical issues at the center of our industry. Topics will include items such as incentives controlling your profit centers, new advertising and compliance issues and other crucial items. Please make every effort to attend. DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION INFORMATION HERE .
FADA Represents Your Interests at Supreme Court
FADA is joining with AutoNation to represent your interests in a Supreme Court case that will impact all Florida dealers and your F&I sales practices. We are fighting to oppose efforts to render your buyers’ orders irrelevant at the point of sale due to a case previously won by AutoNation and now being challenged at the highest level.  
80% of all Florida Franchised Dealerships now issue plates at their Dealership