FADA Responding to Panhandle Dealers - Need FADCF Contributions
As you can imagine, this horrific storm has caused extensive damage in the Panhandle. FADA is closed as there are major road obstructions and the area is still unsafe.

We are however operating remotely and are in the process of arranging for assistance for our member stores and their employee families.

We do not know the extent of the total damage because the owners I have spoken with this morning are unable to get to their stores to assess damage.

We are aware that several stores in Panama City are severely damaged.

The most immediate needs will be to get generators and mobile buildings for these stores so that they can re-open to help customers with transportation needs and help their employees with a safe and protected place to stay while the power grid is down.
As we begin this huge effort every dealership in Florida can help by making resources available to your friends in the Panama City and surrounding area and mostly by making contributions to FADA’s hurricane relief effort for employees.

FADA’s Charitable Fund, FADCF, was created in 2004 after Hurricane Charlie to assist dealership employees only. Dealers will rebuild in time but their employees are devastated and need short term financial assistance for food and shelter. Every dollar goes to help these employees and their families. We will not help with damage to homes etc. The dollars are used to provide food and shelter and immediate needs only.

Please make your contributions immediately to help these fellow dealers help their people on the ground by going here.  

As soon as possible FADA will be going into the Panhandle to distribute checks to dealer principals in the area so they can help the most disadvantaged with their uninsured losses only and immediate living needs.

In the interim please pray for these families and their needs and we are all very thankful that as of now there has been no loss of life that we know of.

If you have access to generators or mobile office buildings those are very much in demand.  

We know that FEMA will be there with food and water and we are coordinating with FEMA reps, but the needs will be immediate and large so please help if you can.

FADA will send updates as we know more.

FADA is talking to insurers and OEM’s to help coordinate assistance as well.

Thanks in advance for your willingness to help your fellow dealers’ employees.