Are you interested in presenting at the 2020 FAEA Annual Conference? Session proposals are now being accepted up until April 30, 2020 . For more information, continue reading or visit the conference pages on the FAEA website.

The deadline to submit signed release forms for the 2020 K-12 Student Art Assessment & Virtual Exhibition has been extended to  April 30, 2020. Teachers and parents can send FAEA the signed release forms via email  ( ), fax   (850-942-1793), or mail (402 Office Plaza, Tallahassee, FL 32301).

As a response to the current circumstances of educators switching to online teaching due to Covid-19, FAEA has compiled a list of resources and tips for distance learning . These resources are available to all members and non-members on the FAEA website .

FAEA is committed to providing high-quality professional development opportunities for members. That is why FAEA is currently organizing a variety of workshops for our summer programming . Information will be soon be available on the FAEA website as plans are finalized.
Postcard from the President
It has never been more critical for FAEA members to stay connected and supportive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Art educators cultivate authentic connections daily and establish consistent expectations with learners to help them discover meaning in their lives through visual image making and reflection. The best path forward is through reflection—how will we engage in a remote learning studio classroom? The first step is to encourage inner strength among each other, and clarify a vision for our own learning before we can meet the needs of our students. Compassion and patience have become common words to describe our next steps in this evolving digital platform. My job, as president, is to support the membership with resources, guidance, and, most importantly, positive and productive leadership.

It is imperative that we focus on our own health. Being mindful of our own physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is crucial for us to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment over our own virtual studio classrooms. It will become exhausting to replay the uncertainty of our educational path and constantly hearing colleagues in the state of distress. Let us identify this side effect of secondary compassion fatigue and battle it directly. Finding time to focus on your own well-being will allow positive attributes to emerge, such as being caring, balanced, reflective, and by becoming a risk-taker. These are all part of the central core of the Creative Leadership Model. As creative leaders, we find time to take care of ourselves through evidence-based knowledge while designing and building meaningful experiences for our learners. Pedagogically powerful virtual instruction will nurture our learners and provide richer and deeper interconnections, conceptual thinking, and the development of an individual voice as students begin to see themselves as part of the ever-evolving learning process. 

This learning process begins with a scaffolding of approaches, from choice-based to visual thinking pedagogical strategies. Focus on scope and sequencing and differentiate to infuse a sense of discovery and wonder. Emphasize artistic behaviors and thinking, as opposed to solely art-making. Let us reinforce artistic language and explore non-traditional media. Guide our students to see and express the beauty in everyday living. What is special about their environment? What makes an object art? In the words of our NAEA president, Thom Knab, “whatever we touch, we make it better.” Imagine yourself in the shoes of your students. What is special about your community?

Here is our opportunity to breathe life into our strategic plan. Let us become the vibrant organization that will build a strong research-based curriculum to promote learning through our virtual community as we advocate for our profession and share our students' successes. Let us reinstate WONDER!

Dr. Jackie Henson-Dacey
FAEA President
Professional Development
Submit a Conference Session Proposal Today!

Share your talents and expertise with fellow FAEA members as a 2020 FAEA Annual Conference Presenter. This year's conference will once again be held in Ponte Vedra Beach at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa on November 5th-8th, 2020.

Conference session proposal submission deadline:  April 30, 2020

Session Formats
  • Demonstration Session (30 min.) - demonstrate a topic through an exploration and investigation of an art technique that will inform and inspire
  • Art Forum (50 min.) - share a topic through a presentation that will inform and motivate
  • Workshop Session (90 min.) - lead a "hands-on" experience that demonstrates an in-depth art medium strategy or process

Learning Pathways
Each session proposal should align with one applicable learning pathway from below:
  • Research & Knowledge: exploring research-based pedagogy, assessment, curriculum connections, educational research, strategies, and historical content and context
  • Learning: discovering and experimenting with new techniques, skills, materials, and technology
  • Community: collaborative learning experiences, panel discussions, special recognitions, connecting with colleagues, and teacher support and retention
  • Advocacy: cultivating support for the arts and for individual programs through exhibition opportunities, voice, volunteerism, leadership opportunities, and addressing equity and access
Session proposals may also be submitted as "Other" for consideration.

Learn more about submitting a proposal to present at conference by visiting our  conference session proposal page  and our  presenter information page.

Distance Learning Resources
FAEA has put together a list of resources to help art educators with distance learning. These resources have been provided by art educators, professionals, museums, and art companies and institutions across the country that cover a variety of subject areas for all grade levels. Check out FAEA's dedicated page for distance learning resources and share them with colleagues and other art educators.

Resource categories include:
  • Video Resources
  • Standards Based Visual Arts Resources
  • Art Making and Enrichment Ideas
  • Videos
  • Distance Learning Social Media Groups
  • Online Tools
  • Virtual Museums and Galleries

Click here to visit the Distance Learning Resource page on the FAEA website.

The website will be updated as more resources become available. If you know of any resources or tips that are not included in the list, please email FAEA at .
Thank you for your support of FAEA. Our members help FAEA fulfill its mission of advocating and supporting high-quality art education to all students in the state of Florida.


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