FAEA will be hosting the 2020 Virtual Artist Bazaar on December 8th at 6:00pm EST. This live virtual event will showcase five members' artwork and crafts that are available to purchase. Registration is free for FAEA members to attend this Zoom event! Continue reading to learn more.

FAEA is now accepting student artwork designs for the 2021 Youth Art Month Flag Design Competition. The winning flag design will represent Florida and be displayed with other state winners during the NAEA Convention in March. Continue reading or visit the Youth Art Month page on the FAEA website.
Postcard from the President
Welcome to the month of December, FAEA members! December has always been a great month to begin focusing on POSITIVE and constructive feedback for students, committee colleagues, and administrators. By emphasizing the positive in other’s actions and work helps you become the best self. This is a key component of the Creative Leadership Model that I have been implementing into the FAEA Board programming. Engaging in constructive feedback verses highly critical feedback provides a welcoming discourse for your studio classroom, board meetings, committee work, and mid-year reviews with your supervising administrator. Constructive feedback begins with inquiry and provides the members of your community with respect. If questions of clarity are needed, ask in a polite and non-threatening manner, allow for multiple perspectives to be heard and know that the comments should be framed with ‘I’ statements. This discourse style is how I manage the studio classroom as well as committee work. Focus on the successes of others as well as your own accomplishments. This helps you take care of your inner-self (self-efficacy) while providing for pleasant interactions with the people whom you interact with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Being mindful of the words you use and how they make others feel is part of a Social Emotional Learning framework. This allows all members of the academic and professional communities to be part of the conversation in a productive and compassionate way. Pause and be thankful of the work you are doing in the world as you prepare for the K-12 Art Assessment and Virtual Exhibition.

Experiential learning is at the core of our artistic lives. Thinking through and infusing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into our curricula and committee work is one challenge that is facing our communities. This past month I have been researching how to be culturally responsive with my presentations to help students become global citizens who embrace different perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures. Our upcoming virtual professional development sessions might be a way to help you build upon your own curriculum development. One great resource I stumbled upon was from a group called Great Minds in Art. In this article I discovered a set of structured questions to engage students in visual literacy. They include five basic questions to guide students thinking about art.
  • Wonder: What do I wonder and notice about this artwork?
  • Organize: What is happening in this artwork?
  • Reveal: What does a deeper exploration of (specific element of art or principle of design) contribute to the intention?
  • Distill: What is the deeper understanding/meaning of this artwork?
  • Know: How does this artwork add to my knowledge about art?

It is always exciting to include new ways of looking at, talking about, and understanding art. This new structure provides some great formative strategies in the studio classroom and beyond. I plan on applying this thinking technique with a new art colleague and FAEA member at an upcoming, scheduled visit to the Salvador Dali Museum’s Van Gogh Live Installation. Recruit a new member or recommend renewal to FAEA as part of your gift giving! Let’s all wish for a happy and healthy New Year!

Dr. Jackie Henson-Dacey
FAEA President
Member Opportunities
2020 Virtual Artist Bazaar
Featuring the creations of Irina Ashcraft, Donna C. Haynes, Jack Matthews, Andrea Obenland, and Beverly Williams!

Date & Time:
December 8th @ 6:00pm EST

Click here to register to attend!

If you are new to Zoom, visit to set up and test the Zoom software on your computer.
FAEA invites members to attend the 2020 FAEA Virtual Artist Bazaar, on December 8, 6 pm-7 pm, EST, and complete your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home via Zoom! The Virtual Artist Bazaar will showcase members' artistic wares and creative crafts. Five artisan members will be featured, showcasing their products, website, pricing, and ordering information. This home shopping event is free for members. Please register in advance and support our fellow artisan members!
Student Opportunities
Youth Art Month Flag Design Competition
Submissions have opened up for student flag designs for the 2021 Youth Art Month in March. Encourage your students to create a flag design to represent the state of Florida that incorporates the theme "Art Connects Us." Be sure the YAM logo is included in your students' designs.

Deadline to submit is January 18th, 2021.

Visit the Youth Art Month webpage on the FAEA website to submit your students' flag designs and to learn more about how to celebrate Youth Art Month in the classroom.
Thank you for your support of FAEA. Our members help FAEA fulfill its mission of advocating and supporting high-quality art education to all students in the state of Florida.


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