During these final weeks of school, it is easy to become overwhelmed with efforts to finish the year strong, keep students focused, and be on top of grading deadlines. It is no wonder that many art educators forget to think about making summer plans for themselves that are creative, fun, and educational. That is why FAEA has two opportunities planned for this June that are filled with activities designed to immerse members in Asian art. Join us in Sarasota and Palm Beach to learn, practice, and celebrate Asian art at amazing, world-class venues . Registration is now open for both locations!

The end of the school year is also a time of reflection. Each year, FAEA recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service to the field of art education. If you know a colleague or friend that you believe should be recognized for their contribution to art education, please nominate them for an FAEA Award. Submissions for award nominations are now open and will be accepted through June 7, 2018 . Click here to nominate a deserving individual for the FAEA Awards.

Finally, the month of May is the start of FAEA membership renewals for the 2018-2019 school year. All current FAEA memberships will expire on June 30th of this year. Renew your membership today to ensure you will continue to have access to FAEA's events, resources, and opportunities this fall and next spring.
Monthly News from the President's Palette
Breathing Life into Your Work

The word inspire has a very interesting history. Originating from the Latin word spirare ("to breathe"), inspirare means “to breathe or blow into.” Also related to the word spirare is the Latin word spiritus , meaning "breath," which is the direct origin of the word spirit as we know it today. 

Merriam-Webster explains that inspire has been a part of the English language for the past seven centuries, and has made way for words like "inspirer," "inspirant," "inspirator," and even "inspiratrix" (“a woman who inspires”).

As art educators, inspiring others is our daily breath. We exhale delight, curiosity, passion, and wonderment. We inhale awe, imagination, humor, spirit, and empathy. This can be a time of year where it might seem difficult to catch our breath! End of year art shows, grades, conferences, exhibitions, and the business of education can take hold. Carve out a few moments and just breathe. 

I encourage you to consider the educators that are part of our community that are inspirers . FAEA invites all members to participate in the nomination process to elect individuals that they believe offer outstanding contributions to art education.  Submissions will be accepted through June 7, 2018 . Visit the FAEA website to submit award nominations.

I invite you to join me in FAEA’s Summer Professional Development Opportunities. Find personal and professional inspiration in classes in Sarasota and in South Florida! 

FAEA has partnered with the Sarasota AEA to bring you Summer Asian Art Workshops at the Ringling Museum of Art, June 14-16 . Tour the new Asian Art wing and participate in Ringling Underground, gallery hop and explore Asian landscape painting, reduction printmaking, Sumi-e, paper lanterns, origami and much more. Registration is $95. Click here to learn more or to register.

FAEA presents the Summer Retreat in Palm Beach, June 22-24 . The retreat, focused on wellbeing and creativity, guides participants in meditation and relaxation at The Morikami Museum and Gardens, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, and at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, through hands-on projects in printmaking, ikebana, calligraphy, senbazuru, culture talk, and mixed media exploration. Registration is $75. Click here to learn more or to register. 

Before you begin your next lesson, take a deep breath, and begin to inspire .

Lark Keeler
Professional Development Opportunities
FAEA Summer Workshops
Register today to attend FAEA's Summer Workshops on Asian art in Sarasota and Palm Beach! Visit to find out more information.

Sarasota Summer Workshops
Join FAEA and SAEA (Sarasota) for Summer Asian Art Workshops at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Join us for a celebration of Asian arts on June 14-16. Participants will be able to tour the new Asian Art wing, as well as experience Ringling Underground on Thursday night and a Gallery hop at Ringling College of Art and Design on Friday afternoon. Workshops in Asian landscape painting, reduction printmaking, Sumi-E, paper lanterns, origami, and more. Registration is only $95 and covers museum entrance, workshops, and some meals.  

Palm Beach Summer Workshops
Join FAEA for an Art Educator's Retreat in South Florida from June 22-24, 2018. Immerse yourself in workshops at the Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens and the Boca Raton Museum of Art, and enjoy some fun at the beach! Printmaking, calligraphy, and relaxation/well being methodologies are part of the offerings! Registration is only $75 and covers the museums and workshops.
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