Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you enjoyed the 2020 FAEA Virtual Annual Conference earlier this month. Those who registered for conference have on-demand access to the session recordings. We've extended the date of availability for the sessions to November 30th.

We are inviting ALL FAEA members to participate in the 2020 FAEA Conference survey. Please take a few minutes today to complete our Conference Survey. Your responses will help guide FAEA in providing an improved conference experience and enriched member services for the future. Responses are due no later than December 4th.

Interested in participating in the 2020 Virtual Artist Bazaar? Register today to be a part of this new virtual event! Participants will have a pre-recorded 10 minute time slot to showcase their crafts and artwork. This live virtual event will occur on December 8th at 6:00pm EST. More information how to watch the artists' presentations is forthcoming.

FAEA is now accepting student artwork designs for the 2021 Youth Art Month Flag Design Competition. The winning flag design will represent Florida and be displayed with other state winners during the NAEA Convention in March. Continue reading or visit the Youth Art Month page on the FAEA website.
Postcard from the President
The virtual conference is now behind us, and we are ready to dive into the holiday season with a renewed passion for our profession. Whether you are an art teacher, art professor, art curator, art museum specialist, or art supervisor, you are engaged in research and learning every day. I have been following a couple of podcasts, one on brain-based learning and another on meditation techniques. As I listen to these broadcasts, I think about the Self-Care Sundays produced for social media by our Advocacy Committee. Please check out our Advocacy section on FAEA website to review some of the most recent work done by our committee members and CFAE staff. Let us know if you would like to become part of this, or any committee, by emailing Becoming part of an FAEA committee is rewarding in a personal and professional way. Participation provides you with a ‘voice’ in your association. It also provides you with a sense of self-efficacy. Knowing that your ideas are respected and valued builds your leadership potential. This is another way of thinking about Self-Care. You care about art education in the state of Florida and beyond, and it might be the right time to step forward and be part of the team. Building and promoting a strong membership keeps us a united and positive voice influencing state and local legislation. Becoming a leader in art education is also deeply rooted in synthesizing current research on current practices.

One interesting tip I picked up this past month was how presenting too many visual images to students during lessons can decrease their learning. The brain-based research study focused on four likely contributors to declined performance. When students are over-saturated with imagery:
  • They are distracted and skip absorbing essential content
  • Their attention is drawn away from the main objective/concept, and they do not connect the information to prior knowledge
  • They get confused by too many details, hindering their ability to understand the essential content
  • Their attention is spread too thin across the visual information, which limits their ability to process important concepts.

A meta-analysis of more than 200 students focused on the development of sequential curriculum in the visual arts with online learners and found a decline in their ability to grasp key concepts. Recommendations focused on examining one or two images at a given time when introducing concepts or themes and to build on the deeper understanding within images as opposed to multiple images. When designing online or face-to-face art instruction, keep these three tips in mind:
  • Tip 1: Keep it distinct
  • Tip 2: Follow a 'less is more' mantra
  • Tip 3: End with clarity

Focus on asking learners to compare two examples of artworks that support conceptual understanding. Use open-ended inquiry questions to guide student’s own thinking. Encourage students to share their thinking with peers, on a discussion board, or as an Exit Ticket for quick formative assessments. The big push is to get the remote and in-class learners to work together and engage in learning as a team. Some synchronous strategies can include: using the Chat for understanding; Flip your class to include part recorded instruction with live activities; Adapt think-pair-share as a key collaborative activity; use Think, Write, Share techniques as a ‘show and tell’ activity; Seeing and Critiquing student artwork through virtual gallery walks; Moving station brainstorming online (when students move to different parts of the classroom to answer different assessment prompts at each station).

As we enter the holiday season, keep focused on your own goals, daydream, and limit distractions that absorb your energy. Most importantly, give ‘thanks’ to the people who provide you with great joy and happiness!

Dr. Jackie Henson-Dacey
FAEA President
Professional Development
2020 FAEA Virtual Annual Conference
On-Demand recordings now available until Nov. 30th!*

All conference sessions, excluding the Keynote Address and workshop by Gordon C. James, are available on-demand for those who registered for conference! You can view these sessions on-demand until 11:59pm on Monday, November 30th.

To view the recordings of these sessions, visit the online conference schedule and click "Join Webcast" on the session page.

Post-Conference Survey
Take a moment to share your conference experience by answering the post-conference survey. Your responses help FAEA improve and develop future membership offerings. The survey is open to all FAEA members and will be accepting responses until Friday, December 4th.
Digital Learning
Looking for more on-demand professional development? Check out the Digital Learning page on the FAEA website. You'll find recordings of all past digital learning events, including the summer ArtLabs, book club discussion, workshops, and virtual demonstrations.

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Member Opportunities
2020 Virtual Artist Bazaar
This year, the beloved Artist Bazaar will be happening virtually! Register for the opportunity to showcase your handmade crafts and artwork. Each participant will have a 10 minute pre-recorded slot to showcase their products and advertise their website.

Date & Time:
December 8th @ 6:00pm EST

Registration is $25.

Limited spaces available. Click here to register!
Student Opportunities
Youth Art Month Flag Design Competition
Submissions have opened up for student flag designs for the 2021 Youth Art Month in March. Encourage your students to create a flag design to represent the state of Florida that incorporates the theme "Art Connects Us." Be sure the YAM logo is included in your students' designs.

Deadline to submit is January 18th, 2021.

Visit the Youth Art Month webpage on the FAEA website to submit your students' flag designs and to learn more about how to celebrate Youth Art Month in the classroom.
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