2021-22 | Vol. II.
What is a micro-credential?
A micro-credential demonstrates a commitment to ongoing learning. Micro-credentials supplement traditional academic credentials by recognizing achievement and skill in new topics that professionals may earn at any point in their careers. At FAES, most micro-credentials could be earned through successfully completing a specific series of courses and/or workshops.

Why pursue a micro-credential?
Professionals in every field should continue learning and growing throughout their careers, and pursuing alternate credentials fulfills an important need to signify this learning. Like a credential, a micro-credential is an educational achievement. According to University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA), hiring managers view micro-credentials on a resume as an indication that the candidate is highly motivated to learn.*

What is a digital badge?
A digital badge is a visual representation of knowledge and skills gained by a professional who has successfully completed the courses and project work to earn a micro-credential. FAES awards digital badges that can be shared on social media platforms, through websites, or added to digital business cards and email signature lines.**
Why does FAES offer micro-credentials and award badges?
Micro-credentials enable professionals to document learning in a way that empowers them to plan, track, and share their accomplishments in multiple ways. For more than 60 years, FAES has offered relevant continuing education in evolving aspects of biomedical science including technology transfer, bioinformatics, public policy, and advanced cancer discovery. Digital badges provide tokens of academic achievement that help our scholars advance their expertise, experiences, and careers.

What micro-credentials does FAES currently offer?
All FAES courses are taught by leading practitioners in their fields, designed so that students can simultaneously gain necessary knowledge in the field and build professional networks. Certain FAES courses earn credits toward micro-credentials and are listed as part of the digital badge series.
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