Dear Friends and Partners,
God is a faithful God in good times, hard times and even bad times. He is the same every day; ALWAYS!

God's Word tells us that through FAITH and PATIENCE we will obtain God's promises. Patience means to be long suffering and exercise endurance while we wait on the manifestation of the promises of God for our lives. The problem is that the longer our suffering persists, the more our endurance erodes, day after day.
Many good things have been said about the ministry of the prophet, yet the hardest part of being a prophet is to see the things of the future and then have to exercise long-term patience, while keeping your eyes on the promises.

The same is true regarding all of us as we have become God's prophetic generation of the last days of the church on earth. What makes the walk of patience even tougher is that  during the waiting process we keep hearing the same promises preached and repeated to us all the time; so eventually we just "SWITCH OFF" mentally when we have to hear all the good promises spoken to us again and again.

We notice the same struggle of faith and patience during the first generation of the church. Peter talks about it in 2 Peter chapter 3. In verse 4 he says this; "Where is the promise of His coming? For since the forefather's fell asleep, all things have continued EXACTLY as they did from the beginning of creation."

Here we distinguish the same WEARINESS among the Christians of the first generation. We tend to look around and also say that things in our time have stayed the same and nothing has really changed. But that is not the truth at all.

Many of us were part of the Joy Revival in the nineties. In one day's time the Lord began to pour out His Spirit and everything changed gloriously! Furthermore, in the world of God things are changing ALL THE TIME. Yes, we may not be able to see those changes, but they are real; and at the moment, God is setting the stage every day for the coming revival of fire and glory!

Then there is faith, a very misunderstood reality in the world of God. Faith and belief are two different things entirely.  To believe something as true, is an intellectual ability. It has nothing to do with faith.
Believing things is within the reason of the mind, but faith on the other hand is of the spirit, or more correctly, faith is not a concept but a substance, a real commodity. Besides, the demons also believe in God and they tremble, says James; but, they cannot obtain the faith of God and use it against us.
Faith is a real tangible substance, just like natural substances; water for instance. God's Word tells us that the Lord will pour His Spirit, His love, joy, peace etc. into our spirit-man; pouring the SUBSTANCES of God into our inner man! We are approaching the time where the Lord is going to help the church to transition from operating in the mind to digging the things of God out of our spirits once the divine substances of God are poured forth into our spirits again. GREAT THINGS ARE IN STORE FOR US!
The quickest way to get things into your spirit is to ASK HOLY SPIRIT.  He will lead us and witness to ALL the truth of God inside our hearts.  As we travel through 2018, the most significant prophetic year of our lives, I PRAY THAT GOD WILL POUR THE SUBSTANCES OF HIS HEART TO OVERFLOWING IN OUR HEARTS!  This is the year where all the prophetic conditions and requirements which God has determined to happen are fulfilled so that the last-day revival can begin!

With the departure of Billy Graham to heaven, our Moses is gone; so it's time for the Joshua generation to arise.  We are looking at May 14, 2018 to celebrate the 70th birthday of Israel.  As this generation concludes at 70 years, we are preparing our hearts for a quick work that God will do miraculously around the world to reap His end-time harvest and bring Jesus back to take us to the Father!

Our prayer for the church is that God would fill our hearts with every spiritual substance and gifting we need to have God's faith so that the Lord can prepare us quickly for our new destiny of the last-day revival which has now come so close to us in 2018!

God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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